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Silver Knights’ Poor Play May Solve The Golden Knights Excess Goalie Problem

The Golden Knights have a goalie conundrum. Stop me if you’ve heard that one before.

Like all goalie controversies, it’s about a surplus. Unlike skaters, there can be only one goalie a night. So, when a team has two, or in VGK’s upcoming case three, tough decisions must be made and they tend to have a ripple effect on the team at large.

Unlike the previous case the Golden Knights navigated (poorly), this one shouldn’t have as much impact… if handled properly.

The situation at hand is simple in theory but complicated in practice.

Laurent Brossoit is in the process of returning from the injury that ended his season prematurely last year. He missed all of training camp before rejoining the team in practice early in the season. Over the weekend, he was assigned to a conditioning stint with the Henderson Silver Knights indicating that his return is imminent.

Whenever he is ready, which could be as soon as tomorrow, the Golden Knights will have to make roster move to activate him off of IR.

Due to the 23-man roster limit, the Golden Knights cannot simply add him to the roster when he’s ready. Instead, they must clear a roster spot. Here are the ways they can go about doing that.

  1. Place a player on waivers (Leschyshn, Cotter, Hutton, etc)
  2. Assign Logan Thompson to the AHL using his waiver-exempt status
  3. Make a trade
  4. Waive Brossoit

Option 2 is the only one of the four that does not at least put the Golden Knights at risk of losing a player to another organization. However, it would clearly only be a temporary fix as Bruce Cassidy’s goalie rotation has made it evident that Thompson is the preferred starter.

So, even if that were to happen for a game or two, eventually as long as all three goalies are healthy, they’d have to make another move.

Image from Henderson Silver Knights highlight package

Here’s where the Silver Knights and their miserable performance comes in. Henderson currently sits in the cellar of the entire AHL with a record of 2-9-0. They’ve allowed 41 goals while scoring just 25, and they are riding a three-game losing streak in which they’ve been outscored 16-4.

Brossoit has played each of the last two games for the Silver Knights and his stats couldn’t be much worse. In 80 minutes of action, he’s allowed nine goals on 39 shots for a .769 save percentage and 6.76 goals against average. He was pulled after letting in four in the 1st period last night.

No matter how the team was playing in front of him, it was always going to be a challenge for Brossoit to get back up to speed quickly after so much time off. However, I don’t think anyone could have expected it to go this poorly, whether he has anything to do with it or not. (Our resident goalie expert placed one squarely on Brossoit and believes he could have done better on two of the other three.)

It may though end up being a blessing in disguise for the Golden Knights. After those two games, there’s no way Vegas is going to throw Brossoit into an NHL game, especially with how well Thompson and Hill have been playing. At the same time, it also may have scared away any other teams’ willingness to either trade for him or claim him on waivers at this point.

Coming off hip surgery, it’s unclear if Brossoit will ever be able to return to the level he played at before last year’s injury. He’s going to have to prove he can do it again before any team, including Vegas, is going to trust him in an NHL net.

Thus, to borrow a phrase from the great Ken Campbell of The Hockey News, the time is nye to place Brossoit on waivers.

At the absolute worst, a team steps up and places a claim and the Golden Knights lose him from the organization. At the moment, that doesn’t seem terrible because they have Thompson and Hill, but in the event of an injury or if one or the other’s play takes a turn for the worse, it won’t look so good that they gave away a legitimate NHL goalie for nothing because they were in a roster crunch.

But, if Brossoit clears, which seems more likely today than it did before he flashed a .769 save percentage in a pair of AHL games, the Golden Knights are suddenly in the driver’s seat.

Brossoit could continue playing AHL games behind a defense that appears likely to test his skills. If he does well, he will return to being seen as a viable option for the Golden Knights with more options as to how they can do it. Having cleared waivers, Brossoit would be able to return to the team on spot duty for up to 10 games without being subject to waivers again. Even if they remain up against the roster limit as they are now, Vegas could use Thompson’s waiver-exempt status each of the 10 games Brossoit would play.

Even if Brossoit doesn’t return to form, having him in the AHL is cost-effective for the Golden Knights. After clearing waivers, the Golden Knights would get about $1 million of salary cap relief from Brossoit’s contract, meaning he would cost $1.25 million against the NHL salary cap. Of course, that’s not ideal, but it’s much easier to manage than the $2.325 million he’s worthwhile on the NHL roster.

Plus, trading him would become easier. In his current state (before clearling waivers), any team acquiring Brossoit would be forced to keep him on their NHL roster and have the full $2.325 million count against their cap. Once he clears, every other team would receive the same $1 million savings and they’d be able to stash him away on their AHL roster as well.

The Golden Knights put themselves in this situation when they made the decision to acquire Adin Hill over the summer. They knew they were going to be pushed up against the cap and understood they didn’t have the roster flexibility with waiver-exempt players they’ve had in the past. The best case for the Golden Knights is for Brossoit to return from his injury and become the player he’s been in the past, which could potentially be the best goalie on the roster.

That hasn’t happened yet. And because it hasn’t, it has offered Vegas a golden opportunity. Let’s see if they take it.




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  1. Knights fan in minnie

    No one cares about minor league hockey

    • knights fan in minny

      the fake piece of shit is back where have you been in jail loser

      • MikeLangeLV

        Brossoit was never put on the LTIR, just the regular old boring IR, so his cap hit never came off the books for Vegas. So waiving him would gain us the ~$1.25mil in cap space if he clears waivers, or if he is claimed or traded, we would gain back his entire $2.35mil cap hit.

    • knights fan in minny

      no one cares about you or your stupid posts you fake ass poster crawl back under your rock boy

  2. THE hockey GOD

    i’d waive EF Hutton, no one will
    pick him up.

  3. knights fan in minny

    a blow to the oilers kane out 3-4 months

    • RCR

      Which led Janmark to being recalled by EDM. I have not necessarily been a FO fan but when you look at where Janmark, Dadonov and Patches are this year, it is like he was McCrystalball.

  4. RCR

    “. . . . it won’t look so good that they gave away a legitimate NHL goalie for nothing because they were in a roster crunch.” They would be giving away someone who was formerly a legitimate NHL backup who has not shown anything in the limited time in Henderson that he is presently an NHL goalie. Hill got lit up by the Sharks in the preseason, so it is fair to say that the sample size is too small to decide on LB at this time. However it might also be legitimate to determine that LB rushed back too quickly and that perhaps back to LTIR is required because he is doing no one (especially himself) any favors at the moment in Henderson.

  5. Jim

    Brossoit should be put on waivers. who cares if someone takes him. good riddance to last season’s no-playoffs bad memories.

    hell, he is not even a good AHL goalie at this point in his rehab.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    is it just me or does Austin MAthews sport a 1970s gay porno star look with that out of date mustache ?

  7. JV

    Since I’m not a capologist, can someone explain how VGK has the cap space to activate Brossiot? They have zero LTIR overage left. Amyway, it didn’t cost anything to get him, so if he gets claimed, not a big loss. A bottom feeder like AZ could grab him just for the hell of it.
    Didn’t Leschyshn( isn’t easier to call him Scissors?) clear waivers earlier as well? I know he hasn’t played 10 games yet. I’d rather waive Amadio if it comes down to it. He’s been terrible. Give Cotter another shot.

    • THE hockey GOD

      croussant is the issue, he can’t stay in AHL unless he clear waivers after his conditioning time is up. VGK will need to either do one of three options that Ken listed above.

      Edward Scissorhands as far as I know, never was put on waivers, neither was Cotter. Rondberg was the one of those three trying to make the team, that was put on waives. He cleared. Amadio hasn’t been all that terrible, he scored a couple of goals early on. I would put Hutton on waivers before I would put Amadio on waivers. He is decent player against lower level teams, while Hutton seems to be terrible against all levels of teams. I am not too keen on putting Crossiant on waivers at this point. On other hand, their is a log jam at the goalie position in the organization right now (I am not a big fan of carrying three goalies on the roster) , if they can trade him for a trade pick that is what I would hope for. So put me in camp for option no. 2 MAKE A TRADE, for a draft pick.

    • MikeLangeLV

      I tried to reply to your comment, but it put it up top below the Minnie/Minny battle. Scroll up a bit and I laid out Brossoit’s cap situation.

      • knights fan in minny

        good info they could use the cap space

      • JV

        But the LTIR Conditioning Loan, which is what Bros is currently on, is just for players who are “on the Bona Fide Long-Term Injury/Illness Exception” aka LTIR. So if Brossiot wasn’t on LTIR, he would not be eligible for LTIR Conditioning loan, just the standard Conditioning Loan, which is 14 days.

        • JV

          And Cap Friendly has him under LTIR with LTI Conditioning loan. CF isn’t perfect, but they are pretty reliable.

          • JV

            OK, now he is listed as regular IR. I guess they had the cap space.

  8. goalie trade

    Thompson NHL 7-2 , 2.12 Gaa, .930 save% , cap hit =$766k

    Hill NHL 5-0 , 2.17 Gaa, .925 save, cap hit= $2.175m

    Brossoit (AHL ) 0-2 , 6.76 Gaa , .769 save , cap hit= $2.325

    Pretty easy choice. Goodbye LB

    • At least someone understands math and ROI.

    • At least someone understands math and ROI. If it’s not broken don’t mess with it no more drama is necessary at this time. The only move that makes senses getting something in return is the one they need to pursue otherwise roll the dice on waivers and see what happens.

    • Josh D.

      Well put GoalieTrade, easy decision!! Bye bye to LB. We are just fine with Thompson and Hill.

  9. Tim

    Logan Thompson going down is not an option. If you look at our next 10 game all are more then winnable. If we play the way we have we can put everyone in the Pacific in our rear view mirror.

    • Blitz

      If they send Logan down it will be a paper transaction strictly to bring someone up for one night, like letting LB play for one game (should they have a reason to). It would most likely be a night he wouldn’t play anyway. It’s just a tool, not a smack to him. Granted the whole thing is dumb at this point. LB just needs to be gone as there is not a need at goalie and it is a distraction. Waive him or give him away or both. Whatever ends up least taxing on our cap or prospect pool.

  10. Gail Sherman

    Trade LB and try to get something for him and open up cap space. If you can’t tade LB then waive him. Leave the 2 goalie alone don’t break up a good thing.

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