Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #160: Gusev Day Already Over?

It’s July 1 and the Golden Knights are pretty much done making moves. However, there’s a big one hanging out there and from the sounds of it, he might be bait. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Trading Gusev, is it really an option?
  • What else needs to happen?
  • The dreaded third line
  • Development Camp review
  • Cereal talk

And much more…

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Exactly What George McPhee Has Said About Nikita Gusev


  1. Knights Templars

    its a glitch in CapFriendly

  2. Vgk4life

    Trade Shea Theodore and make us even more cap friendly. I’m sure we can find plenty of young cheap blue liners who ignore defense altogether and just toss the puck about randomly.

  3. wyldbll

    All of you armchair GM’s need to shut up about Gusev . You’ve hyped him up and as far as I know he’s never played a game in the NHL . Even the local papers are at it .
    How are they supposed to negotiate a contract with your rabble rousing , I think McFee knows what he’s doing . We’ve even got the NHL 19 game player claiming he’s a better GM than McFee . Has Seattle called you GM’s in their search for their GM . Shut the fuck up about Gusev .

  4. vgk2019

    according to Jesse Granger,

    Gusev is asking for 2 yrs at $4M aav

    the Knights are offering 2 yrs at $2M aav

    as a “prove it” contract, to a guy who has never played an NHL game, I think they may eventually compromise in the middle, but the cap makes it hard for the Knights to go even that high.

    McPhee is downtalking Gusev as a negotiating ploy, and using the trade threat as well. But, because of the cap constraints, the trade scenario will definitely happen if Gusev does not come down in his asking price.

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