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Silver Knights Season Ticket Seat Selection Begins Next Week

While the Golden Knights continue preparations for fan-less hockey in the “Phase 4 Secure Zone,” the Silver Knights have their focus set sorting out the 9,000+ fans with season ticket deposits.

Fans who committed $50 per seat towards a refundable season ticket deposit are being invited to Orleans Arena early next week to convert those deposits into seats.

Seats start at just $10 per game with the most expensive tickets reaching $99 and the average landing around $30 for season ticket holders.

The Orleans Arena and the Silver Knights are taking heavy COVID-19 related precautions with the seat selection process. Everyone entering the arena must fill out a waiver assuming risk. Only one person is allowed to enter per ticket account and the process is spread out over multiple days to limit the risk number of people there at any time. Masks are required and temperature checks will be conducted upon check-in.

The Silver Knights were expected to begin their inaugural campaign at Orleans Arena in the AHL’s 2020-21 season scheduled to begin in October. However, all dates remain up in the air as we continue to deal with the pandemic.

That being said, the simple fact that the Silver Knights are moving forward with seat selection is a good sign there is hope the 20-21 season will happen with fans in the seats.


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  1. B-Rad-Lee

    See you in Section 105 or 115.

    • How much is season tickets…..Seating 104 or 116. When is the Henderson ice rink going to be open. The Orleans want too much money.

  2. Doktor Hockey

    Months ago I was lured in to put down $100 in deposits, because of their statement of “$10 tickets”. Now I didn’t expect a whole arena of $10 tix … but … only offering now, just a few hundred way up in the corner, is not what I expected. 10 bucks a ticket x2 for say 35 games is $700 or so. I was going to scrape from where I had to, so I could afford season tix. But as soon as I got this exact info last week in their e-mail to me, I canceled my deposits! I thought for once that Foley and his bunch, were actually going to care about us Knights fans, who can’t afford “big” Knight games. But almighty dollar rules again! So sad!

  3. Walt T

    Right Doc, and this is only for the Orleans. By the time they get to Henderson, prices will be much different. I was told they are going through the full season folks initially and then offering some partial plans. Demand is high. I was one of the earliest depositors for the VGK, and enjoyed my quarter season package up in section 204. Then for year two, the letter came saying they were moving us to a rear ass section and the price was increasing by 35%. No shot at my prior seats as those were offered to full season ticket people. I did enjoy the games on TV. It’s a business, and live games have passed me by. I hope to see the Henderson team someday at least once.

  4. Marissa

    And there are price increases every year with a projected increase of 18% in year 3 when they start playing in Henderson.

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