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SinBin Radio – CBS Sports Radio 1140 – 02/23/19

The trade deadline is just a few days away and the Golden Knights continue to struggle. We talk about tangible problems, deadline wishes, booing, and more.

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Just How Close Were The Golden Knights To Getting Erik Karlsson And How Might It Effect This Deadline


  1. Breakaway

    Notice how the Knights dmen, with McNabb as the worst offender, pinch at the wrong time and situation, and give up way too many 2-on-1 chances.

    Notice how the Knights chase around and play man-to-man in the dzone, thus leaving players out of position and tired when they finally do get the puck, thus negating any stretch pass opportunities, breakaways, or quick transition rushes.

    The system should be focused on CREATING odd man rushes, and vastly minimizing those against. But the coaches have them doing the exact opposite….dmen pinching in the o-zone in no-chance situations, and also running all around the dzone leaving the net front vulnerable to easy rebound goals, like on early goal number 1 last night.

  2. Vic

    Back in the early 70s, my section (411) in Madison Square Garden started the ‘Refund’ chant which caught on pretty well among Ranger fans. Our ticket price was $4.50 which meant about $180 for the season ticket….and we still yelled ‘Refund’. I was long gone from NY when they finally won the cup. After seeing what the VGK did with playoff prices last season, and then the season ticket prices this year, I screamed ‘Refund’ in the privacy of my home a few times. Certainly the booing will pick up if the boys continue to stink up the joint. We’re hockey fans. Fan….the Greek word for fanatic. Need to light a fire under the boys right now. I don’t see the passion.

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