Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #124: Tickets, Theodore, Brannstrom

We expected to have a special guest from the Golden Knights to come on and discuss the ticket revoking story, unfortunately, schedules didn’t match up and that was delayed. However, we put a lot of research into the ticket story, so we ran with it anyway. Also, lots Shea Theodore and Erik Brannstrom talk. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Golden Knights’ “threat” to season ticket holders
  • Are the Golden Knights slighting their original investors?
  • Who won the Theodore contract?
  • Is the Brannwagon completely derailed?
  • Would Brannstrom be on the Golden Knights if he was older?
  • Our intern’s weird high school application

And much more…

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  1. jessamygriffin

    Yes, good call, I was annoyed that you started hockey/Knights talk 10 minutes in. Since on your site there’s no 15 sec jump button, I listened to more than I wanted about dog’s butts and Fame High School knockoffs because the slider is janky. I wanted to hear about the ticket situation, which was interesting. I’m a bit both sides on ST holders.

  2. Mark

    Knights have the right to do what the are doing with ticket holders, but they could have handled it much better. They just came across looking bad/ungrateful. Especially with like you mentioned the original group. I didn’t lose mine,as I only sold a couple, but it still looks bad.

    The team will probably win the Shea deal in the long run. Great work by McPhee.

    Brannstrom would be in the lineup with now Shea, but I don’t know if he’s a slam dunk first call up now. If a defensive Dman (Engelland/McNabb,/Holden) were missing they may go with someone else, just to be in the press box. If a more offensive guy is dinged, then yes, he’s first.

    Age and coach/GM speak. Age has nothing to do with what happened. Even if Brannstrom was 20 he would have been the one sent down. But just because McPhee doesn’t like to use teenagers doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. Preference and reality sometimes don’t link up.

    For instance, I know they prefer 8 dman usually, but I would not be shocked, if next Wednesday comes, and McPhee is afraid he would lose a forward on waivers at that time, he may slide Bischoff down and wait for that soft spot in the schedule like with Rhinehart last year.

    One final thought- I listen to all your guys podcasts. I’m thinking of starting a drinking game when doing so

    Jason’s mic too loud, take a drink
    Jason says Time Out or That’s not fair, take a drink
    Ken says I don’t care take a drink
    Either one proposition a bet- finish your drink

    This is just a start

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