In this episode we are joined by self-proclaimed “hockey guy” Brian Blessing. Brian is a lifelong puck head who covered the Buffalo Sabres for many years during the glory days of the Dominik Hasek era. Brian, Dana, and Ken chat it up in part one of the two part extravaganza. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Brian gives some personal background and does a terrible job plugging his own stuff. So, here’s everything we can find on him. Radio Show, Bio, Twitter, Current Radio Station, and Picture of His Face.
  • The genesis of the Las Vegas Wants Hockey “Founding 75” and Brian’s inclusion.
  • Why success in Vegas is a sure thing.
  • Dana’s continued frustrating with Gary Bettman.
  • Brian’s brilliant explanation as to why the announcement has to come before the 2016 Entry Draft.
  • Keith Yandle’s dirty play on Artemi Panarin and the Blackhawks lack of retaliation.

And much more…

Part 2 will be released next week on Thursday.

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**We want to once again send a huge thank you to Brian Blessing for coming on the podcast for not one but two episodes. Thank you Brian.**