Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #15: So Much Real Hockey News

Ken returns from his tour of T-Mobile Arena, expansion draft information pouring out of the GM meetings, and Ken and Dana’s plea to get on the bandwagon now.  Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Bliss Dance in sexy.
  • Ken runs down T-Mobile Arena. From concourse, to parking, to concessions, to sick high tech suites.
  • Breaking down the proposed expansion draft rules.
  • The oddities of the non-movement clause.
  • Ken explains the “epiphany” that lead to the creation of
  • Be there from Day 1, you can never have this chance again.
  • Ken mentions that the upper concourse is too small. He’s wrong. Don’t listen to him, after review of the pictures, it’s not too small.

And much more…

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Recap Of Expansion Talks At GM Meetings


T-Mobile Arena Tour: Pictures, Observations, Tips (And A Short Movie)

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  1. Jeff

    FYI there is a great and pretty much unknown shortcut to Nascar. It takes you out to I15 by Apex and you hit the speedway coming in from the North and you leave the same way and avoid all the traffic. I literally left the race right at the end and got home to Henderson in time to watch the post race show (less then 30 minutes). If you want the info just let me know.

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