Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #153: Early Offseason Outlook

For the first time since the disaster in San Jose, we get back in the studio to start looking at what the offseason might look like for the Golden Knights. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Necessary anger towards Dan O’Halloran and Eric Furlatt
  • Reviewing penalties in the NHL
  • Trade ideas
  • Potential 70 point Golden Knights
  • What do we expect to happen when all is said and done

And much more…

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  1. Vgk4life

    The only necessary anger is toward Shea Theodore and his absolutely pathetic display as a highly paid defensemen for the second year in a row in the playoffs.

  2. Walt Tkaczuk

    Back in the day, we had one ref and no replays, and the game was more enjoyable. Of course there were missed calls and some horrible refs, but we accepted it. Today we have two refs, replays, challenges on just about everything, and we still see blown calls regarding goalie interference, and of course missed non-reviewable penalties. This horrible call reminded me of the Brady tuck rule in the snow versus the Raiders, and of course the Saints debacle last year. I guess it was karma biting us after a miraculous 1st season, and the hockey gods evened things out as the cup was probably ours. So many things had to click for that face off, injury and call to happen. As soon as the call was made, I told my wife the game was lost. Very sad that watching hockey will never be the same due to the tainted nature of the season’s end. Now we’ll see how the team reloads for next season with some new faces.

    • I can never accept poor officiating. With the advances in technology it’s insane that we still miss this many calls.

    • Erik Vegas

      get out of the past Walt. season 2 had nothing to do with season 1. please go repaint your “Get Off My Lawn!” sign. I’m sure it needs it.

  3. Walt Tkaczuk

    EV…Thanks for the reminder that there are no hockey gods, and that I’m stuck in the past. Been playing and watching hockey for 58 years. Gotta tell ya….I kind of like the past…..Orr, Howe, Hull, Mario, Mikita, Beliveau, the Islander Machine, and games played with one ref. No advertising on the ice or boards, and no rap music. Not sure where the Gran Torino reference came from, maybe that I’m old and crusty like Clint. No lawn for me, just rocks and cactus. When you get old like me, I hope you can think back fondly of the early VGK seasons as we’re not sure what this fine sport will look like in 10-20 years….maybe six refs and 60 minutes of replays.

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