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Should The Golden Knights Trade For Matthew Tkachuk?


Stop it.


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Creating Lines After Breaking Up The Misfits


  1. Herby

    Absolutely YES!

    We need another 5 Mio+ player that we can than trade away for nothing or a sweetener, like Patches, Flower, Daddy and Tatar. It is in the VGK DNA to go for the shiny piece and than dump it on the market later.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I am missing your point. So Reilly Smith and Eichel are nothing burgers ??

      pass the ketchup, mustard , and relish please. I am gearing up to watching the no. 1 rated comedy show on TV, the J6 fake committee hearings where we are now finding out that watching TV during a protest is a CRIME !! ROFLMAO

      (waiting for the triggered ranters and ragers to reply, can’t handle the truth)

      • Sad Juan Merrill

        Keep politics out of sports when players kneel. Shut up and dribble if LeBron or another Black athlete dares to use his platform to advance a social cause you disagree with. However, on a post about Matthew Tkachuk, you decide to throw an idiotic political take that no one wants to hear onto someone else’s website that you like to pretend is your personal soapbox. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK.

        Since you brought it up though, let me help you understand some basic law and ethics concepts. Watching TV in itself is, of course, not a crime. The crime in question is known as dereliction of duty. Let me try to put this in terms that you might be able to understand, but will of course dismiss anyway; if you are in the hospital with, let’s say polio (since that has been discovered in NY again thanks to the anti-vax movement, which I’m sure you’ll get to in a future post which has nothing to do with politics) and my wife, who is a nurse, doesn’t administer life-saving care and/or medicine because she is instead binge watching the Golden Girls (#TeamBlanche) in another room, should she be exonerated because watching TV isn’t a crime? I’m guessing we actually agree on this and she should and would be. She took an oath. As did that orange guy. As admitted by the political figures you let rot your brain, he was a driving force in his supporters storming the Capitol and he had not only the ability, but a responsibility to call them off. Instead, he watched gleefully on TV. That’s the crime. I really do hope you watch closely tonight too. It’s going to show the people who have been lying to you by saying the whole event was overblown cowering in fear from the people they riled up.

        Also, I’m guessing you aren’t a Hilary Clinton fan, but probably cried about hEr EmAiLs! Well, I guess I’ll wait for Ken’s next post to read your outrage over the deleted texts of the Secret Service and the use of private email/texts/burner phones by all of those involved in this hellacious attack on democracy. More likely though, you’ll deflect and distract and keep burying your head in the sand and you’ll watch idiots like Tucker Carlson (who rails on the “elites” all the time, yet is one of them and even reached out to Hunter Biden to call in a favor to help get his son into college) and lap up their hypocrisy because it makes you feel like the victim you so desperately want to be.

        Ken and Jason, I love your work. I debated even posting something, but decided to because these comments have gotten out of control. This guy in particular makes your site so toxic. I know I can just read the articles and stop, but that’s easier said than done. I appreciate how you interact on Twitter and am a loyal podcast listener, so I guess those will be the only ways I’ll take in your work from now on.

        • Red Pill

          All political parties are cons. The president is just the puppet spokes person for the US corporation. No Gov. Is here to help people. All the Gov. likes to do is print money, causing inflation, and cutting out the middle class. All people should focus on is working hard, making money, and building wealth for their family. Stop focusing on garbage politics because the politicians do t give a rats ass about you

        • Daryl

          I’m curious… Trump saying we aren’t done fighting is the sa. E as him saying take over the Capitol??? What exactly did Trump say that would give you the impression he was the driving force behind the attacks? I’ve asked this to several others and nobody actually gives me a legit response. I know this is a hockey site, I would just like your thoughts

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ Daryl, he said to march peacefully, during his speech. Which the hearings evidently missed. He also asked Pelosi for more security and she turned him down. The DEMS knew that a massive group of people were coming. I wouldn’t be surprised if they told the police to let in a small amount of people on purpose. In addition, the FBI told Schumer that more security is needed. There is over 46,000 hours of video tape. Many of it by the people there themselves calling out FBI undercover agents in the crowd instigating the crowd, calling out known BLM operatives in the crowd instigating the crowd. At one point there were thousands of people chanting at the antifa guy climbing the walls yelling ANTIFA ANTIFA ANTIFA. A patriotic group of protestors pulled him down. You won’t see any of this on lame stream media (just like they are now not showing the DUTCH FARMERS protecting in mass against the draconian GREEN initiatives the government passed recently) because it doesn’t fit their propaganda focused left wing “agenda”.

        • THE hockey GOD

          if you don’t like my posts, don’t read them. Unlike nazi germany no one is forcing you to read them by putting a gun to your head. No one is forcing you to drive electric cars (of course not, if you live in left wing CA , soon that will not be the case), No one is forcing you to not use plastic bags (of course if you live in CA , etc.). No one is forcing you to go to mixed gender bathroom – well unless you happen to go to one of those woke businesses like starbucks, or disneyland. No one is forcing you to send your kids to cRT training in their schools. Unless of course the AG is coming after you and terrorize you. No one is forcing you to hire non qualified people in name of “diversity” forcing your costs to go up, and not become competitive Enough about that. I made my point.
          The attack on our democracy happened on Nov 3rd and weeks after that. The cover up by the courts, and 2000 mules proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Along with many changes made by states of GA, WI, PA, Mi, AZ on election procedures; several of which were changed because in recent weeks courts ruled that they were illegally changed in 2020. But you wouldn’t know all this because you are libtard that only watched alphabet soup “news” outlets.

          “Keep politics out of sports when players kneel.” tell to the meathead “entitlement” athletes that are doing it.

          “owever, on a post about Matthew Tkachuk, you decide to throw an idiotic political take that no one wants to hear onto someone else’s website that you like to pretend is your personal soapbox” The concept of open forum comment seems to escape you. For some reason that doesn’t surprise. Ken took my comment and ran with it with another story. If it wasn’t for my comments this site would be BORING and filled with left wing , anti American, haters like you.

          “The crime in question is known as dereliction of duty” sort of like Pelosi turning down more security when Trump asked for it, repeatedly ? Or when Schumer was told by FBI to get more security? Where are the hearings on this ? Nowhere, take your one sided political comments and stick them up your biased keyster.

          The rest of your rant is pure lunacy, and spin out. Can’t address loony toon comments. But here there is more that you are missing completely.

          Conservatives get ticked off when they are lied too. Liberals when they are told the truth– Theodore Roosevelt.

          You are parroting the Trump bash of the day. You really think a protest group of 400,000 people is going to stop and read anything ? Are you even aware that the security of HOUSE is responsibility of the HOUSE, not the president. And that falls under the Sgt at arms, and PELOSI. Not Trump!? But you won’t hear any of these FACTS in one sided joke of a hearing. BTW TRUMP did ask for more security , Pelosi turned him down. Schumer was told by FBI to get more security, SCHUMER turned them down. This one sided joke of a hearing is leaving out all of these, plus over 46,000 hours of video. And never once mentioned that the Capitol police opened the doors. And fail to mention that of the 400,000 patriot protesting an obviously rigged election; only a handful made it in.

          Looks like you are brain washed ones. You hate AMerica, you can’t stand free speech, your ilk make s mockery of the constitution at every step.

          These reps should be having hearings on economy emergency, out of control border, rising crime, unaffordable housing, rigged elections, hijacking our economy in name of “green” bull shit, etc etc etc. Instead they are wasting our tax dollars trying to take down the leading contender of a political party. That in itself is treason, dangerous, and criminal. They don’t even have a crime, line and verse. It is a never ending hearing in search of a crime. We have had six long years of one witch hunt after another after another. The Steele dossier, hillary’s russian collusion, Gen Flynn, AG Session, Ukrainian quid pro quo which was perfectly fine, then protesting at the capitol. One nothing burger after another after another.

          Where were the DEMS during the Floyd protests? Portland protests, Ferguson protests, Minnesota protests, taking over blocks of SEattle, DC church burning,. etc etc etc. Lot of DEMS sitting on their hands doing nothing. And they are all in their own blue state jurisdiction.
          Dereliction of duty there? Where are the silly hearings ?

          Fact remains Cheney is going to lose her seat next month and be primaried out. She is not representing her own district. She’s done politically. And that says about as much for the joke of hearings that she is leading. Nothing burgers.

          PS “NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK.” then why are you wasting everyone’s time by replying. A lot of people care. I care about my country being taken down by the left. When an author writes an obviously identity politics article, I care, and it is my duty as a patriotic to call them out. If you don’t like it, then you can go fuck yourself. It’s a free country, and first amendment protects my right to free speech. Something your ilk can not stand.
          hypocrisy abounds in your post, and in the left wing agenda for the most part. I could go on and on. But you are so brainwashed you are clueless in what I am saying.

        • San Juan, Thanks for also speaking out. Been an ongoing problem for the 2 years I’ve subscribed. He’s the only poster who does this constantly. Nearly every damn thing he posts turns into a “-God- hating, Anti-American, Freedom- robbing Whackjob Liberal” RANT. YOUR posts are SPOT ON. This is a HOCKEY site, for cripes sake!! He’s killing it for the rest of us!

          • THE hockey GOD

            says the TS poster who just posted a political comment about KAREN which gives a definition that isn’t close to being correct revealing true hate in post at the same time.

            unbelievable hypocrisy revealed.

            SJ oP is also filled with hypocrisy, as pointed out above. Both are talking about politics. Unfreaking believable. He’s talking about Hillary, and Tucker somebody on TV.

            You both are crazy loons.

            I posted about FOOD in a dialogue with ULF. You find that OFFENSIVE TOO.

            Take your nut job comments and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.

            You both are KARENs, and whiney liberal cry babies that can’t handle the truth. And every time you insult me I will remind you of that !!
            DEAL WITH IT ! Because to date, you are like two year olds throwing a temper tantrum.

            GROW UP .

        • Ulf

          San Juan Merrill, I’ve decided to move away from here too for those exact reasons. Thanks for laying it out so well. It’s too bad cos that means there’s more space for these types of folks (tin hats, cultists and even some racist comments – all defended by saying “free speech”. Right.)
          “See” you on the podcasts. Hope Ken and Jason take a look at what’s been happening here and re think their plans.

          • ULF, you are one of the decent posters with NO agenda but HOCKEY TALK. You are reasonable, respectful, a DECENT guy– we need posters like you to balance the BULL.

      • Peter Woxland

        So it’s OK to overthrow the government?
        You may be a God, but you are blind to the failings of Trump.

        • THE hockey GOD

          the over throw of government happened on Nov 3rd and weeks thereafter with massive cheating in WI MI GA NV PA. 2000 mules, not debunked shows all the evidence. In recent weeks multiple courts have ruled that the election “officials” made illegal changes. Especially in regard to mail in drop boxes. AKA zuckerberg boxes. Recent elections in North Carolina, Virginia , and New Jersey indicate that the American people are fed up with tactics exposed. November can’t come soon enough

      • Jay

        You really think Eichel is worth Tuch, Krebs, #16, 2nd rd next year plus having to dump Pac, Dad and CoUghlin?? You are dreaming!

        • Mike StG

          Jay, Eichel’s cap/salary is $10M.

          The Sabres wanted 4 assets including a combination of good current player w/term, high end prospects/and at least one 1st rd pick.

          They settled on 3 assets with Vegas:
          Tuch – 4.75M (the player)
          Krebs – 863K (the prospect)
          2022 1st round pick (#16)
          2023 2nd round pick

          Tuch & Krebs together make slightly over $5.6M. That is $4.4M less than Eichel’s salary.

          Dadonov moved saved $5M. With Tuch & Krebs’ salaries that total $10.6M in total salary – 600K more than Eichel’s cap hit.

          Any other moves to dump salary we’re due to other cap issues that Vegas had SEPARATE from the Eichel trade.

          Let’s see, Tuch was great but destined to remain a 3rd line winger on VGK since he can only play RW. Krebs is likely to be a middle 6 center or winger. Dadonov had 1 yr left on his contract and is 33 yrs old. Eichel is one of the top 5 centers in the league, the elite center that EVERYONE said Vegas was lacking and needed for a successful cup run. And he has 4 years of term left on his contract. So, was he worth it? Resoundingly, YES!

          • Mike StG

            *settled on 4 assets (not 3)

          • Disagree, the jury is still out on his injury. If he produces like a top 3 or 4 guy all season, then ok. Tuch, I think, was underutilized here. Krebs never got a shot, but guys here trashed him. The picks ?? It’s impossible to tell. I just wouldn’t of made the deal, no way. Of course, I hope, Eichel just lights it up.

          • Obvious

            Of the 265 rookies this year pylon krebs had the worst plus minus record of them all.

            When he was in Vegas he played a fraction of the games compared to everyone else and he still had the worst plus minus on the team

            He is a massive liability everytime he steps on the ice. Not to mention his goal scoring is non existent.

            Tell me how that over promoted piece of shit helps ANY TEAM

      • Ken

        You can’t handle the truth, obviously! Leave the political crap elsewhere! The is why I can’t wait to get back to my regular blog,when they come back from break in September. No politics, no racism, no name calling. Just hockey and true Knights fans!

        • Mike StG

          Ken – if you don’t mind, could you tell me what blog that is? I’ve looked at other local media and haven’t found anything that has fan participation via comments like SinBin. I’d like to expand my options.

          If you don’t want to share it I understand.

          • Ken

            Mike, I wish I could give you info but it is an invitation only site. It was started by a guy that used to follow sin in but got fed up with it. I will ask Doc if any spots have come open, when they start back and let you know. They have capped it to 150 people and have had to turn away people.

          • Daryl

            It’s run by Doc LMFAO…. you have fun with that one!!!!

            Mike, that means you can’t disagree with anything, you can’t question or criticize VGK management, and no matter what, Doc is always right!!!

        • Daryl

          What racism? No matter what some people just have to throw out the race card

          • THE hockey GOD

            welcome back Daryl. Your pic is now working !!

            I can’t wait to head over to DOC’s site !!

            hockey now, or Doc’s hockey !!?!!

            wow !!

            I miss Doc, he was funny. JASON’s boy !!!

        • knights fan in minny

          is that site hockey now

  2. I think senior management should definitely go for it.

    It is their last year, why not fire all your weapons before departure?

  3. Tim

    The Splash Brothers are beside themselves right now. A new shinny toy on the market that’s out of there reach it has to be absolutely killing them.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    wHaT the H3LL did I start here ????

    year 1 FO = great
    year 2 FO = great
    year 3 FO = great
    year 4 FO = great
    year 5 FO = WTH ??

  5. Coyote


    Thanks. A good laugh today was needed.

  6. Dean

    So you’re saying it’s a done deal?

  7. VGK fan in summerlin

    Expect Calgary to now be a front-runner to win the cup. Why? They’re copying the McCriminals genius strategy of getting rid of their top scorers to make room for their not very good scorers to grow, which will of course result in more scoring according to McKrimmon.

    Since it’s a copy cat league, I expect Colorado to get rid of McKinnon, Oilers to boot McDavid, and Toronto to trade Matthews at any moment to make room for their 5 goal per year scorers and expect them to come alive to replace and exceed the offense vacated by those other players taking up valuable cap space.

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK fan, that’s a stretch, Flames did not “get rid of” Johnny Hockey. He didn’t want to play there. Mainly due to fact that well, it’s in Commie Canada. Where the winters are cold, the taxes are high, woke Bettman and Trudeau lead there. Ohio is a little better. At least he’s on a potential contender, closer to home, and pays less in taxes to a draconian over bearing goobnerment.

      Flames are likely to trade him and get someone in return other than SAL CAP relief. Which in itself is something in return, and not nothing.

      • ulf

        as a Canadian I’d kindly request you keep your ham-fisted opinions to yourself. I know you like to troll, but if you knew anything about political science or international life, you’d know that Canada is doing just fine. I’m not the biggest Trudeau fan but he’s much better than the fringe yahoos you guys seem to get down there in the States with alarming regularity.
        Bring on peace, order and good government. Mostly happy to pay taxes for the quality we get in return. Nice to have a point of view for looking out for your neighbour.
        stick to hockey, although I’m still not sure why you call yourself “the hockey god” when some of your knowledge seems lacking.
        Peace out.

        • And as a fellow Canadian, i can reply that Trudeau is almost a dictator. Freezing bank accounts of people who participated in protest is absolutely not normal.

          • Ulf

            Ah yes, how dare the Liberal Party win the majority of seats in a free election, and have the leader of that party back a move from one of his ministers to find out where the money for the “freedom” convoy came from.
            Whatever happened to all that money by the way – the amount that made it somewhere before GoFundMe closed the account (because it went past peaceful protest to occupation)
            Not to mention the whole idea of “losing freedom” was laughable if you actually look at the facts, like the majority of Ottawa residents and indeed majority of Canadians did. They didn’t buy it.
            I didn’t vote for Trudeau or his party – remember you vote for your local representative of a party here, not the party leader – but I have to admit in this particular case the government did the right thing.
            Before you start throwing around the word “dictator” I’d advise you educate yourself a little more on what a dictator is, and thank the folks who went to war to preserve true freedom – peace, order and good government – not the “freedom” from wearing a mask for a few months to help combat a once in a generation pandemic
            Back to hockey …

        • THE hockey GOD

          ulf “keep your opinions to yourself” spoken like a true anti America Constitution hater. Can’t stand free speech, tell people to shut up, or shut them up with draconian measure. . I grew up in city next to Canada. I know all about the black faced turd running the country. Fringe yahoo describes him perfectly. What he did to freedom protestors was true neo fascist brown shirt hitlerian. Here is leading article on how commie CAnada has turned.

          The hashtag #CommunistCanada trending over the weekend. “Today in Communist Canada, we were permitted to travel in a government-allocated vehicle to a government-approved beach,” one user tweeted. “The sand and rocks were all government issue, and we were properly searched and questioned beforehand. Pravda!””

          “You can’t even get into Canada unless you’re vaccinated.”

          “Trudeau has a tendency to use dictatorial measures.”

          “over 50% tax rate”

          “most expensive health care system, quality so bad people have to go to USA fpr prompt and better treatment”.

          And what they did to national treasure DON CHERRY is a shame!

          BTW there is no such thing as first amendment in Canada, no such thing as free speech.

          And that is just a handful of measures in this country that invent ice hockey.

          • Ulf

            Jeez I don’t think this is worthy of a response.

        • Obvious

          A lump of shit is better than that weaselly faggot Trudeau

          Any other country he would be in jail for how many times he has been found guilty of breaking the law

      • Vive Les Habs

        Canada is still a much better place than the Fourth Reich with Adolf Trump attempting to overthrow the legally elected government.

        • THE hockey GOD

          vive, the overthrow happened on nov 3rd, the real insurrection

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Frank Seravalli Retweeted
    Hailey Salvian
    Matthew Tkachuk has notified the Calgary Flames that he won’t be re-signing long-term, according to sources.

    This makes a trade — to a team Tkachuk would be open to signing with — likely to happen soon.

    Vegas is on his list, odds are 1000 to 1 that he gets traded to VGK.

  9. JR

    He’d be our best goalie option

  10. LVsc

    The likelihood is that he will go to St Louis, where his dad played and he grew up, but Vegas is definitely #2, and high up on his list.

    He WANTS to come here, it’s on his list, so he must feel that the Vgk ARE contenders. period.

  11. Carl

    Yes. Trade Eichel before he screws up his neck again. Tkachuk would add the sandpaper and point per game offensive ability VGK needs.

    Oh, wait…

  12. Roberto

    See this Tkachuk news as just a friendly reminder of what matters most to hockey players (in order):

    1. Money
    2. No taxes
    3. Year-round golf
    4. 24/7 action for men of their means
    5. Good chance at winning

    That just blow out of the water the message board and media false narrative: ‘guys aren’t going to wanna come to Vayyyyyyygus cuz there’s no loyyyyyyalty!!’ This, as Vegas offers all 5 of those priorities in abundance.

    • ulf

      Well, MT’s brother Brady Tkachuk signed with Ottawa for 8 years last year.
      Jack Campbell signed a 5x$5m contract with the Oilers this year.
      Josh Norris (although he considers himself Canadian, he was born in the US) signed an 8-year deal with Ottawa this year.
      the list goes on.
      There are a few players, especially after COVID, simply wanted to be closer to home. That’s fine. Some players didn’t and enjoy playing in good places.
      Then there are the players like Pierre-Luc Dubois who are trying to get traded to one specific team in Canada and acting very entitled to push it through.
      There are also other considerations, like safety (crime/shootings) that would push some players to other places.
      I did hear Ken say that Vegas “has the best restaurants in the world” and I almost fell off my chair.
      Berlin, Montréal, London, Paris, and Copenhagen are calling for starters. That was a bit of a blind comment.
      The world is big.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Ulf Paris sure, the others are not top shelf culinary destinations unless you like mild to spicy Indian food, Wiener schnitzel and sauerkraut (Col. Klink’s mouth is watering, or Stegt Flæsk Med Persillesovs (I have been to Solvang, I like the
        sSmorgasbords (bread and butter buffet tables) are popular at lunch in Scandinavia. In Denmark, open-faced sandwiches are made from the buffet table and eaten with a knife and fork. Buttered bread is topped with items such as sausage, herring, smoked salmon, boiled potatoes, cheese, and tomatoes.

        I recall you mentioned it before, I would suggest broadening your culinary selections.

        Vegas does have a wide range of highly rated eateries.

        But my choices lean more towards the ones targeted in Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. (But I don’t like Guy Fieri’s place, he reviewed it once).

        • Ulf

          Fair enough on your tastes, but to pick one other place Copenhagen is home of two of the best restaurants in the world, (ranking: one of the standards, William Reed Business; 28 Michelin-star restaurants are in the tiny country of Denmark, one of the highest ratios in the world). Also has killer street food.
          Enough on food from me!

          • THE hockey GOD

            thanks Ulf, I will check it out. Maybe world traveler William Taudin who is from Sweden can point me in right direction. Thanks, have a nice day.

      • Obvious

        Why don’t you take your dribble and shove it up your ass you stupid bastard

      • Roberto

        Fantastic response, ulf.

        I was being a flippant dickhead with what I posted, and you course corrected that elegantly. I resolve to do better.

        Concur on the culinary thoughts. We’re very lucky with what we have here, but outside our state and international borders there’s a lot to enjoy, as well.

  13. Blitz

    I want this to happen just because of how completely F-ed up it is. Let’s take this thing nuclear!! I do like the player and he would be a good fit. Trade Lehner** and LB. Run with LT and a 1 million dollar pre-retiree for an ultra low goalie cap.

    **And by trade Lehner, I mean pay someone to take him.

  14. LVsc

    the Vgk front office should take a cue from the Carolina f.o. and make all trades for that magical mystery player…..”FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS”

  15. Please don’t Kelly I can already imagine him offering up #27, #20 two 1st rounders and Brisson

  16. Ken – one of your better articles. LOL have a great day

  17. Chris

    Don’t be too upset when CGY chooses the deal Vegas is currently renegotiating against the others. They will or they won’t, either way things will happen quickly; before the weekend is over. Happy Thursday!

  18. George L.

    At the presser announcing his signing they will say he’s a one of a kind player, that doesn’t come along except once in a generation, and only players of his caliber are worth burning down the franchise for.

  19. Depends on Foley’s mood. He IS the guy and the reason we are in this predicament. Win now jas pit us in this hole.

  20. Emmanuel

    Get Tkachuk AND Kane! Cap be damned!!!

  21. Connie

    We won’t go anywhere with Lehner as a goalie!

  22. DL

    I’d rather choke on a mouthpiece!

  23. Joe

    10/10 article. Clicked the link, was as concise and tothe point as it gets.

  24. Pistol Pete

    Martinez, Lehner, Brossoit = $12.48 m

    A little risky to bank on Thompson, but that notwithstanding I could handle a roster sans all of ‘em.

    • PP

      Nice to see you posting!

      I’m sure VGK would love to dump those salaries but I’m not sure who would want any of those guy? VGK would have to retain some salary for all those players or send out pucks with them or maybe get back “future considerations”.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP welcome back to the jungle, you left wing (*&^% . Good to see you, I thought you quit coming here after that last exchange with ‘you know who’ about ‘who know what’. I won’t mention it.

  25. THE hockey GOD

    i think we should trade the farm for kadri and katchuk

    • THE hockey GOD

      i am greatly honored that you mimic me, that shows that you really like my work; however your posts are completely out in left field.

      One cookie for you. the realhg.

  26. Jay

    Trade Eichel for him, but then Eichel will refuse to accept the move. It’s too bad Tuch, Krebs, pick #16, 2023 2nd rounder, Pach, Dadiniov and Coughlin all cound’t have refused the Eichel trade…

  27. Original 6 ✅

    @The Hockey God just got back from work and went thru all of TS. Blah Blah Blah. definitely triggered and He snapped. I found out that trying to reason with people that look at life wearing rose colored glasses ultimately is a waste of time ! I been around for over 60 years and Reagan new how to put these people in there place. They say Biden has a 31 % approval rating & i know that’s Bulshit more like 21% so where r the 81 million voters that gave him more votes than Obama. and if he believes that , i have ocean front property in Arizona! But i’m with you on all ! Enjoy the Day. Go Knights

    • THE hockey GOD

      I hear you O6, I am sad that TS was once a friend and completely took my posts out of context. Stabbed me in the back. Work ? I just got back from volunteering down at the center. But boy was she triggered. I copied all the post in case the site decides to censor them again. I will re post them all. This is not twitter where they only allow one side to heard, and censor the truth. I hope Elon takes over the company and gives the left wingers running it a swift kick in the head.

      • knights fan in minny

        stop lying you have no friends on here

      • knights fan in minny

        I’m the hockey dunce I’m gonna tell

      • Original 6 ✅

        i had 25 thousands followers on twitter till they toss me in twit mo jail so many time that i got off after election and just got on when Elon attempted to buy it As for TS. sounds to me a real Karen LOL. oh well i’m in Chicago taking care of a family member and when i get back drinks on me or whatever you like. Keep speaking up is only way to shut them down. Your awesome

        • Hey. Original six: ” Karen” is a term used to describe TRUMP women who attend School Board meetings and attack teachers and schools for doing their duty to protect kids. ” Karen” is the TRUMP lady who attends city council meetings, attack and threatens council members for DOING THEIR JOBS. ” Karen” is the republican lady who screams BLOODY MURDER in a grocery store for DARING TO require MASKS to keep us from contracting COVID, crying that her” PERSONAL RIGHTS” have been violated. THAT IS A KAREN.
          I am NO Karen..
          I understand and respect SCIENCE. I respect SCHOOLS that tried to keep children SAFE FROM COVID. I respect/ support FAIR ELECTIONS , without threats and intimidation. A ” KAREN” DOES NOT. Do you understand the difference???
          Just wanted to clarify your comment…

          • Daryl

            Doesn’t science determine whether you are born a male or female? And no surgery can change that.

            I’m not calling you a Karen, just pointing out how one side wants to call certain people a Karen when they basically do the exact same thing.

            How many liberals are upset over Roe vs Wade when all that ruling did is put the power back in the States as it should be. Same liberals who argue over gun rights

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS political comment ALERT !!! ALERT !! ALERT!!!

            I AM OFFENDED BY YOUR (less than accurate) POLITICAL POST !!

            AND I AM AS MAD AS HELL !!

            waaa waaa waaa (that is me crying) make it go away, I am a big baby
            waaa waa waaa

            PS your hate shows through, especially your right wing hate. Your definition of KaRen is inaccurate, your posts are more akin to that definition. You are getting a bad reputation here , many are calling you KAREN. BTW.

            (satire if you haven’t figure it out yet, and btw GROW UP, you big baby whiner) 🙂

          • Original 6 ✅

            Hey TS the first step to recovery is admitting You R a Karen. and i’ll refer to your Karen commits as nothing more than a Delusional Karen and that You need to open up your Karen eyes and notice that your Karen friends are going to get such a ass whopping in Nov that by the time you stop rolling your Karen eyes your Karen cloths will be out of style! And just because u watched the movie Wierd Science doesn’t make u a professor! And the teachers union can stick their leftist liberal thinking in their Karen warped mind s . And you know nothing about covid or what you really should of been doing to prevent getting it instead of getting jabbed in your Karen ass ! the Jab was nothing more than a big Pharma con job to get paid by the Gov to have the biggest profits in a year than anything you could imagine. Just ask sleepy Joe who claims to be jabbed more than a voodoo doll which is why he is controlled by Bernie and the extreme Karen friend of yours . you need to ck yourself into the Karen clinic and stop pointing fingers cuz every time u point a finger there’s 3 fingers pointing back . say hello to mine . Hope this clarifies my comment in my words & Not some Karen’s thoughts or words !

      • Hey, THG, just letting you know about the little ” FREEDOM of Speech” that you always default to when you are challenged for your HATE. You know, the freedom to speak in America??? WHY IS IT PERFECTLY OKAY FOR Y-O-U TO SCREAM POLITICAL BULLSHIT, BUT NOT FOR THE “OTHERS”????
        My posts reflect the growing frustration that many others also feel, at your TOXIC PIOLITICAL RANTS. You insult and offend others, but WHINE AND STOMP YOUR FEET WHEN SOMEONE CALLS YOU OUT!! Sorry I don’t support your constant attacks on the ” left- wing whackjobs”( what you call ME OR ANYONE different from YOU). As a REAL WOMAN( NOT AN ” IT”, AS YOU CALLED ME), THIS REAL WOMAN IS SICK OF YOUR DEROGATORY ATTACKS ON OTHERS DIFFERENT FROM YOU!
        Btw: I don’t care if we’re “FRIENDS”. This isn’t gradeschool or FACEBOOK. My feelings aren’t hurt, I promise you….


        • THE hockey GOD

          TS you started this, not me. You are getting a reputation as
          a raging Karen. You really want that ? Why don’t you end it ?
          Take a chill pill. HELLO !

          Sorry I triggered you.

          btw What’s a woman ? What’s a breakfast taco ? 🙂

          PS you really don’t get me.

          • THG: Fyi: this isn’t a popularity contest . YOU started this long ago, with your constant political attacks on the ” others”. I just finally decided to say something. I didn’t start it. But I sure want to END IT. And THAT is why I FINALLY SPOKE UP. If YOU would respect others, you would get respect in return. Someone had to call it out, and I’ll gladly take my
            licks for doing so. Sorry it bothers you so, but it BOTHERS many of us that YOU inject nasty, partisan politics on this HOCKEY site. If you want ” friends”, STOP THE BULL.

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS as usual
            you put words and context in my posts that are not there.
            You are the one attacking me. I never attacked YOU first.

            If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them.

            Your thought process is purely liberal,
            wah wah wah. I don’t like what you are saying. I am clueless about what you are saying. You can’t say that. That is HATE HATE HATE”.

            Your ilk has all the hate, and I repeatedly pointed it out from identity politics, to open borders, to entitlement shits, to cop haters, to defund the police, to lack of election integrity, to green agenda destroying our economy, to diversity, high inflation, unaffordable housing. You voted for all this. You know it. And if I hate, then I hate all this. You got that right. Because you hate our country, and I love it. It’s pretty clear where you stand on all of this. And it is opposite of where I stand. I didn’t attack you first for your stand. You are one attacking me because you can not handle the TRUTH !!

            Take your misguided self righteous feeble attempt and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I gave you a chance to come clean. And you shat all over. I stuck up for you when you were being stalked relentlessly. And this is thanks I get. I am not here for you or anyone else.

            Your ilk is one full of hate. When pointed out you can’t handle it. You attack me personally.

            You have no idea what your ilk is doing to destroy our country. You voted for sloeJoe, and that says a lot about you. Destroy the country on your time, not mine. I won’t stand for it.

            You are coming across as a ranting, raging KAREN. Deal with it. There is no way you are ENDING my right to free speech. Liberals like to stop people from telling the truth. Sorry you lose.

            signing off as a patriot , an American, Freedom lover, righteous, God fearing, citizen. Everything YOU ARE NOT.

            WHAT DO YOU SAY, THG?? PEACE?? OR????

          • THE hockey GOD

            I will NEVER give up my right to free speech ! Liberals would win.

            Your ploy is typical libtard nonsense. Relinquish your right to free speech and I will stop threatening you . THAT IS BULL SHIT. And you know it.

            GET LOST.

            Hockey is politics, it has been ever since USA beat Russians in 1960s olympics. If you can’t handle it, than that is YOUR problem not mine.
            Deal with it.

          • knights fan in minny

            you have a reputation as a babbling idiot

          • knights fan in minny

            no one gets the hockey dunce

    • Original 6: you might be surprised that I VOTED repub for over30 years. Voted for both Bushes ( Bush 2 twice), Reagan( twice) . I was proud to be A REPUB.
      But, people change.Parties change. Views and opinions change. But I’m STILL a decent person. And I try to keep my political views to myself, ESPECIALLY in today’s current volatile political climate. I think most people do the same. All the site’s subscribers would APPRECIATE is NO MORE PARTY- BASHING POLITICS H-E-R-E. THAT’S IT. One can agree with politics or not, but NO ONE wants to hear it HERE.
      Simple. 1000 political sites exist on the web. THOSEare the platforms for like- minded Politics. It was not pleasant or easy for me to SPEAK OUT, trust me. There is a TIME and PLACE for Politics. THIS SITE IS NEITHER.
      Btw: I forgive all your ” KAREN” Comments. No offense taken. This is what American politics has devolved into, unfortunately. So….NO HARM…PEACE!

  28. FG

    Tkachuk=Cup in 6! Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!

  29. knights fan in minny

    new bench boss for the sharks dan quinn

  30. Northcanada

    Yes,for sure, even offer Eickle

  31. Mike StG

    I can’t see how so many don’t seem to understand the difference between Vegas’s path and that taken by the Avs or other cup contenders or winners.

    Most teams, like Avs & Bolts, spent years as crappy teams who got high lottery picks and were able to draft the best prospects, develop them to be highly effective players on cheap deals for 5-6 years. That gave those teams the flexibility to add more elite and costly players to their rosters in that final push to cup contention and victory.

    It’s been publicly stated by Vegas FO & Foley that they thought their path would be more like the norm – marginally competitive if at all to start. Then use all the picks they acquired in expansion negotiations to draft, develop and acquire talent. As we know this didn’t happen. They nearly won the cup on Year 1. That changed their basic strategy for team development. They could either try to get better and maybe win it all given their core or just use all their picks to draft and develop. They decided to go the win now route, which meant spending the money to acquire developed players in trades and free agency.

    So, the criticisms of the FO though justified to some degree are really overblown given the actual situation and success of the team. The question is: what do they do now?

    Ken thinks they should tear it down now and do a rebuild. Is that a reasonable path given their 3 highest paid players all have multi-year no move clauses? I guess they could jettison most of their tradable players to get picks and prospects and hope those guys with NMC agree to be traded (as the Hawks are trying to do with Patrick Kane).

    Or should they continue to go all in and forsake the future, being willing to let prospects and high draft picks go in that process? My question is: How can they NOT continue down this path? After 4 years of money spent, endless aggressive pursuit of the cup via trades and FA they’re supposed to say “This doesn’t look like it’s going to work” and then throw away and undo whatever they built and done??

    Seems to me they have come this far and are past the point of no return. If they don’t continue down this path and they decide to change course and start worrying about the future they’ll find themselves in an impossible conundrum trying to balance the two goals.

    Here are some facts: In the last 5 drafts Tampa Bay has had only 2 1st round picks. They also don’t have a 1st round pick next year or the year after. So by 2024 they will have had only two 1st round picks in a 7-year stretch. The Avs, who benefited greatly by sucking for many consecutive years, have 5 Top Ten 1st round picks on their roster. This year they had NO picks in the first 5 rounds of the draft. Now THAT is what you call going all-in. You really can’t have it both ways. You either go all-in now or you try to do both and end up doing neither. That’s how you become the Wild or Preds or the Flyers.

    Unlike Ken and many who post here, I’m happy to have a competitive team that is fun to watch. I’m not miserable when they don’t come home with the Cup in hand. I like that they’ve tried to improve the team. And the success of Year 1 will be something I treasure forever. I also know the joy of winning. I experienced it when the Isles won 4 cups in a row in the early 80’s. But to me the true enjoyment of hockey is in watching the game, the fastest sport by a mile, and the moments when a winning goal is scored (or saved). It’s not always about winning it all or being better than all the rest.

    So, if VGK goes for Tkachuk in an effort to improve the team and hopefully compete with the Avs in the postseason then I’m all for it. If not, I’ll be just fine with that as well. But for all of you who will be miserable and negative until the Cup comes to Vegas – you should support the FO doing something dramatic, because this current team won’t bring it home.

    In the meantime, enjoy the ride. We have a competitive team, elite players, and we win a lot. Great arena, supportive fans, poutine is even served! Who cares if in 2 or 3 or 4 years they end up missing the postseason with regularity? That’s just one possible outcome in a future that is uncertain in so many ways. 🙂

    • Bobby

      Agreed! At least we have an owner who wants to win, as opposed to one only concerned with the bottom line.. The process to get there is not always perfect, but props for trying… No one said it was going to be easy…. Win or lose, the team is a blast to watch, best fan experience in the league…

    • JD


      I thank you for taking the time to write all this out as I couldn’t agree anymore.

      The negative vibes I read in every single thread about VGK, ESPECIALLY with SinBin has always blow my mind.

      We have had a cup contending team every year of our existence, and on paper last season too if we weren’t so annihilated by injuries.

      Literally what else more can you ask of from our upper management?

      We have improved our roster every single year, with at the moment this upcoming season will be the first time I’d say we took a step backwards.

      Unless we grab Tkachuk!

      Throw away the entire prospects pool & all our draft picks the next 3 years. IDGAF.

      We’ve gone all in already, no reason to get cold feet now.

    • THE hockey GOD

      spot on MIke, that is why I keep putting the yoke (aka onus) on the GRAPE STOMPER for setting the table. FO is just goose stepping like good little Nazi’s following orders. And everyone likes to bash the FO . Well that is some analogy, now I am traumatized and can’t get that image out of my head !

      • Mike StG

        ThG, haha! Goose steppers!! Bill does sign the checks so everything requires his blessing or “Nein!” for sure. It would be a great read if some day we got the back story on how decisions have been made with this group.

  32. Nice and succinct post – guys will probably follow-up with a 4+ hour podcast. LOL

  33. Original 6 ✅

    the Blackhawks were run into the ground by the Father Dollar Bill Wirtz. to think the Hawks had Belfour and Hasek at same time and let them go. so Dale Tallon came in and hawks already had Keith seabs. and i think crawford but he drafted Toews & then Kaners and got Hossa. then Campbell from buffalo and off they went then fired HOF Dennis Savard and hired Quenneville added some more and then the scumbags fired Tallon in 2010 Bowman replaced him but hawks won cup and gave Tallon a ring and his due. Bowman walked into a dynasty so it was easy to get players to take less to join. won 3 cups every other year and took kings game 7 in OT to knock m out. but that would of been 4 cups cuz Rangers didn’t stand a chance against either team. So if u mix draft piks with veterans like Petro Martinez. We can have the same so Eichel better stay healthy and get 50 goals along with stone & Karlsson also need to kick it in the ass

  34. Jason Sheehan

    Shortest article I’ve ever read. wtg Ken.

  35. Obvious

    Knowing what a screw up fat bastard is it will probably be tried

    Without Johnny Ohio feeding turtle he won’t amount to shit

    If anyone family knows how to f*k teams over its the turtle family

    • THE hockey GOD

      oblivious (see what I did with your alias ? Pretty clever eh).

      year 1 F0 = great
      year 2 FO = great
      year 3 FO= great
      year 4 FO = great
      year 5 FO = bring me their heads on a pike !!

      fickle fans we have here, no ?

  36. DL

    That’s it!
    Ken, I’m saying goodbye to your site as a result of these mostly insane comments. The bulk of these are irrelevant, inaccurate, inappropriate and do not belong here. I for one will find a neutral HOCKEY medium for my proper comments and to share in civil discussions. It’s all way too much and way too toxic. Quite honestly it also makes you look bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if others and VGK want to completely disassociate with you and all this nonsense.
    I know on this occasion you only posted three words. But for this to still occur and repeatedly over most every post is only allowing it to fester and grow. It has become the norm for some to gather here to continue their own rants and raves way off topic. I suggest to take control of your (un)intellectual property and establish some principles and rules of engagement.
    I’m out!

    • THE hockey GOD

      DL what part of the first amendment isn’t clear to you ?

      Why do you hate our constitution ?

      • knights fan in minny

        wake up hockey dunce he hates your babble like most people on here do pull your head out

    • DL,

      I suggest just not reading the one individual who is mostly responsible for all the political commentary.

      Ken will never remove him he is 20% of the comments.

  37. Mike StG

    To ThG and others posting political and non-hockey thoughts:

    While it is your right to post whatever SinBin will allow (which is everything and anything), there are many other venues where such speech and comments are better suited and even welcomed. There are Twitter, Parler, Rumble, Facebook and many other forums. I personally pass over any posts here that are not hockey-related, and I won’t respond to any of it.

    My request is that we ALL keep non-hockey posts and personal insults, etc off these Comments, and it’s for a different reason than you might expect. That reason is this: While I don’t read the posts I still have to scroll through and scan them to find those posts that DO interest me. It’s not pleasant to have to scan 100 posts where 80-90 of them are political diatribes or personal insults and attacks. It’s a waste of my time besides the fact that since I have to do this now on almost every SinBin article I find it tiresome and somewhat irritating.

    So I am asking (not demanding) that out of courtesy and consideration for those of us who are here for the hockey, perhaps we ALL can try to keep comments relevant to hockey? I do read and find interesting both ThG and Minny’s hockey related comments, but when you two start going at it the rest of us sigh “not again”.

    I know you have the ‘right’ to post whatever you want, but I can’t see how it would be great sacrifice of your freedom and rights to show a little empathy and kindness to other fans who enjoy what SinBin publishes and the opinions of fans on their articles.

    So, please??????
    And, Thank You!!! 🙂

    • THE hockey GOD

      Mike, I like you.
      But no thanks.

      Hockey is politics and has been ever since USA beat Russians in 1960. If some whiny liberals can’t handle the truth, and hate our constitution and right to free speech so much, that is THERE problem. Not our freedom loving, patriots problem.

      • THE hockey GOD

        now there.

      • Mike StG

        ThG, well it was worth a try. Perhaps you should run for office? Your message could reach a lot more people than just us hockey nerds and fans. 🙂

        • knights fan in minny

          dont give him a big head mike it is already big enough

    • YES, SIR, I would like NOTHING MORE than HOCKEY TALK on this HOCKEY SITE!! I SECOND THIS!! I’ve been pleading, begging for this for 2 years! The constant Political bashing is so insulting. Offensive to HOCKEY FANS on this site. Many have tried to get it to stop, but it continues under the veil of ” freedom of speech”. Like I said yesterday, ” just because you CAN, DOESN’T mean you SHOULD”. I truly hated to have to speak out against this bull, but SOMEONE HAD TO TRY TO STOP IT. Thanks for speaking up!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS you are the initiator, if you don’t like the first amendment; that is YOUR problem. Not mine or anyone else on this site. Note I am not telling you to shut the fuck up. IF you attack me, I WILL respond.

        IF a writer decides to do a identity politics article, and no one calls it out; that is all right with you ? I take that as a yes.

        So it’s OK for the authors to do an identity politics piece, and not get called out on it ? Ok, that says a lot about where the HATE really stands.

        But to me, I will call them out every time. DEAL WITH IT.

      • THE hockey GOD

        it’s only OFFENSIVE to people who don’t like the first amendment, your marginalization and belly aching is just that

        called out for what it is

    • THE hockey GOD

      they started this, I only respond when they initiate a direct personal attack FIRST.

      If they wouldn’t insult FIRST, I wouldn’t respond.

      I will never relinquish my first amendment right to free speech.

      • Original 6 ✅

        exactly THG. i just had to respond to Karen’s comment s Again. lol. I prefer to talk Puck

      • knights fan in minny

        blah blah blah you sound like a broken record

    • Daryl

      You mean you don’t like getting 500 emails about nothing??? Hahahaha

    • Mike,

      Thank you for saying what everyone is thinking.

      • Vgk fan: YESSSSSS! We all know the extent of the guy’s hatred; we see his 1000 word rants every day. No matter how HE sees it, he insults 50% of us every post. He is playbook BANNON. He is the TINDER, FLAME AND THE MATCH. I appreciate others who have also spoken up. NO ONE should have to put up with this BS on a HOCKEY SITE!

  38. THE hockey GOD

    now tell my how you really feel about Ulf and my dialogue on FOOD??

    you find that OFFENSIVE too ??


    GROW U
    P e o p l e

    • knights fan in minny

      look who is telling people to grow up the hockey dunce

  39. To KEN B.( site founder): When are you going to step up to this INAPPROPRIATE POLITICAL CONTENT being constantly SHOVED DOWN OUR HOCKEY THROATS????

    • THE hockey GOD

      Karen strikes again, I think her really initials are TdS. Sorry TS, I couldn’t resist.

      Still pushing the neonazi tactics of condemning free speech ? It’s only “inappropriate” when you don’t agree with it ?

      ok , got it. (That’s how lib tards roll)

      Thanks O6 for your input, I am still laughing. Some people get it, others ..zzzzz… it’s over their heads. They think it’s babble. But then again , there brains can only punch out sentences with six words or less in them. Something is not functioning there. Although Kfim does have some good hockey in sight, when he sticks to it, and doesn’t go off STALKING people.

      • Thg, you ALSO have good HOCKEY knowledge and content, when YOU stuck to it and don’t go off on your offensive political rants. Think about your comment to Minny.

        • THE hockey GOD

          T(d)S, i ignore the psycho stalking creep, it doesn’t take much “thinking” at all to respond to this moron. He is a mental midget with a obsessive defect disorder impacting his brain. Like that NLV idiot who was stalking you. The FBI has been informed, they have his information.

      • I find you odd, but amusing. I ALSO think you relish the responses you get when you post your Political BS. You KNOW you do… BE HONEST, THG. You shouldn’t show faux surprise or rage when you get the very reaction you crave!

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS relish ? I like my relish on hamburgers and hot dogs. Have we moved on now ??

          I really could care less about responses I get, as long as they are professional and courtesy. But once they start to insult me, or stalk me then the gloves come off.

          • THE hockey GOD

            courteous. If people show respect, I show respect in return. But if an individual attacks me, then look out.

          • Thg, OK, then! ” As long as people are professional and courteous. Once they start to insult you…” OKAY, then! Good start. Now, if YOU would abide by the VERY RULES that YOU live by, then we are A-L-L GOOD. No INSULTS, ( including POLITICAL INSULTS) , and then you have
            NO reason to respond, right Thg?? I have always tried to be respectful to others. It’s the decent way to treat people. ALL of them, even “others”. We are ALL Vgk fans. Common ground, right?
            So, we have PROGRESS. If YOU don’t post insulting, inappropriate crap, NO ONE will have to INSULT YOU BACK!! See how that works? Awesome! Now there can be PEACE IN VGK LAND!! I LOVE THIS SPIRIT OF MUTUAL DECENCY AND RESPECT– Great start to a new Thg!! PEACE!

      • Btw, thg: I apologize for suggesting you ” STFU”. My own frustration got the better of me. Hot summers tend to do that to everyone. I also forgive you for your political name- calling, and “Karen” comments. Now, can we all agree to keep it CIVIL??

  40. knights fan in minny

    the tackuk dream is over

    • THE hockey GOD

      well it was good while it lasted, put some hope into hearts of die heart fans wanting another shiney object to complain relentlessly about.

  41. Andy Kelleher

    NO Not only no but heck no.

    Just what the Knights need is another player that will eat up more salary cap and not
    produce to the level expected. Knights should look at the team management that are
    making these questionable deals.

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