Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #101: Reaves Effect

The deadline has passed and the Golden Knights have added Tomas Tatar and Ryan Reaves. We’re back at The Space to discuss the moves and the impact moving forward. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Ryan Reaves’ effect on the first couple games with the team.
  • Are we overreacting to a few games against a division team on a back to back?
  • Which deal is more important, Tatar or Reaves?
  • What do the deals at the deadline actually say about what McPhee and Gallant think about the team?
  • What to do with the lineup when everyone is healthy.

And much more…

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  1. RJ

    I keep saying it, and Ken just doesn’t seem to listen. Reaves wasn’t brought in because we aren’t good enough to win, but because there are ways to beat us. If everything goes according to plan the Golden Knights win 16 straight games in the postseason and Reaves is a healthy scratch for all of them. (I suspect this is the only acceptable outcome for Ken.) However. If we are heading to Anaheim down 2-0 in the second round and we’ve been pushed all around the ice Gallant will be happy to have a change of pace option to put on the ice. Look what happened to the Oilers in the second round last season! The Oilers were definitely the more skilled team, but Anaheim managed to grind a win out.

    Additionally, at no point did either of you say “wow, these two games are evidence that Neal and Theodore are incredibly important pieces to our offense”. It seems like the subtraction of two of our top offensive players is a bigger discussion point regarding these two losses than the rule book definition of boarding. But you spent approximately 0 minutes talking about What Neal and Theodore being out does to the lineup and about 2 hours talking about one borderline call.

    These moves only gives Gallant options. He has more tools than he had last week, and I think that can only be a good thing.

  2. Mark

    Just finished the podcast, and do you guys realize you argued about Reaves for more minutes then he’s actually played this year. Lol.

    I lean more towards Ken’s thinking towards Reaves playing time/situation. I don’t think he was truly a centerpiece in that deal though. I believe that deal was all about Brassard away from the Jets and the 4th round pick. They took Reaves to make the money work for Pittsburgh.

    Everyone healthy, Reaves never plays.

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