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Shippy Don’t Like To Shoot It

Look at this picture, and think about what should happen next in the play.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Now watch the gif of what actually happened.

(Video from AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain)

Yeah, Vadim Shipachyov passed on a wide-open shot directly in front of the net. Now, before we go crazy here, this was a preseason game, and the move he made to get to that spot was gorgeous. However, it certainly confirmed our suspicions… Shippy’s not a fan of shooting.


Is this going to become a trend?

It was pretty obvious the first chance he had there. (laughter) No, he’ll start to shoot the puck. He came back to the bench and kind of nodded, he knows (he should have shot). -Gerard Gallant

He’s been playing exclusively with Reilly Smith and Jonathan Marchessault throughout camp and in the preseason games, the line expected to be on the ice to open the game in Dallas.

Recently in the locker room and roaming the halls of City National Arena, the three seem to be inseparable. Shipachyov has been spotted messing with Marchessault during practices and we even caught him yelling down the hall, “Marshy, let’s go!” But the chemistry off the ice hasn’t quite made its way onto the ice in a game though.

The guys will tell him he needs to shoot a little bit more. He was right in there all alone, has to shoot that one. But he’s a playmaker and that’s why he’s playing at a high level. -Gallant

We’ve always known he was a pass-first guy, but I don’t think we could have ever envisioned it being this blatant. Either way, it’s going to continue to be a story with the regular season right around the corner.

Anyone know what’s Russian for “shoot the damn thing!” I’ll be sure to pass it along to Smith and Marchessault, cause whatever they’ve told him to this point hasn’t been working.

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  1. RJ

    According to Google Translate shoot the puck in Russian is:

    снимать шайбу

    In the Latin Alphabet that’s:

    Snimat’ shaybu

    I know what sign I’ll bring if I ever get seats behind the boards.

  2. Slack

    As one who watched Pavel Datsuyk develop, a word of caution to those who are evaluating a still shot picture…playmakers see the game from a whole different level. Mark my word, right when you are opening your mouth to yell “Shooot!”, Vadim will make a perfect dish for a slam dunk goal you never saw coming. Chemistry doesn’t happen in a few preseason games….patience, please.

      • Slack

        It was a sweet move and had Smith been possibly crashing the net he might of had a tap in goal. Ha! I jest. More importantly, my point is this, let’s not type cast a player before he has a chance to develop a repport with his teammates.
        It’s the same as this way. If you have a great puck handeling goalie who makes play after play moving it to his D then one time coughs up the puck and the other team scores, I won’t be the guy screaming “Stay in your net!” the next opportunity.

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