Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website On National TV

Over the weekend a really cool piece on the future of Las Vegas and professional sports aired on CBS This Morning. They spoke to The Creator, Steve Sisolak, Jon Ralston, and your’s truly to paint a picture of what the landscape of sports in Las Vegas will look like in a few years.

Here’s the story in it’s entirety.

It’s truly insane how far this site has come and I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who visits the site regularly or irregularly for helping us grow.

Also, a huge thank you to Mark Albert for the excellent story and Michelle Kersch for setting it all up.

I also just learned how to make my own GIFs, so yeah.


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  1. Daoloth

    NFL is so arrogant to think that Vegas should pay for a bad team. Let these rich people shell out the cash if they want a new stadium. My sister had to pay 15K in license fees for the 2 season tickets she has to the Jets new stadium in NJ… Notice how NJ has two teams in a state that is going bankrupt where they want to take over Atlantic City with their gambling… Vegas is 2% of the 100 billion in illegal bets on football so its less of a problem than rigged Fantasy… Where its clear people got inside knowledge on what 4th stringer lowest payroll player will be getting the goal line carries…

    NHL is a much more important thing for Vegas along with a better deal… You really don’t help a family with 8 home games a year compared to 40+… Somebody can afford to attend at least 1 hockey game a year while a football game is a lot more expensive besides usually outside in wicked weather. It was cool to get to see on TV show. Its important Vegas has something family friendly where its not just a vacation destination or an ad. I know a few who thought of moving to Vegas that decided against it for various reasons. I think they have that Heart Attack Grill that moved there… People think of Elvis impersonators, I still have my XFL gear so football there isn’t a slam dunk :).

    Kings maybe can work something out with Frozen Fury and Vegas :). Otherwise maybe if or when the Coytoes move they will host some games there since AEG seems to have hand in Arena. Vegas could be a team to play them in it… Since its pre season maybe let Vegas play a game at Staples against teams like a reverse frozen fury doing Ducks, Sharks, and Kings ;).

    Kings are my favorite team, if they win a Cup I’ll buy gear… Sharks are a distant 2nd, if they won I’d buy the Championship stuff… So even if Vegas becomes a 2nd or 3rd favorite it will chip in money and interest. Growing up the Kings were so bad I’d have to follow Sharks or other teams to see any Post Season action ;). Manchester Monarchs were a team I liked to point I was on their message boards. They never won the Calder Cup until the final year which meant a lot to me :). Look at Islanders who won 4 Cups in a row, leaving Long Island has been a huge blow. Seeing them play in the worse hockey arena ever in a place like Brooklyn that is horrible to drive to. I’m glad it looks like things will work out better than cities who already built the arena hoping for a team :).

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