Our friends at Puck Daddy wrote yesterday the NHL and Showtime are finalizing a deal to develop an all-access, NHL playoff series. This is great news for NHL fans, or anyone that enjoys close-up, 24/7 style shows. The NHL has had many successful reality shows over the past ten years. Really, who could forget Gabby Boudreau’s potty-mouth, Torts going nuts, or Ilya Bryzgolavs “so-humongous, big” solar system. TV production crews work their magic getting players and coaches to open up. Maybe even more than they’d like, but that’s why these shows are wildly popular.

While Las Vegas gears up for the big announcement, other cities will be cheering on playoff teams, something Southern Nevada hopes to be a part of someday.
However, that’s still a few seasons down the road and the Stanley Cup playoffs are starting now. Watching this new Showtime series will help Las Vegans prepare for local playoff dreams. By watching all-access NHL programs, you catch a glimpse of the pressure coaches and players face during the season. Las Vegas fans will get a chance to see inside locker rooms, where coaches and captains let teammates have it between periods. You may even start humming postgame ritual songs. Getting up close to NHL players is exciting already, adding the postseason will make it insane. This year’s NHL playoff teams are so deep and talented, any profiled squad would be entertaining to watch.

I don’t mean to sound like a pitch man for Showtime or the NHL, but I’m only here to help you folks. SinBin.vegas was formed to get fans informed and excited about the NHL in Las Vegas. That’s why I’m pushing this series. Showtime won’t disappoint I promise. They never disappoint, remember The Franchise with Ozzie Guillen? Showtime did another great job depicting tough games in A Season with Notre Dame. As you follow the NHL playoffs, watch the Showtime series along with it. It’ll make the postseason that much better. Las Vegas puck drop may be a season or two away, but the league is too exciting now to pass up. On a side note, don’t you think Showtime would like to showcase the growing pains of a young franchise someday? Especially when that new franchise is in… Las Vegas? F**k yeah they will.

Okay I’ll calm down now, I’m just pumped for the playoffs. We all know it’s the best postseason of any sport but that’s for another day. Watching this series will prove it. Showtime and most premium channels do a great job producing sports programs, and the new NHL playoff series might be the best yet.

Alright, I’m done. I’ll take off my Showtime polo shirt now.