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Sifting Through The COVID Protocols As They Relate To VGK’s Current Situation

On Tuesday night the Golden Knights played a game at T-Mobile Arena without their entire coaching staff. After the game, Kelly McCrimmon confirmed that one member of the coaching staff had tested positive and the rest were isolating out of an abundance of caution.

Now, tonight’s game has been canceled with the league releasing the information that a player and another coach have entered the NHL’s COVID Protocols.

Many of the specifics remain unknown, but the protocols are clearly spelled out and can help us sort through what has already happened and what’s next for the Golden Knights.

How often are the players and coaches tested?

All players, coaches, trainers, equipment managers, and physicians are part of “Group 1.” Daily testing of all Group 1 individuals has been in effect since the beginning of Training Camp and through the first four weeks of the season.

What does it mean to enter the NHL’s COVID Protocols?

A player or coach can enter the protocols in a number of different ways. A positive test instantly places the person in the protocols. However, anyone exuding symptoms or anyone who has had close contact with someone that has tested positive are also entered into the protocols. Entering into the protocols does NOT mean a person is confirmed to have COVID-19.

What happens when someone tests positive?

If an initial test returns as positive, that person is immediately removed from the facility and is directed to isolate. Contact tracing is begun to identify others who could have been exposed. Then, a “second run” re-test is done on the positive sample, also the person is tested again 24 hours and 48 hours after the positive test. If any of those tests are positive, the person is confirmed as positive for COVID-19 and must isolate for at least 10 days. If all follow-up tests are negative, the person may return to the team.

What is considered close contact under contact tracing protocols?

A person is considered to be in close contact if they have been within 6 feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes over a 24 hour period starting from 2 days before the positive test or symptoms.

What if a player or coach has already had COVID-19?

There is no “immunity passport” that will exempt anyone who has had COVID-19 from any of the safety measures set out by the league.

Is a player placed on injured reserve (IR) when they enter the protocols?

According to the NHL’s Transition Rules, if a player tests positive they are able to be placed on long-term injured reserve (LTIR). This rules the player out for 10 games AND 24 days from the date of the positive test. If the team does not want to lose a player for 24 days, they can request the player be given a “non-roster” designation and he will not be counted against the 23-man roster.

What is the standard for a game to be postponed?

The league is purposely vague on the exact standard of how many players, coaches, or members of an organization must be placed in the protocols to postpone a game. However, the protocol states that if a situation “would likely create or exacerbate a material risk to players’ or others’ health and safety or jeopardize the integrity of the competition” the Commissioner may decide to delay, move, or cancel any game.

What’s the point of the taxi squad if not to step in for situations like the Golden Knights are experiencing today?

The purpose of the taxi squad is to have players available in the instance that multiple players are entered into the protocols and the league/teams believe no one else is at risk. If multiple players are forced to be away from the team for 10+ days, but the games are deemed safe to continue, the taxi squad was designed to have players step it.

If you have any other questions relating to the NHL’s COVID Protocols that you would like to see answered, please post them in the comments and we will update this article with answers.




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  1. Mike StG

    Ken, great job helping fans understand how the Covid protocols work. Right on top of things as usual. Thank you.

  2. Michael Bolino

    When you look at the Capitals’ situation, it appears the NHL is taking the same stance the NFL took with the Broncos (when they were down to no QB’s) in that they seem to “punish” teams for breaking Covid procedures by forcing their schedule to continue with players lost. Is it safe to say that because of the cancellation that the VGK are in compliance with all league guidelines?

  3. Douglas MacLeod

    Thanks Ken. Solid information on hockey related topics is one of the reason I keep reading!

  4. Daryl

    Are any of the teams using the taxi squad as it was intended? Seems teams are using it just to have extra players availabke and for practice/training purposes

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes, wings used it sunday and they got killed by Black Hawks. Not a good situation because well they got killed. Three or four Wings were out. Didn’t make for a good show at all.

      • Daryl

        Well, it’s only one game…. it’s not different than a team losing b/c their goalie had a horrible game. Shit happens. But thanks for the info!

  5. THE hockey GOD

    ty Ken,

    and ty CHICOM (chinese commie) Wuhan Bat (lab and place where it originated) Virus /plague bioweapon originated (I am being sarcastic about that “thank you part) , rat ; astard chicoms started this mess !! THAt is fact.

    • Douglas MacLeod

      And allowing posts with crap like this will get me to stop following.

      • THE hockey GOD

        facts are not crap, Douglas, you have a problem with FREE SpEECH, you have a problem with constitution ? You don’t like my posts, don’t read them. Take your attempt at censorship elsewhere. I suppose you support big tech censorship and violation of first amendment rights ??

        • Douglas MacLeod

          Not sure your rant contained facts! Interested in posts related to the game not your political position. Feel free to express your views perhaps in a more intelligent manner on another platform. But like in many forums if posts like yours take over the content , they become irrelevant and unless the owners of the site are aware of losing readers, they cannot make any changes and are left to wonder where readers went.
          So like you feel you are free to rant about something irrelevant to the topic at hand, I am free to take my eyes elsewhere.
          I also find it interesting you choose to make your comments anonymously by using a handle vs your own name.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Go target someone else with your hate speech, I am not going anywhere. Anyone with a brain knows that the chicom virus started in WUHAN CHINA. That is not irrelevant. Where do you think this NHL protocol initiated in first place ?? The Spanish flu of 1917? WAKE UP, get your head out of the sand. My “political position” was never discussed in above post, it is a fact, not based upon “politics”. Try to get it right next time.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Go target someone else with your hate speech, I am not going anywhere. Anyone with a brain knows that the chicom virus started in WUHAN CHINA. You say “That is not irrelevant”, ?You are kidding me!! The is certainly RELEVANT !!!! Where do you think this NHL protocol initiated in first place ?? The Spanish flu of 1917? WAKE UP, get your head out of the sand. My “political position” was never discussed in above post, it is a fact, not based upon “politics”. Try to get it right next time.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “I also find it interesting you choose to make your comments anonymously by using a handle vs your own name.” but I am the hockey GOD, and you are new to public forums right ? You must be kidding me. You liberals dox people all the time, you want to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with you, and more.

            Take your BS elsewhere, it won’t fly here. You have been outed for the neofascist , anti American , anti free speecher, anti constitution that you are. Your ilk is all the same.

            PS”oh i am not a liberal”, your posts and whining say that you are. Save your breath with that come back.

        • jason mason

          Honestly Dude, you complain about someone else spewing hate speech? I used to live in Wuhan, and still have many friends there that deal with harsher things in their life than you can imagine. And yet somehow they have enough compassion to send me masks and offer a safe place to stay when they read how completely unhinged some people in this country have become.

          With much freedom comes much responsibility. Unfortunately too much freedom with absolutely no responsibility or accountability seems to be the rule here in the greatest country in the world.

          STFU and talk about how little you know about hockey, because you know even less about the real world.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Jason, go attack someone else. America is greatest country on earth. Only a moron would defend chicom commmies. You like it so much, go back there and live. Look at all there human rights violations. Check out amnesty international human rights record.

            loser poster.
            I didn’t attack you, yet you attack me and stick up for CHICOMs? You are sick

          • Daryl

            Just curious, but if you live in the US why would they send you masks when we have an abundance of then here? Many stores will even give you a mask at the front entrance of your need one

      • The Noodle King

        And we’ll all get to read the babbling leaning left Trump won Bigly Yuuuge rambling rant in 3…..2…..1……

        Ken—-so the McNabb on IR could be Rona related then?

        • Yes, the McNabb IR could be COVID but it’s not guaranteed.

        • THE hockey GOD

          trump did win, I recently returned from cross country trip and spoke to about 100 people on both sides of aisle. 86 of them said that the election was rigged. Now polls show that 90% of republican party showed that they believe the election was stolen. Even here in Nevada we had the Clark County Election official Joe Gloria (who hid from a court order summons) rigging the system by changing the signature verification to lower than recommended manufactured settings , and not re calibrate the machine. Virtually zero ballots were rejected. That was one of many election violations found including dead people voting, people from out of state voting, etc etc. All verified by third party investigation of public records. BTW I hope that McNabb gets better soon. This could get a lot worse than it gets better. We are looking at two weeks ?? We are looking a potentially season changing event. That is really story here. That elephant in room that no one is talking about. This could be a really , really big deal for a franchise with hardly any depth at all. That is big, and we have posters here complaining about what other people post because they want to censure them and they themselves can’t handle the truth !!

  6. Mark

    I’m sick of this heavy handed approach. Test all players, coaches and staff, then proceed with the game. Does anyone really think that if Alex Tuch gets this he’s gonna die? Maybe a runny nose at best. These are young and some of the fittest people in the world, their not at risk. The hack media wants everyone to think you will die if you get this. I know people who got this in their 70’s and showed no symptoms. I got chicken pox at 16 and it kicked my ass, most of us have had this, remember??? Comparing Covid to Chicken Pox is like comparing Rosie O’Donnell to A Playboy Playmate. Unless your extremely obese, fighting 4th stage cancer, breathing with supplemental oxygen or a severe case of diabetes, your not at risk. Ask the parents of the 18 teenagers who killed themselves about all this bullshit lockdowns, this heavy handed approach. The NHL needs to step up, act like grown men. Otherwise, we all are going to eventually be living in the gutter, fighting each other for table scraps while Sisolak and the other Marxists laughing at us, thinking to himself what suckers we all are. I’m not a sucker, neither are most of us. Are we not tired of being kicked around by a bunch of hack, leftists hypocrites ???

    • THE hockey GOD

      wow rant of day , Mark, where do you come up with this stuff ! Now I am traumatized by that Rosie O Donnell comment, I won’t be able to sleep at night ! / Florida and Texas are laughing at us. Their rinks are open, with measures. They don’t know how this stuff spreads, nothing stops it. Maybe we should just put the people most prone to this virus in camps, like the CHICOMS did ? Or maybe we shut down the whole nation for 14 days under martial law ?? Or maybe we all just move to Texas and Florida and get back to normal life and away from these marxist, leftist idiots. Or maybe we do a recall like CA is doing ??

    • Mike StG

      What a ridiculous assertion of false “facts” and asinine claims. If for no other reason, what about NOT putting health care workers, physicians and first responders at further risk – thousands who have died as a result of the uncontrolled spread of a pandemic fueled in the US by people who don’t care about others. That Christian “love thy neighbor as thyself” ethic is so heartwarming to see in practice! Right on, my brother!!

      • Daryl

        BUT…. if those others are wearing masks and washing their hands, especially when they aren’t even near a player/coach, then exactly how are they putting their lives at risk? They can always opt out of working and stay home… sure they won’t get paid, but it’s not like they are getting paid when games are cancelled.

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, this is my last post but you’ve always seemed honest and opinionated (a good thing) . So I’ll offer my thoughts on your questions. Players play without masks and can easily spread to other players on their own and opposing teams. Players go home to their families where they don’t wear masks, and may get together with other family and friends not living in their household. They also have incidental but less risky exposure when wearing masks in the community. Players accept that risk to themselves and their families, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of transmission. Ignoring efforts to mitigate virus transmission only increases positive tests, followed by increased hospitalizations and finally deaths. Medical professionals accept the very high risk associated with treating Covid patients. What if they decided not to go to work because of the risk? They won’t do that because they care about people and saving lives. In fact they’re working long shifts for months on end, putting themselves at even greater risk. And they grieve at the deaths of so many in their care. How loving or neighborly is it to increase the risk to their lives or multiply their grief by refusing to cooperate with efforts to mitigate the spread? We’re supposed to be a Christian country. Jesus said “love one another as I have loved you. By this all will know you are my disciples, if you love one another”. Why can’t all of us as a society show that kind of love for our Christian brothers, and neighbors? Instead of saying ‘I don’t need to wear a mask. If you’re scared then stay home and don’t go to work.’ It’s not about us, it’s about and for the benefit of others. Be well.

          • Daryl

            Mike STG…. I won’t get in this back and forth you have with THG but I did want to comment on some things you said. I work in law enforcement, my partner’s wife works at the hospital and I have family who work in the hospital.

            The death rates are skewed upward and there are many claims that support that. There are people from CDC and political “doctors” who say that isn’t true but I tend to believe the people who are actually on site. Hospitals DO get money for COVID and I have seen first hand people who have died where they later said COVID was a cause ONLY b/c he was positive. I’ve heard several times from people at the hospital who have stated the same. If a person dies while being positive, COVID is almost always listed.

            One of the reason the US does have the highest rate of positive cases is because of the testing. I understand we have more people in the hospital b/c of COVID but a majority of those people are elderly or have other significant health issues. The US has given more tests than several other countries combined. I had COVID myself but almost no effects from it, which surprised me since I have asthma. I thought it was just a cold and didn’t even get tested right away. When giving blood I also showed that I had antibodies associated with COVID.

            As for OAN…. they are no different than FoxNews which is no different than CNN. I very rarely have anything to do with OAN but I have watched snippets from both Fox and CNN. I honestly don’t see the difference between the two.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Mike your post is one full of false flags, thousands of people in WHOLE WORLD have died, not just USA. So I suppose by your logic the whole world, including your leftist marxist buddies in new world order scheme of leadership “don’t care about others’ either? This is far beyond your false flag assertion about “people who don’t care about others”, this is pandemic in which there is no cure. We had a vaccine in RECORD TIME. I suppose those people who didn’t care produced that? We had ventilators manufactured in record time, I suppose people involved with that didn’t care? We had a depleted store of health care safety products, like masks produced in millions. I suppose those were initiated by people that don’t care? I will tell you about “people that don’t care” and I see them in my travels. Those are the ones who don’t wear masks (been to CA recently? ) and people who don’t practice social distancing. Or people who wear masks like chin diapers. Those are people “who don’t care”. Bless you “my son”, I care. Be well. Get the shot, and get repeat shot. Be well.

        • Mike StG

          GOD – as I said before I’m neither a liberal nor a Commie. Ever hear of the Lincoln Project? Maybe you should wean yourself off Newsmax & OAN. Even Fox News acknowledges the deaths of millions worldwide, and over 400,000 Americans. I didn’t think you were such a complete dumb shit, but I can admit I was wrong about that.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Mike . your spin out won’t work with me !! N o where in my post did I imply you were a liberal or a commie. DO NOT PUT WORDS IN MY POST THAT ARE NOT THERE and you fall off the path again by not reporting hockey related issues, like I DID ! The only reason that deaths in USA are skewed (and admitted by CDC as such) is that in USA and not in other countries HOSPITALS GET PAID FOR CHICOM BAT VIRUS cases, even though they are not main cause of death !! I didn’t think you were a complete dumbshit to realize why USA has higher death count and other nations did not? USA also has the highest rate of detection, the highest rate of recovery, the largest number of tested. But in your mind you are blinded to all real facts , why do think that is the case?? (it’s not me, it’s you?? George Costanza ??) Also, other nations like China are not reporting true numbers. Not from NEWSMAX either. You comment about weaning form NEWSMAX and OAN exposes your lie about not being a liberal. BUSTED AGAIN !! You can’t keep your own lies straight when posting on internet. Who is dumb shit now ?

          • Mike StG

            GOD – saw your post (below\/) and I just needed to respond on my way out the door of this nuthouse:
            1) In other posts on recent SinBin articles you called me Libturd and Comrade. Same as liberal and commie.
            2) it’s hilarious that you quote the CDC and then misconstrue their comment. You suggest they said the numbers are skewed high. In fact they said the reported deaths are less than actual – so they’re skewed low.
            3) your claim that deaths are inflated is ridiculous and a result of ass backward reasoning. They’re not higher than other countries because the reporting is wrong, there are more deaths because Americans have not implemented measures to mitigate spread (masks, social distancing).
            4) the true measure of virus spread is not testing (although the US may be 1st in number of total tests performed it is the positivity rate that is significant). The proof of that is that higher positivity results in more hospitalizations which skyrocketed into a 3rd wave a couple weeks after Thanksgiving and then Xmas. The increased hospitalizations have resulted in over 4,000 deaths daily in the US.
            5) Newsmax and OAN are merely propaganda channels. FoxNews lost so many viewers they tried to emulate them, but they couldn’t stomach continuing down that rathole and started to report actual news again, which is why Trump shit all over FoxNews at the end.
            6) Being conservative doesn’t mean believing conspiracy theories and QAnon whacked out claims. Try Googling and “The Lincoln Project”, started and supported by Republicans and true conservatives who saw the corrupt and narcissistic Trump as a great threat to the GOP. Many, many Republicans and conservative leaning Independents broke from supporting Trump and his innumerable lies. Those who remained Trump believers (including those who attacked the Capitol) are merely a bunch of cult followers and include white nationalists, overt racists, and other gullible guppies who believe all the propaganda.
            7) If you are GOD then the universe is in a shitload of trouble!
            8) In answer to your last question: You are still the dumb shit.

            Later, alligator!

      • Daryl

        As I said before…. COVID is real and an issue, but is it really as bad as some try to make it out to be? Thousands and thousand of bikers showed up at Sturgis and less than a handful came back with COVID. The father of my martial arts instructor died a couple days ago and they said it was COVID related even though he had COVID almost 2 months ago and was cleared of it. These numbers are so exaggerated it’s really sad. Just look at how many have died in the US b/c of the flu this year… like only 4. All the others they say have died from COVID. WHY is that??? It’s b/c hospitals get federal funds for these COVID deaths. Locally we had an inmate who was sent to the hospital b/c of COVID. The COVID floor was half full yet the hospital reports that they are at their max with rooms for COVID patients. My brother’s wife is a nurse in Birmingham and she says the same thing….. they claim all the beds are full but really only about half of them are

  7. Mike StG

    Wow, I love all the hockey related posts. Same old crap. Problem is, you have to read or at least scan through them and then all the horseshit is not unseeable. You have the right of free speech but this is a private site. Maybe you can at least have a TINY bit of RESPECT for others, who would like to enjoy this website without having to endure constant barrages of political crap. I seriously doubt that you have any respect for others, but I’ll at least appeal to your sense of decency in this matter. Not holding my breath…

    • THE hockey GOD

      this is not a private site, anyone can view it and there is nothing private about it. Seems to me if you don’t like someone post because of their history, don’t read it !!

      • Mike StG

        Duh. It IS a privately owned site. The site owner can ban posts it deems unacceptable (example – Twitter ban on Trump). The 1st amendment applies to free speech in public without restraint by the government. Missed civics, eh?

        • THE hockey GOD

          no MIke this site and twitter are apples and oranges. Twitter you have to apply and get verified and get approved and provide a lot of information. One way this site can ban anything is to not allow comments on some article in first place (like they do on some publications). take care buddy. If someone was violating the law by making threats or doing something illegal than they can certainly take some sort of action. But that is not case here with posts being made.

        • Daryl

          And you are correct…. but it’s still censorship. Just like the NFL can ban players from taking a knee during the NA or prevent them from making comments while on the football field. It’s sad when papers, organizations, or people start banning others simply because they don’t agree with their viewpoint.

          It’s really sad if you look at all the Trump supporters who have been banned and censored. Look at Mike Schmidt for being dropped from his insurance. Or Ellen being dropped from LGTBHD (whatever the hell that acronym is now) all b/c she thinks men playing in women’s sports, which Biden has enacted, will destroy the sport.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Maybe you can at least have a TINY bit of RESPECT for others,” says the poster who initiates insults by calling other poster DUMB SHITS. GET LOST you hypocrite !!

  8. Pistol Pete

    Pretty sure Fleury plays the next game no matter how far out it is.

    P. S. Robin, weather the insults. You are man enough to live up to them.

    • Mike StG

      Pete – Agree. The disrespectful name calling (walrus, etc) is not representative of most fans. Just a few low class so-called “fans” who probably would do the same to Jesus if he didn’t perform a miracle like they wanted.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Walrus is a badge of honor for a goalie, not name calling !! And is more indicative of their play style in a game just like seal or flounder or flopper.

        • Daryl

          Did he get that name because he flops around like a walrus? I’m honestly asking b/c he had that name before he came to Vegas and one of his biggest criticisms is his inability to move once he goes down. I’m been a MAF fan since his start at the Pens and have no idea where “Flower” came from

          BTW, while I am not a fan of Lehner, I’ve also never called him a name

      • Pistol Pete

        Mike , I agree. Thanks.

        I think Lehner can stay on track. As I mentioned Fleury gave up 5 goals in last season’s 6-5 OT win against the Blues including 4 to Sanford! Some of them
        may have been “soft”. Management saw Lehner’s strengths and signed him. Having noted this, Fleury could end up the playoffs starter should we get that far.

  9. Vic

    Daryl, Flower is Fleur in French.

    • Daryl

      Makes sense…. not sure how I couldn’t have put that together, guess I never really thought or cared lol.

      Thanks though

  10. Mike StG

    Ken – as much as I love reading your daily posts and engaging other fans in VGK talk I think I’ll have to cut back and maybe just read the articles, watch Periscopes and listen to your podcasts. Part of the enjoyment of being a fan is having conversations with other fans about the team and players, and the Comments section of your daily posts provides that opportunity. Unfortunately many of the comments have become increasingly negative, hypercritical and disrespectful, both to other fans and the team. This really surprises me, as one would think a team that has had so much success from Day One would be something the community would be happy about. Maybe that’s one reason other fan bases have such contempt for Vegas fans, since we didn’t have to suffer through a decade of cellar dwelling seasons and we sound like a bunch of entitled whiners. On top of that, we now get to “enjoy” a constant barrage of conspiracy theories and political propaganda by commenters who believe your site to be their personal free speech platform. These ideas and their zealous followers have already nearly overthrown the US government (per Liz Cheney, the #3 GOP leader in the House), and now they’re spreading their bullshit everywhere. Apparently Twitter, Parler and Facebook aren’t enough to satisfy their hunger to be heard. This destroys all the joy and entertainment value of the excellent fan site you have worked so hard to build. It would be nice if somehow, some day constructive dialogue in support of our team could be the norm again. Best wishes, and keep up the good work!

    • Doug MacLeod

      Well said, may join you.

    • Daryl

      While I agree with a lot of what you said, it isn’t one sided by any means. I’m ok with a comment here or there about politics simply b/c it does play a major role in sports, but it does go overboard on here at times. The problem with talking politics is people can’t seem to have an ADULT conversation about it. There is a lot on both sides that I do not agree with in the slightest but at the same time they have a right to their opinions… the name calling and such should not be allowed.

  11. Vic

    Potential problem with the Covid testing once you are positive….many times a person recovers from symptoms, is no longer contagious but can test positive for weeks and months. Believe me, I know. Magically since the election, cases/deaths/hospitalizations are falling in general. Perhaps there will be increasing negative cases, and people passing away from many other causes will no longer be counted as Covid deaths. Hockey, schools and businesses please come back.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you got that right VIC, got the shot and they told us we can still be carriers, and to still wear mask. And now there are mutations, that vaccine may not handle. Still we are told to wear masks. This think is not over by a long shot. I wonder how these NHl owners will survive and continue to meet payroll. Some teams are on the brink. TY CHICOMs .

      • Daryl

        Don’t forget the same POTUS who banned people from China from coming into the US and being called a racist for doing so

    • Pistol Pete

      The problem with conspiracy theories, in this instance the over reporting of Covid deaths or the misrepresenting of cases for the additional Medicare funding, is that when illegal activities take place in large organizations, in this example large hospitals, eventually whistleblowers emerge to spill the beans. I have read a number of Inspector General reports that cover FBI activities for example, and nowhere is it more the case that internal conspiratorial activities, like within the FBI, are ultimately ratted out and the conspiracy is exposed. In a dictatorship people don’t spill the beans for fear of their life, but thankfully our democracy enables whistleblowers and other exercise of free speech.

      I was really going to keep my posts to hockey however we live in a challenging time and I am willing to try to engage some civil discourse and see if it enlightens anyone including yours truly.

      I am definitely not a conservative but I am always willing the listen to reason and ideas on how we can improve government and the living conditions of our people.

      • Daryl

        Sorry, but I disagree… and there are several reported cases where factcheck has been wrong. I disagree because I know for a fact, having seen it with my own eyes, that some deaths are being accredited to COVID simply because a subject had the virus when he died. Do you honestly believe anyone would be honest about the cause of death knowing that if an investigation were to take place they would get in a lot of trouble? They (MEs) aren’t going to come out and say yes we label deaths as COVID so we can get more money. It’s like asking someone if they illegally voted knowing they can get in trouble for doing so (my neighbor voted 3 times in Obama’s last election). Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe there is voter fraud and a lot of it, I just don’t believe it would change the outcome of the elections. Back to topic at hand… as I said somewhere else on here or another article, I know several people who work in the health field and they have said this does happen. A father of an instructor of mine died a couple days ago and his death was attributed to COVID even though he had it almost two months ago. They said he got sick b/c of it therefore it was being listed as a COVID death (he was negative at the time of his death).

        When it comes to COVID, I don’t believe anything the political medical field has to say

        • Pistol Pete

          I am sure there are some cases of COVID death fraud, and I get your point that the situation may not spawn whistleblowers as
          readily as some cases, but it’s a matter of scale. Beyond a doubt the U.S. has had a higher death rate than many other developed countries and for a variety of reasons, one being that we made mask wearing and the pandemic in general political and it did not help having a POTUS who deliberately played it down (his words) and did not require his own WH to practice countermeasures. Anyways, back to our VGK COVID situation….at least they appear to be practicing the protocols.

          • Daryl

            I completely agree with you…. but also we have more freedoms here in the US. I know my Governor (NC) wanted to require everyone to wear a mask in public which he can’t legally do. We also have HIPPA laws which prohibits business from asking persons to wear a mask or ask why they aren’t wearing one. Since we have more freedoms than other places it makes it a lot harder to enforce laws/rules that other countries can.

            But I am happy to see VGK is doing the right thing. I still don’t quite understand the Taxi squad since I thought that is what they are for… we only had one test positive so shouldn’t he sit out and we bring someone from taxi squad up???

          • THE hockey GOD

            “it did not help having a POTUS who deliberately played it down ” you mean the same POTUS who fast tracked vaccine that would normally take five or more years (and big farma who had it ready PRIOR to election but refused to report it because they have they hands in pockets of their liberal donars purposely hurting his re election chances). You mean that POTUS?? OR do you mean the one that delivered two massive military hospital ships in record time to NY and LA ? or do you mean the POTUS who re stocked safety and PPE equipment from a prior adm. that left nothing in record time ? Or do you mean the POTUS that produced record speed ventilators? Or do you mean the POTUS who used the defense national production act to get things done faster over a dozen times? You libturd liars can’t have it both ways, and when you use fake organizations like “factcheck” (which is wrong A LOT, more like unfact check). Then you will be called to the mat every time. So take your lies elsewhere they won’t fly in face of reason and historical events. BTW does anyone else find it odd that Biden is using the same measures that trump team put in effect over past year? No new ideas there.

  12. Vic

    Mike STG…..Free speech is a killer isn’t it. Read The Gulag Archipelgo by Solzhenitsyn if you want to know where censorship leads the lambs to. Your side can never win a fair battle, so you need to pull the plug on the opposition.

    • Douglas MacLeod

      Has nothing to do with free speech! It is about hijacking a hockey site to talk about totally unrelated topics which I have no interest in discussing. If I was interested, I would find a forum for that purpose.

      • Mike StG

        ^^^^^ That. ^^^^^

      • THE hockey GOD

        sorry ,, but wrong, has ALL to do with free speech, and fact that some people here can’t handle the truth and like to whine about it all the time. Grow up.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Mike STG…..Free speech is a killer isn’t it. Read The Gulag Archipelgo by Solzhenitsyn if you want to know where censorship leads the lambs to. Your side can never win a fair battle, so you need to pull the plug on the opposition.” Read it in high school , should be mandatory reading- but not in today’s public education environment controlled by the far left teachers union who are completely over board in their sick and twisted agenda (gender bending, girls/boys sports/ bath rooms?? and not even touching the diversity thing– there I mentioned sports to keep the whiners happy) . I honestly believe, without insulting posters here, but it is probably well above their pay grade because they have been indoctrinated and far far far well beyond redemption and would probably think it’s some “right wing” conspiracy crap (their words, not mine). OH boy the times have changed. Where have all the real patriots gone? Welcome to AMERiKA comrades the take over by the neonutzi’s have begun, we must silence everyone who does not conform, and we must re-wire those who we think are too radical (their words , not mine). IT’s happening folks.

      And the Chicom- Wuhan Bat virus triggered all of this, believe it or not.

      Yearning for life pre bat days.

  13. Mikegron32

    Wow this escalated quickly… if I could digress back to the subject for a second I was thinking about how bad this also sucks for the Blues. They just spent 2 nights locked in their hotel rooms in Vegas only to fly home today. I think this is a problem with the series scheduling format. It seems to me most of these teams could fly to the city the day of the game, play the game, and fly back home. No hotels, no worrying if the players are staying locked up. The team is together the whole time
    And I still don’t understand the point of having a taxi squad if it doesn’t apply in situations such as this??
    Thanks for always keeping us informed Ken

    • And not to mention the fact that they were forced to play a game where at least one player probably had COVID. Not a great situation at all.

  14. Vic

    Douglas…sometimes the paths do cross. The VGK used the first responders and military in year one to help build a brand. Then, two VGK players publicly made a supposed political statement by kneeling. Many VGK fans stopped spending money on $300 sweaters and bumper stickers and stopping watching. When there is a flame up of something you don’t like, just go to another site. These flame ups die down, and then we can back to the real stuff. Don’t keep pulling the plug out when you aren’t happy. Half of us feel one way and half of us the other, and we need two wings to fly the plane. If Ken decides to ban free speech….he’s the boss, and some people will move on and some won’t.

  15. Tim

    My biggest gripe with the site is this. It’s a given none of us know each other so I hear comments you never played sports, you don’t know what your talking about, etc. How do they know do they have a crystal ball or are they clairvoyant or are they just talking shit. Then the flip side of that are the I guys you know who they are. I did this and I played here, and I’ve done this and that. Never believe an I guy usually they haven’t done anything. I see it at the VA all the time the quite guys have been there the ones shooting off there mouths want you to think they’ve been there but in reality they haven’t. The bottom line is whether you agree with Ken or not state your opinion and if your view is different then another poster state your opinion but keep it civil. Nothing bothers me more when someone doesn’t get there facts straight and I find myself calling them out. I probably shouldn’t but some posts are beyond bizarre and I can’t help myself.

  16. Jason


  17. THE hockey GOD

    To Mike (who repeatedly says this is last post , but leaves five more posts after last post)
    GOD – saw your post (below\/) and I just needed to respond on my way out the door of this nuthouse>>>>> GOOD we can all do without your snowflake whining:
    1) In other posts on recent SinBin articles you called me Libturd and Comrade. Same as liberal and commie.>>>no I didn’t . And you are a comrade, that is not an insult that is a FACT JACK, deal with it.
    2) it’s hilarious that you quote the CDC and then misconstrue their comment. You suggest they said the numbers are skewed high. In fact they said the reported deaths are less than actual – so they’re skewed low.>>>no they didn’t they said that the deaths were over stated. Try to get it right next time.
    3) your claim that deaths are inflated is ridiculous and a result of ass backward reasoning. >again a skewed number, take a look at number of flu deaths ?? NONE. Nothing you say here counters any of the facts I originally presented.
    5) Newsmax and OAN are merely propaganda channels. >>says the person who says he isn’t a liberal, wrong. CNN / ABC/ NBC and rest are sycophants of democratic party, try to get it right next time.
    6) Trump believers (including those who attacked the Capitol) are merely a bunch of cult followers and include white nationalists, overt racists, and other gullible guppies who believe all the propaganda.>>baseless rant, antifa infiltrated the rally and everyone knows it.
    7) If you are GOD then the universe is in a shitload of trouble! >says the fake liberal who says they never insulted no one on this board. Hypocrite and good riddance , don’t let the door smack you in your brain washed head Hypocrite that can’t keep your own lies straight !

    • THE hockey GOD

      Mike , the guy who says it’s last post, but leaves five more wrote” 8) In answer to your last question: You are still the dumb sh it”>>>>>my response, the only dumb sh it here is you, Mike your posts prove it. You say you never insult people. But you do, you instigate it all the time. Go take your lies elsewhere, you have been caught more than once with your lies “i am not a liberal” , “virus not from china” other brain washed comments . Good riddance.

  18. Goodbye. I’ve literally been on this site for a few days. Found it and got excited for the opportunity to talk shop with other VGK fans. Thought it would be a refreshing respite from the non-stop political rantings and hatred towards others in the mainstream media. Wow was I ever wrong.

    This site can’t post an article stating that it’s a nice day today without some members jumping on, expressing vitriol towards one group or another, and then waiting for others to comment so they can degrade them as well with claims they are stupid, brainwashed, moronic, etc.

    And yes I realize this, or any other single post will be jumped on and I will be called a panzy, an idiot, and a moron on my way out, i attribute this sadly to the age old principle that unfortunately folks who are not intelligent just can’t understand how unintelligent they are. Therefore they’re armed with extreme confidence in their rantings and are impossible to be reasoned with.

    My posts have already been accused of being stupid and uninformed quite quickly by a certain member. I’d say to the god, you really should check your assumptions. I graduated from Cornell University, undergrad and grad. I loathe when folks talk about this stuff but here I say it only because you assume I’m stupid. Well unless you graduated first in your class from Harvard or Yale, I can pretty much guaranteed you are not smarter than me by any measurable standard. Your posts suggest strongly that you are the least intelligent person here, but yet you think you are the smartest. I was also a division 1 college wrestler on a team that places top 20 nationally. I say this because you suggest that others that whine about your posts are panzies. Well I guarantee that some time ago I would have much preferred to deal with the likes of you in person. It would have not have been a good day for you I can assure you. But there comes a time when a magical thing happens, we grow up, we mature. We prefer at some point to put positive energy into the world and our communities and we don’t want to fight with those around us.

    Many on here have acted like mature adults, and to those I say well done, it’s not easy with one person doing his best to ruin this opportunity to hang out with like minded individuals. For me, and I’m sure for a lot of you, we just have better things to do than read another word of this poisonous vitriol.

    Best regards to all, and best wishes in 2021!

    • Daryl

      No point in leaving this site due to the comments… Come for the interesting and educational articles

      • THE hockey GOD

        his post is a immature, threatening , hate filled rant that should be removed “I would have much preferred to deal with the likes of you in person.”

        That is all you need to know about the mental state of this deranged poster. Daryl

    • THE hockey GOD

      “I’d say to the god”

      And I say to you , hypocrite, your post is not fooling anyone !

      Good riddance liar (JT , or Mike , or who ever you really are). Cornell – the Ivy League socialist ELITIST school that breeds, hate, class division, racial baiting, anti American liberal Marist trash. Say no more- Ivy League trash. You have no real education by your posts here, and no common sense, Nothing more than snow flake whiner. I never attacked you, and yet you feel like you can target people and initiate insults against them first, then run away? NOT SO FAST I SAY ! People respond to your infantile childish, cult like, attacks, you go running away like a thin skinned yellow bellied snake. Typical tactics by your ilk.

      Take your BS whiner post and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. You don’t like posts , don’t read them. I have more fortitude, common sense about life and hockey in one single molecule in me then you have in your entire brain washed body !! r

      The article was about CHICOM Wuhan Virus and Hockey protocols, I guess that is a bit too complicated for you Ivy League big brain head to grasp.

  19. The Noodle King

    Ken—have we hit a new record yet for bullshit comments having nothing to do with hockey…… ??

      • DOC (just hockey, PLEASE)

        Then Ken, what the hell you going to do about it? Why is this hockey dud idiot not banned from here? Do you agree with him? Come on! Clean this place up, PLEASE!

        • THE hockey GOD

          the only idiot here is you DOC, insulting people and want to CLEANSE them like Hitler did during 1930s, take your hate speech elsewhere, you have been outed for what you really are.

    • ditto that

      that is your opinion, and you are certainly entitle to it- Noodle King, that is what AMERICA is all about !!

      love this site, not controlled by neo fascists like twitter CEO who can’t stand free speech and blocks people (same with youtube and facebook) !!

      but when someone does a latent threat, couched in distorted logic such as “I would have much preferred to deal with the likes of you in person.” not mentioning at all what they would do today. That is beyond free speech and BS, that is a direct threat.

      • The Noodle King

        You go, Marjorie. Good DOG !!

        Thanks for the update count, Kenny. I sorta figured it would be a NEW WORLD RECORD for full blown asshatery and MEGA dipshitery.

  20. The Noodle King

    Thanks DOC. Hope you’re doing ok. It’s time WE the REAL VGK FANS take back the comment section on these articles from the whiny bitch DOG’s who need the hollow space between their ears filled up from 1000 yards. I guess backing a LOSER will make a DOG yip and yap more than normal. Fine with me cuz they just gonna keep losing and losing and losing and sniffing each others azzes just like all the bozos sniffing up the Dipshit right now.

    • Daryl

      Have you been drinking??? Just look at how many ppl lost their jobs in just one day. Look at how women’s sports went away in just one day. My taxes will now go to find abortions (don’t care what someone’s take is but my taxes should pay for it). Look at what he did to Indian costs in just one day

      And Doc and “God” are the exact same on this board just from different spectrums of political sides

      • DOC (ha ha)

        The spectrums you’re talking about are REALITY vs insane conspiracy’s.

        • THE hockey GOD

          and you are the insane one DOG DOC, thanks for point that out. You have been revealed as a neonutzi. You are the one wanting to cleanse. Shining your goose stepping boots real nice today ? Ready for some cleansing ? You leader Herr Biden is waiting for you at your next cult meeting.

          You started the insults Doc, I didn’t harass you , you targeted me and I will not stand for it.


          Start your whining now, go crawl to mommie. I don’t like what GOD says. Kick him off the board. Waa waa waa. GOD needs to be cleansed from my life.

          No one is putting a gun to your head to read anyone’s posts.
          Grow up, you act like a two year who needs their diaper changed.

    • THE hockey GOD

      let’s take a further detailed look at noodle brain’s posts on this board (first off I never insulted the self appointed noodle brain “king’, and yet he is all full out in harassment mode- typ. left wing neonutzi tactic.). The last three noodle’s posts on this thread are NOT related to hockey, NOT A SINGLE ONE.
      1- “Thanks Doc…..dipshit right now”. >>>his topic is dipshit not hockey, something close and dear to his heart.
      2-“You go….dipshitery:>>>bingo, he loves it
      3- “Ken…nothing to do with hockey”<<so the noodlekingofdipshitery, posts three times and nothing do with hockey. Hypocrisy abounds in the neonutzi' cult. Exposed again for what you really are. Grow up, whiner.

  21. Tim

    I’ve been reading these posts and to say it’s a little scary would be an understatement. When I was in the service with guys who were unhinged and they were known as Stone F-ing Crazy I see that same pattern with one of the posters today. You don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist Sherlock Holmes to figure out who it is. Man this guy has some issues.

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