Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #154: Miller Time

We try to dissect the Colin Miller scratch situation as well as chat a bit about William Karlsson and the IIHF World Championships. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • What exactly went down that left Colin Miller out of Game 1?
  • A little IIHF talk
  • Get over it
  • William Karlsson’s contract situation
  • What if the Sharks win the Cup?

And much more…

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Why Didn’t Colin Miller Play Game 1?


Best Moments From The 2018-19 Season


  1. Vic

    I agree there is no getting over it. An almost perfect game seven for 50 minutes and season was changed forever by an incredible series of events that I don’t want to revisit as it took a while to cope with it all. What hurts the most is we had a more than great shot at the cup….especially looking at the remaining teams. What also hurts is the thrill is gone for now. What helps me cope is knowing the boys cope with it better than the fans as they go back to their pretty great lives while most fans remain sort of insane. I also consider what if the roles were reversed? The hockey world would forever say our cup victory was tainted. Now we face the reality that Pavs may skate around with the Cup in a few weeks, and that will open the wounds again.

    My vote for a great 2019 moment…Nate’s goal versus the Caps at T Mobile.

  2. Mark

    Just finished listening and Ken you are correct. No getting over it, and if SJ wins the cup it will be worse.

    As a guy who also watches Buffalo, I still hate the hurricanes to this day because injuries In the 05/06 ECF led to Carolina winning and then beating Edmonton for the Cup. That was Buffalos’ year, and it was ripped away.

    This one may be worse because it wasn’t injuries, but a momentum stealing penalty that shouldn’t have been called.

    But saying all that, just win next year!!!!

  3. Mike F.

    I won’t get over it. Hell, I still haven’t gotten over UNLV’s loss to Duke in the final four. I stew over that more than I revel in the championship from the previous season.

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