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Shirt Off Your Back Recap

I just wanted to take a moment to send a huge thank you to absolutely everyone who had anything to do with’ first ever charity event. It was incredible to see how much hockey gear we were able to gather for Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada.

Special thanks to Chelsea Seegers, Keith Dotson, Max Bizzarro, Kristi McElyea, Lance Evans and every one else from T-Mobile Arena for helping arrange, donating prizes, and allowing us to use Toshiba Plaza.

Thank you to Eric at Popularity Popcorn and Bruce from Uniform Sports for give us amazing goodies to give everyone who showed up.

And a super duper massive shoutout to George Salami for bring the Zambonis out on the Plaza, allowing us to take pictures up on them, and even letting our youngest fan Gavin drive one of them.

The community is growing at an insane pace, and I can’t tell you all how much it means to me that we are able to do stuff like this and give back to my favorite place in the world, Las Vegas.

Click the read more for a bunch of pictures and videos from the event. You all are awesome!

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  1. Stephanie Grobaski

    Looks like I missed a great time! Sorry that I could not make it… so glad that we were able to do good in the community.

    Can’t wait for the next event.

  2. sparky chewbarky

    Thanks Ken et al.


  3. Cappy

    Wishing the Vegas team the best, but you know once you’ve stolen players –hell, y’all stole a whole lot of our local team’s staff–and your first season begins, it will be the normal fan animosity. Meanwhile, there’s still a whole season until all the other teams’ fans really start disliking you.

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