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Shea-H-L No More

Shea Theodore, a man who makes growing a mustache look hard. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s safe to say the next time Shea Theodore is in Chicago it’ll be to play against the Blackhawks. Well, okay fine, with this club you can never say never, but we are pretty sure this time. The young defenseman is thrilled to be up with Vegas for good, and is working hard to adjust from the Shea-H-L to the NHL.

It’s all about instincts and what instincts I have, when to join the rush, where my shift is at. Usually if your late in your shift you’re not going to want to join the rush. Once I get more confident and start playing those minutes and build the confidence with the coaching staff that’s when I’m at my best. -Shea Theodore

Coach Gerard Gallant and his staff haven’t asked Theodore to change his style of play. They’re encouraging him to to push the puck offensively and allow him to follow his instincts. Which is why Gallant smartly paired Theodore with veteran defenseman Deryk Engelland.

I thought it was great. I thought we communicated well all night. We’re a pretty good pair out there, I thought it showed in the game. We had a lot of defensive zone breakups, that we were able to move the puck and join the rush. -Theodore

Theodore agreed that Engelland compliments his play on the ice.

For sure, for sure. I’d like to say I’m the more offensive guy, but he’s a good skater. He can skate with the puck, he can shoot the puck. We do compliment each other well, he’s a good shutdown guy and I like to contribute wherever I can. -Theodore

It’s a dream scenario for any coach. Allowing a young, offensive defenseman grow his game with the help of a veteran defender. Especially one that communicates well, and can cover his young teammates back.

Deryk Engelland is a veteran guy, a character guy. He talks a lot on the ice and he helps young players. We wish we could do that with all of our young players. Match them up with Deryk Engelland type players. That’s what you need. Character type players that help young kids along. -Gerard Gallant

Gallant noted it was only one game the Engelland-Theodore pairing was dispatched but look for it to continue. (They played together for about a period and a half in Toronto, but when asked Gallant almost seemed bewildered and said he didn’t even realize they had played together. Which was weird, but it happened.) The duo combined for +2, played about 22 minutes of even-strength time, had ten shot attempts and two takeaways. Their connection and production on the ice should make for an easy coaching decision.

Lastly, the 22-year-old had to answer the tough question. Is this the longest you’ve grown a mustache?

Yeah, I think so. I think I did it a couple of years ago in junior. Me and my roommate would get the jet black, Just For Men and we’d dye it. -Theodore

Oh, good old Movember. According to my sources, Alex Tuch’s and Theodore’s staches are leading the team in contributions and awesomeness.


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  1. dan b

    Could not agree more. He looked like he was looking up ice far more confidently and taking good strong initial strides with the puck. Definitely has shaken off the rust from the AHL stint

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