Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #107: 2-0 VGK

The Golden Knights have won Games 1 and 2 and now head to LA for the next two. First though we jump in the studio to talk about the games this week and look forward to the weekend. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Did the Golden Knights dominate the first two games?
  • Exactly what the Golden Knights did well.
  • Jonathan Quick was unreal
  • David Perron’s injury situation
  • What to expect in the next two games.

And much more…

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Erik Haula’s Game Winning Goal


“Find The Open Way” And “Be The Way Out”: A Look Into How VGK Has Made It So Hard For LA To Enter The Zone


  1. Vgk4life

    The “shame” chant can not be understated. It’s absolutely hilarious. Just wanted to throw it out there.

  2. Jonathan

    You have to love the ridiculousness of me listening to this entire incredibly long Podcast while playing MLB The Show 2018 as a closer for the Reds. Like it doesn’t even make any sense but it happened :p I agree that the Kings are just not a very good team. Everyone knows they have a few absolutely elite players who are studs like Quick and Kopitar. Ok fine legend for Quick may be more appropriate. But I said Knights in 5 before the series “maybe 6,” and I’m sticking with that. It was close on the scoreboards but that’s really about all that has been close the first two games. Without Quick it would have been two consecutive easy wins. I feel negative even saying so but I’m with many others including you guys that Kings probably win Game 3. I just think they’ll try to show up for their fans one game and I can see both goaltenders being a bit less sharp, so I would probably bet the over if I did bet on sports. But I hope to see if it’s going to be that kind of game then a 4-3 Vegas win, showing them we can do this any way they want it, low scoring, high scoring, doesn’t matter. I also am concerned about Perron because if he’s looking fine in practice he needs to be out there. We need him to facilitate the offense and he’s a key part of the machine even if he doesn’t score. I respect Nashville greatly and think if we played them they should be favored of course, they’ve earned that, but it doesn’t mean I think they’ll win. I really believe that healthy and playing their best nobody can beat the Knights in a 7 game series. But whether the Knights deliver on that high ceiling, I don’t know. I watched them all year and what they do to good and great teams and nobody had our number except the Wild (Edmonton, Islanders, Rangers aren’t even here) and we won’t be playing them. Wild fans are absolutely on our FB pages saying they’re ready to jump on the bandwagon lol. I think for them it’s fun, knowing they went 3-0 against us, and the idea of us winning it all probably would give them a little smirk. Like we had the champs number, even if we didn’t play them when it mattered.

  3. RJ

    Knights in a sweep. Ken is right, we are just the better team. Quick was absolutely out of his mind and still they lost twice. No way he can do that 3 games in a row right? The Sharks worry my, but the Kings are the most overrated team in the playoffs.

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