Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Golden Knights Prospect Rankings – August 7th

The latest edition of the Prospect Rankings is here! We’ve got a player making his first appearance in the Top 5 as well as a pair of 2021 draft picks cracking the Top 10. Here at the Top 5, click through to see all 29 skaters and six goalies.

Criteria to qualify for rankings:

  • Must be younger than 23 years old for skaters, 25 years old for goalies
  • Cannot have played more than 10 NHL games
  • Must be either under contract or drafted by the Golden Knights

Players are ranked based on value to the organization. The most important factor is the player’s ceiling, or how good they can eventually become, but also taken into consideration is how close they are to playing in the NHL and how likely they are to play in the NHL. This is NOT a ranking of which players are the best if a game were to be held today.

Recently Removed: Dylan Coghlan (NHL)


(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

1) Peyton Krebs (F)
Acquired: 2019 Entry Draft, 1st Round, #17 overall
Age: 20 (January 26, 2001)
Most Recent Team: Vegas Golden Knights
Previous Ranking: #1

An unfortunate injury kept Krebs from getting his shot to star on the biggest stage in the playoffs this year. Now, he’s going to have to compete amongst a suddenly deep group of forwards to even earn a spot out of camp. His waiver exempt status will certainly play against him early in the season, but by the end of 2021 Krebs should be a mainstay in the VGK lineup.

More on Krebs
2/3/21 – Peyton Krebs is close. He’s not there yet, but he’s close. If there’s one positive that’s come out of COVID is that it’s given the Golden Knights a chance to drag Krebs along the development path. He was in the bubble in Edmonton, he was in camp with the Golden Knights, and now he has a chance to be in AHL camp and maybe even play a few games before he has to go back to the WHL. I know people want him on the roster now, but it’s not time yet. His acceleration is impressive, his vision is very good, and his ability to make the right play in tight spaces and along the walls is solid for a player of his size. I think the future is as a winger, not a center, but I think the future is bright for this kid.

4/16/20 – Krebs did everything he was supposed to since the moment he was drafted. He got himself healthy, he had a chance to practice with the NHL team for a day, and then he went back to the WHL and dominated putting up 48 assists to lead his team despite playing only 38 of the team’s 63 games. The only disappointment was that he was not selected for Team Canada at the World Juniors, but that was more due to where he was in his rehab as opposed to his skill level and worthiness to be on the team.

11/16/19 – Krebs is finally back from the Achilles injury. He skated in one practice with the Golden Knights before heading back to Winnipeg to play in the WHL. He’ll wear the “C” for the Ice and is expected to be a dominant force in the league again this year. The big test will come at the World Junior Championships in December. He’ll be one of the best players on the Team Canada roster, and coming off their disappointment last year, the pressure will be on.

7/5/19 – The Golden Knights first pick in the 2019 NHL Draft is everything and more that you can ask for out of a center prospect. He’s a 200 foot player, plays in all situations, has a high level of skill, drives the offense on his line, and has great hockey sense and compete level. Unfortunately, Krebs came to camp with an injury and wasn’t able to skate. Had he gone out and dominated camp, he would have had a real shot to have been #1 on this list due to his ceiling. Hopefully he makes it took rookie camp in September, if not, World Juniors will be his next real shot to show he’s ready. By then, Glass will probably have played in 10 games, so don’t be surprised if Krebs is atop this list the next time it is updated.


(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

2) Kaedan Korczak (D)
Acquired: 2019 Entry Draft, 2nd Round, #41 overall
Age: 20 (January 29, 2001)
Most Recent Team: Henderson Silver Knights (AHL)
Previous Ranking: #4

Korczak worked his way up the depth chart for the Silver Knights as the year went on but could never find his place in the lineup permenantly. That should change this year as he’ll probably end up on the HSK top-pair fairly quickly. He’s close to being NHL ready, but the group of seven defensemen in front of him at the NHL level will likely keep him down. Wouldn’t be shocked to see his NHL debut in 2021-22 though.

More on Korczak
2/3/21 – The moment Vegas drafted Korczak we knew he was going to be a big guy, but he’s already a monster just one season removed from his draft year and he’s probably only going to get bigger. As he progresses through high levels like World Juniors and the AHL, it appears his calling card will be more as a defense-first penalty kill type player, but he’s certainly looking like he has an NHL future, and probably a long one.

4/16/20 – There’s nothing not to like about Korczak’s game. He’s got size, he’s a good skater, he’s physical, he’s calm on the puck, he can move the puck, and he’ll chip in offensively. His numbers will continue to look good in the WHL, but it’s all about how he looks against better competition going forward and unfortunately we aren’t going to get to see much of that any time soon.

11/16/19 – Korczak looked really good at camp and he has taken that game to the WHL racking up 14 points in 19 games for the Kelowna Rockets. Korczak is the type of defenseman that the Golden Knights are desperately looking for at the NHL level. Of course, he’s not ready at this point (nor would he be available to them anyway) but he’s a mobile, puck-moving d-man who will chip in offensively while taking care of his own end. The next time we really get to see what Korczak has to offer will likely be for Team Canada in December. If he can show something special in that tournament, the 2nd round pick is going to be in the top-five on this list next time for sure.

7/5/19 – The Golden Knights moved up in the draft to select Korczak and it didn’t take long to show why they valued him so much. In his own end, he’s a rock, defending both with his feet (mainly by keeping terrific gaps) and his stick. But what impressed me most with Korczak was his willingness to jump into the rush, or even start a rush. He reminded me a lot of Nate Schmidt, where the entire offense just looks more dangerous in transition when he’s out there.


3) Ivan Morozov (F)
Acquired: 2018 Entry Draft, 2nd Round, #61 overall
Age: 21 (May 5, 2000)
Most Recent Team: SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)
Previous Ranking: #2

The biggest question mark right now on Morozov is when is he going to make the trip across the pond and come to North America. Once he does, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he jumps to #1 on this list instantly. He’s been dynamite in the KHL playing center for one of the league’s best teams. He even went to the World Championships where he added three points in eight games. This kid is the real deal, but he’s not worth thinking about until he leaves Russia.

More on Morozov
2/3/21 – If Morozov was doing in the AHL what he’s doing in the KHL the excitement level surrounding him as a prospect would be much higher. The KHL is notorious for making life very difficult on young players and at age 20 Morozov is playing at a high level for one of the league’s best team’s. He’s a 200-foot center that has the hands to score and create for others. 11 goals in 47 KHL games is nothing to scoff at and once he decides it’s time to give North America a shot, I think he’ll be a Golden Knight shortly thereafter.

4/16/20 – Morozov had a pretty wild year playing in three different Russian leagues and in the World Juniors. He impressed at the World Juniors and he was starting to really put it all together in the KHL playoffs. He’s the type of player that is going to get a majority of his goals through hard work and willingness. The problem in his game is that he shuts off from time to time. It ends up leading to breakdowns and penalties. Hopefully it’s something he grows out of because he has enough talent to be an NHLer.

11/16/19 – This is a deceptive one because Morozov actually moves up in the rankings, but he really shouldn’t have. He’s been unable to crack the KHL roster for SKA St. Petersburg and he hasn’t exactly ripped up the Russian minor league, the VHL. World Juniors will be important for Morozov as he may be a top-six center for Russia.

7/5/19 – Yet again, we didn’t actually get to see him play as he skipped Development Camp for the second year. Thus, he ends up soaring down the rankings even though he appears to be a player with a real future. He’s young enough to play for Russia in World Juniors this year, and he should have an expanded role. Hopefully the numbers start showing up in the KHL this year too.

1/8/19 – The first real chance we’ve gotten to see Morozov was a good one. He looked very good at times as the 4th line center for Team Russia. His selection to this team was impressive in the first place as Russia historically does not like to choose 18-year-olds for their U20 team. However, Morozov helped make an impact and looks like a terrific 200-foot player. His backchecking was probably the most exciting part of his game as he constantly would come back into his own zone, break up a play and then get the puck moving forward. Still want to see a lot more of him, but don’t be surprised if he’s in the top 3 or 4 the next time I update this list.

9/12/18 – Did not attend Rookie Camp

7/28/18 – Unable to attend Development Camp following the Draft, Morozov remains a bit of an unknown. However, he has recently signed a contract with SKA St. Petersburg (yeah, the Shippy one) and was selected with Vegas’ only pick in the top 75 of the 2018 Draft which indicates he’s highly regarded. He has quick hands and should be a strong two-way center if/when he makes it to the NHL. A trip to World Juniors would do well for him to move up this list where he probably belongs.


4) Brendan Brisson (F)
Acquired: 2020 Entry Draft, 1st Round, #29 overall
Age: 19 (October 22, 2001)
Most Recent Team: University of Michigan (NCAA)
Previous Ranking: 3

Brisson had a solid freshman season at Michigan scoring 10 goals and adding 21 points in 24 games. He’s a power play weapon and will continue to be a point producer at the NCAA level this season. However, with Michigan’s stacked lineup, his playing time will be interesting to monitor. Michigan had four of the top five picks in the 2021 Draft and all are expected to be on the roster this year. As a late 1st round pick from the year prior, Brisson should be able to hold down a permanent spot, but we’re definitely going to learn a lot about him as to where coach Mel Pearson has him in that stacked lineup.

More on Brisson
2/3/21 – Brisson’s selection to the eventual gold medal-winning Team USA at the World Juniors was incredibly impressive considering how stacked that team was. He offers something unlike anything we’ve seen from a VGK prospect to this point and that’s an unbelievable shot. He loves to sit in the circle on the power play and rip shots past goalies who know it’s coming and still can’t stop it. He definitely has a ways to go in regards to strength and experience and the offensive play can improve in other areas aside from the shot, but there’s no doubt Brisson has an exciting future. 


5) Lukas Cormier (D)
Acquired: 2020 Entry Draft, 3rd Round, #68 overall
Age: 19 (March 27, 2002)
Most Recent Team: Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL)
Previous Ranking: 10

Cormier took the most significant jump in this edition of the rankings and it’s well deserved. 54 points in 39 games in the regular season to go along with nine more in eight playoff games cannot go unrecognized. He’s still young and with his small frame he’s likely to take a little longer to even be ready for the AHL, let alone the NHL. He should get a chance to participate in training camp with VGK and maybe even get into a few preseason games. Both will be key in seeing where the ceiling could be on him. Basing it just on his junior stats though, the ceiling is very high.

More on Cormier
2/3/21 – This kid is a little firecracker and he’s going to be a fun one to keep an eye on as his career progresses. He’s an offensive wizard, especially on the power play and he’s feisty enough to give people problems in his own end. 21 points in his first 14 QMJHL games has people in Eastern Canada buzzing and his invitation to the ridiculously stacked Team Canada World Junior camp should turn heads. We’re a long way from seeing Lukas in a Golden or even Silver Knights jersey, but there’s absolutely some intriguing upside here.

Click through to see all 29 skaters and six goalies.


1) Logan Thompson
Acquired: Signed as Free Agent on July 13, 2020
Age: 24 (February 25, 1997)
Most Recent Team: Henderson Silver Knights (AHL)
Previous Ranking: 1

While Thompson still remains the clear #1 goalie in the system, VGK’s unwillingness to hand him the reigns in 2021-22 is concerning. He won the award for best goalie in the AHL and served as the backup for many games throughout the postseason, however when Vegas moved Fleury, they quickly went out and replaced him with an NHL level backup in Laurent Brossoit. Now the question is how do the Golden Knights keep him if he doesn’t get the 28 games necessary to avoid Group 6 free agency.

More on Thompson 2/3/21 – This kid has impressed me so much that I decided to change the qualifications so he could be on this list. Thompson was dynamite in both preseason games in the AHL and he’s been a nightmare to score against in every practice. He’s a very confident goalie that loves to chirp at shooters, whether in practice or in games. For the first time in VGK history, they may have a legitmate NHL goalie in waiting.

Click through to see all 29 skaters and six goalies.


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  1. Richard Santomauro

    Bringing in another goalie and not promoting Logan Thompson is just one more data point adding to my opinion about this front office.


    • THE hockey GOD

      the quickest way to ruin an organization with very little depth at nearly every position is to rush their prospects through the system before they are ready.
      Did you learn nothing from Krebs injury, Glass not being ready ? And the steady development of all the rest of their prospects on NHL team. Oh wait, they have none.

      Thank God you are not running this organiziation or it would be down in bottom of division in short order, ruining all young players. Destroying their confidence. These are boys, NHL consists of MEN. Real men. Not 2 1/2 MEN. Or girly boys.

      experience matters ,
      PS BIM

      • Skeeter Thompson

        Glass not being ready? Are you kidding? The Knights overcook these kids. It kills their confidence and gets them used to playing against inferior competition. They would’ve been better off with a 4th line of like Dugan/Glass/Sikura last season — they would’ve actually scored and it would’ve helped develop Dugan and Glass (and maybe we they wouldn’t have had to give up on him).

        • Agree, it does nobody any good to keep a talented younger player banging away in the AHL. When your 20 or so, proven yourself at a lower lever, it’s moronic to keep him down. Krebs is ready, he’s the real deal. I want Thompson to get a shot, WTF ! He’s 24, either give him a shot or dump him for players or draft picks, I shouldn’t even have to mention that, he’s got value !!!

        • THE hockey GOD

          dugan/glass/sikura could barely skate with players on ice in NHL, yet alone score.. When Glass and Skura played in NHL they were out gunned , out matched. They could not keep up in five on five situations.

          What are you smoking? Even the coach said in order to Glass to be good “he needs to play with better players.” Dugan and Sikura are not “better players”.

          Glass did not do very well at all this past year in AHL. He did not dominate games, like a no. 1 prospect should. And when he played in NHL games this past season he didn’t do much to earn his stay on the roster. I am surprised they even called him up and gave him a few games based upon his lackluster play in AHL.

          Their confidence wasn’t “killed” by anything or anyone. They just didn’t perform. Sikura remains a perrennial AHL player with little upside, he has had chances in other organizations and he has very little upside. VGK didn’t kill his confidence. He played to his level. Dugan didn’t show up to play 100% of the time. That isn’t acceptable in NHL. Which says a lot , and he below Sikura in call up list to NHL last season, and that says even more because Sikura played a lot better than Dugan did in AHL. That was pretty obvious to anyone who consistently watched the HSK games . Dugan needs to have a break out season, not get injured, and maybe we’ll see him jump ahead of those on forwards depth ladder. Maybe we’ll get to see him in a few NHL games this upcoming last year. But pushing him ahead last year would have been unfair to Glass and Skirua.

      • squidward

        tell me you dont play hockey without telling me you dont play hockey

    • Blitz

      I agree Richard. I think they should have made him the backup, but then go get a legit backup if and only if needed during the season and if Thompson fails. A ~2 mil savings in cap space would have been nice. Instead they could potentially lose Thompson next year and still not know if they have a future there. My guess it he will get some games in this year, especially after Lehner needs some mental time off.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “then go get a legit backup if and only if needed during the season” easier said than done, legit back ups during season are not a dime a dozen. NHL GM’s smell blood if another GM is put into this situation. THat is no way to run an organization. Plan B is not plan B, it’s plan D for demise of organization.

        • Thg – the more you post shows your lack of true understanding concern hockey. These kids are reared to play in the nhl from birth some make it some don’t. The sad thing is never getting a chance which seems to be the knights modus operandi at this time. It goes back to being blinded by the light thinking they can buy the Cup. I am sure not even you can disagree by the last statement.

          • THE hockey GOD

            In today’s NHL, every team “buys the cup” one way or another.

            Kids are not “reared from birth” to play NHL hockey. That is equivalent to say every thoroughbred born is reared to win the Derby. The percentages do not support your statement. A vast majority do not make an impact in NHL.

            The fact remains Glass was not ready, Thompson we shall see.

            You know nothing, like Ygritte said to Jon Snow, you know nothing.

        • Thg – to your point the other GMs smell blood – vegas panicked that is exactly why the walrus landed up here – they unloaded a problem they didn’t want to deal with. If he was or is so great why would they let him go. Certainly not rocket science. Vegas – send us your injured (one way or another) , crippled, left overs etc

          • THE hockey GOD

            apples and orange comparison, does not fit the proposition under discussion.

            VGK pounced on that deal, they had subban as back up at that time- for whatever that was worth. Not an unproven AHLer. So they did not enter the season with an AHLer rookie back up goalie. And Lehner was NOT a back up goalie at that time either>>

            Lehner has a .918 save percentage and 3.01 GAA in 33 appearances this season.

            The 28-year-old had a career year last season with the New York Islanders with a .930 save percentage and a 2.13 GAA. He was nominated for the Vezina Trophy and won the William M. Jennings Trophy and the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy. He signed a one-year, $5 million contract with the Blackhawks on July 1, 2019.

            Lehner was a second-round pick (46th overall) by the Ottawa Senators at the 2009 NHL Draft.

          • Thg – I didn’t say all kids I was referring to those that make it this far – that is why the sentence started off “THESE”- they were in fact reared from birth in most cases. No all ponies don’t make it to the Derby but those that do are given a chance to win. Your reading skills need upgrading – besides no one saw talking about horses the discussion was about prospects who have gotten this far in their career.

      • SMH

        So instead of getting a quality proven NHL back-up like Brossoit in exchange for giving up zero assets in free agency, we should have rolled with an undrafted, unproven (at the NHL level) rookie as our back-up goalie – and if Thompson doesn’t pan out, then we would have to give up at least a 2nd round pick to get a Brossoit-level replacement in mid-season. I disagree – this team has Cup aspirations and needs a solid back-up goalie from Day 1 to mind the net once per week, and be a decent option if Lehner gets injured again. It’s a long season (82 games this time) – Thompson will get his shot in a few of them to show what he’s got and if he’s worth a future investment. Remember, he’s a former Brandon Wheat King, so you know McCrimmon would love him to succeed.

      • That’ll be a lot time off for Mental Lehner.

    • Mark

      Logan Thompson was never going to be the backup this season.

      He’s an UDFA who played very well against the same 5 or 6 teams last year.

      Basically every organization would have sent him back to play a full season in the AHL before truly evaluating him after the crazy Covid year. Most would have regardless of Covid.

      The problem to me with Vegas’ backup isn’t that they bypassed Thompson this year, it’s they paid someone more then 1 million for 2 seasons.

      It should be Thompson in 22/23 in my opinion

    • SMH

      “MCIDIOT”? Oh wait, I get it – you are referring to George McPhee and/or Kelly McCrimmon, and because you think they are not smart GM’s (despite the Golden Knights being quite possibly the most successful expansion team in the history of North American sports), you kept the “Mc” part of their name and then put in “Idiot” for the rest of their name. Hahaha – now that is both funny and creative! I mean, everyone else in the NHL knows that Logan Thompson is clearly going to be a Hall of Fame level goalie – why would you ever sign anyone else? Man, those guys sure are “McIdiots”! Haha – it’s funny just to say – can’t wait to share that with some 1st and 2nd graders. Please keep your amazing and entertaining posts coming!

  2. Tim

    Richard we on the outside just don’t know what they think about any prospect. The reality is they see them everyday and we don’t. For instance I like Jack Dugan experienced 6’2″ 200 pound led the nation in scoring but Ken’s got him 7th so the few times I saw him play for the Silver Knights it’s hard to tell. We’ll see how training camp goes.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Dugan’s play needs to be more consistent. Many nights Dugan plain did not show up to play.

      • Blitz

        He seems to have shown some good stuff at HSK, why not at least bring him in a couple of games last year? Maybe I don’t understand how the call ups work. They brought guys up last year that seem less ready.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Making the team is one thing, playing a few games in NHL and ease them in,same for goalie thompson, I have no issue with it. But blindly going without a back up goalie and handing someone a position without a viable NHL back up , like the OP (original poster) wants to do, is purely insane. That is no way to ran an organization.

          • THE hockey GOD

            run, not ran

            see spot
            see spot ran
            see spot run

            rin tin tin

            tally ho, and all that fox hunt stuff.

          • Blitz

            They had a ton of games last season to at least try Dugan, so why not? I mean making the playoffs wasn’t going to be an issue and they had cap problems, which is positive to bring him up, like they did others. Maybe too hungry for the presidents cup. I just don’t understand why they don’t. It seems beneficial for both. The team sees where the player is at, and player, gets a chance to see what they need to improve on. Maybe they flat don’t have confidence in the kid to even peek at the goods. Seem baffling to me. I think PETER just had too much to prove.

        • SMH

          Could it be that last year was Dugan’s first ever year of playing hockey at the professional level, and that the coaching staff and front office that watches him every day didn’t feel he was ready for the NHL yet? Let’s not act like he is some stud prospect – he was a 5th round draft choice after all. And who exactly were the “guys they brought up last year that seem less ready”? Listen, I am the proud owner of a Jack Dugan / Silver Knights jersey – I really like the guy, and hope that he makes the NHL some day – but let’s not act like not giving him NHL game time in his 1st year as a pro is some horrific shortcoming of the front office (or worse, a plot by the evil Pete DeBoer!).

  3. THE hockey GOD

    based upon ratings of balance of players, 70 to 80% of them are not going to make an impact in NHL.

    Vegas’s farm system appears to be below average.

    IT will be interesting to see how they do in upcoming rookie camp in Arizona. Last time in Anaslime, Ca they did not fair well at all. The Kings, Ducks, Coyotes, as well as even the Sharks’ youngsters out played them. Some of them did not bring their best players, either.

  4. Hat

    They should’ve kept Fluery, Brought Thompson up as a back up and let Lehner go and eat his contract. They didn’t want to bring Thompson up to prove that they made a mistake by keeping Lehner and letting Fluery go! You’ll see just wait till Lehner screws up! The fans well let you know how Stupid that move was By letting Fluery go!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      fleury had his chance, he turned into billy buckner, now at least let’s give lehner his chance.

      he has proven to know how to let pucks in off his head/helmet
      hold his stick upside down
      likes to flop like a flounder on deadly catch
      and wait for it,
      pray that they don’t have a lot of shoot outs because he hates them.

      but in end run getting rid of fleury was smart thing to do at this point, the got rid of salary cap money, so at least they got something. And used it to get an NHL caliber back up goalie.

      the AHLer hasn’t earned his bones yet, better to ease him in with a Yugo or Pinto then give him the keys to the bentley.

    • SMH

      First of all, who is this “Fluery” person that you are referring to? Our ex-goalie’s name is Marc-Andre “Fleury”. And why do you capitalize random words like “Brought” and “By” in your post? Just want to know what grade level of reading & writing comprehension that we are dealing with here…

      “Let Lehner go and eat his contract” – yes, that’s it, why didn’t the VGK front office think of that? They could just continue to pay Lehner $5M per year and lose that cap space for nothing – brilliant! And let’s just ignore the fact that Lehner has a higher save percentage than Fleury for their careers (both in the regular season, and in the playoffs), that Lehner is significantly younger, and cheaper! Who cares? We fans are smart fans (even those some of us can’t spell Fleury’s name correctly!), and we love Fluery/Fleury!!

      And as for “just wait till Lehner screws up”, just keep in mind that Fleury has set the screw-up bar pretty high by letting in 4 goals during a 5-minute major penalty to lose the Sharks series in Year 2, and then gave away the critical game 3 of the Canadiens series in Year 4 with his stellar puck handling behind the net.

    • Tyler Durden

      Explain how that would work with the salary cap and the cap space the knights have left.

  5. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I was really hoping lefty (Thompson) was going to get a shot at backup this coming season.

    But, with signing the other guy (can’t remember his name), he probably only plays with VGK if injury hits.

    It will be ok. I really think Panda is going to have a good season!

    • DOC – Are you the walrus agent or therapist or just can’t recognize the tree from the forest. He will tank for some reason or another – history does repeat itself. You may be seeing Thompson sooner than you think. H

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Sure, yea.

        You’re just never wrong are you, Hd!

        My OPINION just doesn’t mean anything compared to yours, huh?

        Panda will have a very good year, IMO!

    • THE hockey GOD


      sounds like a good plan to me, with AHL expanding their schedule let’s see how lefty does when he faces some more advanced teams.

      he didn’t look too bad in his start in NHL, goalies mostly mature later in NHL , that is fact JACK.

      Also, VGK goalie “quality” depth is not that good.

  6. ulf

    This is the double edged sword of VGK’s early success. With one or two exceptions, they have absolutely no young players to build around in the system at the moment. Rushing to buy a Cup, which is nigh impossible in the cap era, meant dealing some of the few young assets available to get guys like Patches, who is already on the decline.
    Window is closing – still possible to win, but running out of assets to deal and then it will be a slow rebuild, and maybe a slow build was the better choice in building a franchise all along.

    • Tim

      ULF, I have to disagree with you that the window is closing. I see lots of young talent. Payton Krebs, Kaedan Korezak, Daniil Chayka, Ivan Morozov,Brendan Brisson, Logan Thompson, and possibly Pavel Dorofezev, and Lucas Elvenes. Add that group to Hague, Whitecloud, Roy, Theadore, Tuch, Stephenson, Carrier, Coghlan,Kolesar, Howton, and Nolan Patrick . Add to that Marchy, Smith, Karlsson. Stone around 30 and Petro and Patch a little older like 31 and 32. Remember we usually draft close to the bottom. You tell me is this collection of players is on there way down I don’t think so. Your opinion is always welcome.

      • ulf

        Agree to disagree – the farm team has an underwhelming list of prospects, Krebs is the only one who stands out and maybe the goaltender, if we’re lucky.
        Patches is already playing old – he’s never been a playoff performer except for 2 post season exceptions. Many of the other guys you mention are fine but are 3rd liners at best.
        I have no doubt VGK will easily win the weak Pacific Division again, and that’s a large part of the opportunity for success. If they were in the Central or Metropolitan it would be a different story.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    here are my rankings as top posters on this site:

    1- doc
    3- daryl
    5-ric(h) saccomano- pistol pete (tie)
    6- biker
    7-blitz- Vic (tie)
    8- mark
    9 julie
    10- other girl, I forget her name, steph, or stepanie
    11- the field and Arnold the brain, tie.
    12 and last, paulie shore the loser poster from palms

    • THE hockey GOD

      and jason, I forget about jason, sorry.

    • Tim

      THG, forget the rankings but I will say the posters you pointed out in no particular order usually have interesting posts and in fairness we’ve also had our stinkers. One thing though I wish Daryl and Doc could bury the hatchet.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @Tim, point taken. I thought it was appropriate since the article was about rankings. Stinkers or no.

        Thanks for input, take care.

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Must be top poster in QUALITY.

    Because I’m certainly not near the top poster in quantity anymore!


    • Tyler Durden

      Keep posting Doc, keep trying to talk sense to these “seasoned” knights fans.

      • THE hockey GOD

        keep up the good work, Tyler.

        • Are you that arrogant calling yourself hockey god. There is only one god, your not it.
          Watch for Mental Lehner, he’s trash.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ erick, welcome to jungle.
            I did not insult you, why start up with me ? Arrogant ? No.

            And there is only one GOD.
            I am sure there are more than one Hockey God.

            The hockey guy was taken, deal with it.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Thanks TD! 🙂

  9. to the Hockey …
    You could have used another name.
    I’m not picking on you, but you think you know everything about hockey.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Erick, “you think…”
      no ERick, you think that I know everything. Nobody knows “everything. ”
      Therefore you know nothing.

      It’s a free country, last time I checked, despite the neo Fascists and propped up regime in DC. The first amendment and free speech is still in the Constitution. Only lib tard moes want to control people by telling them what they can and can not do. Only the liberal turds want to cancel culture and cancel our freedom of speech so they can further their sick/twisted agenda. Your posts mimic their agenda. You sound like one of “them”.

      Anyone can pick any posting alias the last time I checked. The constitution says so. The constitution also protects GOD and Religious freedom. ARe you for or against the constitution? Are you for against the Christian God ? Sounds to me like you are against it. That makes you part of the kneeling crowd, part of anti american crowd. I have no use for people who hate our constitution and hate America, and hate God.

      • Let me start out by saying I want to apologize for my comments I made of you yesterday.
        I did not have any intention of picking on you.
        I still believe that Vegas will not make it to the playoffs without Fleury. Yes they made it with Suban as back up, not Fleury is the one that got them there. Lehner is no where Fleurys caliber of play.
        DeBoer should have gotten over personal issues with Fleury whatever they may be. He should’ve concentrated on the games. They might have gone further. Maybe that’s sky the Sharks didn’t want him anymore. He lets personal feelings get in the way of him doing his job.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    Vegas Golden Knights
    Congrats to Head Coach Pete DeBoer and Director of Hockey Operations Misha Donskov for being named to Canada’s Olympic coaching staff!!! Flag of Canada

    DeBoer will serve as an assistant coach & Donskov will be the special assistant of coaching operations

  11. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    It’s a little more than just a “personal” issue, the sword in the back thing.

    It was a team and origination issue, especially coming right as the playoffs were starting that year.

    I said at the time Fleury would be gone from the Knights in time.

    Plus, the Knights WILL make the playoffs, I believe, and Panda will have a very good year!

    • Blitz

      Nobody gave a shit about the sword, except you and the FO. Certainly not his team mates.

      Of course VGK will make the playoffs. They just need to beat all the garbage teams in the pacific. Beating garbage teams is the only thing Lehner is capable of doing. So we are good there.

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