As the NHL goes through it’s expansion process, and the Foley Group and Las Vegas continue to progress, the inevitability of a team in the valley becomes more and more apparent. By the end of September, the NHL will likely announce it’s expansion and award Las Vegas a team to play in the beautiful Las Vegas Arena starting in 2017.

So it’s on to the important things. What do we call this glorious franchise?

In a Q&A session on Twitter, @VegasWantsHockey confirmed the team colors.

But we still need a name. The Creator says there will be a “Name the Team” contest involving all you brilliant people who purchased season tickets. However, we don’t think it’s wise to put the name of the team up to a vote when we here at The Sin Bin already have the perfect name for the team.

Ready? Ok. Here we go….

The Las Vegas… SILVER!

First of all the name pays homage to the nickname of the state of Nevada, the Silver State. It works perfectly with the color scheme (grey=silver). In typical Vegas fashion, it involves money, which we will gladly continue to take from our visitors. And finally, and most importantly, team nicknames without an “s” are simply better, or at least cooler, than ones with that pesky “s.”

I can already see the sweaters. Dark grey with a hint of black and gold, decked out with some Vegas inspired lettering and and a sick logo. It’s glorious.

Silver’s better than gold. Don’t believe me, just take a look at the Stanley Cup.

Case closed.

Go Silver!!!