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Sharks Credit Limited Golden Knights Fans For Noisy Game, Poor Officiating

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It may have only been 20% but it felt like a full house last night at T-Mobile Arena. Not only did Vegas get a boost from their star goaltender but also from the 3,473 fans in attendance. Labeled the loudest fans in hockey, the limited amount of VGK faithful made sure San Jose heard them loud and clear.

According to San Jose coach Bob Boughner, the building was loud.

We were in another team’s building. There were fans in here tonight. It was loud and I think that makes things harder on everybody. -Bob Boughner, San Jose coach

One theme brought up several times by members of the Sharks was the officiating. San Jose felt there were two or three missed calls that should’ve gone their way. Even Sharks broadcaster Randy Hanh was upset with the zebras.

It’s possible the officials were distracted by the crowd. Like the players, they’ve been skating in empty arenas as well. More than likely Boughner was complimenting the noisy crowd by taking a jab at the referee. Either way, last night the fans made some impact on the ice.

Defenseman Shea Theodore sure thought so.

Yeah, even when we had 15% the fans were still buzzing. The more fans the better. I thought they were loud and there was definitely times we were feeding off that. Hopefully, that continues moving forward. -Shea Theodore

Since the inaugural season, Vegas fans have been recognized as one of the loudest and supportive fanbases in hockey. The team on the ice has undoubtedly benefited from their faithful’s rowdiness. Including last night’s victory against the Sharks, the Golden Knights are now 86-35-12 when playing on home ice.

Home ice advantage hasn’t existed in over a year now, but it should in these upcoming playoffs. More so if the Golden Knights play a team in California or Canada who aren’t rushing to open venues. Playing in an opponent’s empty building while they must come to Vegas and contend with a half-packed T-Mobile Arena should be a major advantage for VGK.

Everyone from fans to the state government is hoping T-Mobile Arena will get back to normal occupancy by the start of the postseason. Signs are beginning to point in that direction but nothing can be certain in 2021. (From what we are hearing, 50% seems likely soon but 100% still seems a bit far off.)

We now know what 3,400+ fans sound like and the effect an opposing coach believes they have. Imagine what 8,000+ can do.



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  1. thomas pilkington

    I would suppose that if you asked any coach on the losing side there’d be some questionable calls/no-calls.
    Poor SJS’s…..whatever will they do when the place is full again.

    On another matter, pic of Petro in a lower arm cast in the dressing room tunnel last night…be nice to get an update on hime and Carrier.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I still can’t understand WHY the NHL is so friggin secretive about injuries’. One thing the NFL does do is be open about injuries.

    Ken, why is it like this in NHL? Any idea?

  3. Gramma Vicki

    If you think it was loud in the arena then you should hear how loud it is at my house and I’m a 62 yr old Gramma. VGK’s are all my babies. Best thing that’s happened to Vegas and I was born here

  4. THE hockey GOD

    Anyone who can’t see that injuries give away information that other team(s) should not have (as well as potentially decrease VGK team asset value) , has a screw loose (or probably voted for dementia (Joe) person in national election last november- the one with massive cheating).

    The Sharks are complaining about non calls, if they were in better position instead of hacking along the boards , making plays in front of net; then the refs probably would call them.

    Anyone see the non call on Blues player who head butted the VGK goalie? That was pretty obvious. VGK came back and scored a couple of goals. That is how you take care of dirty play.

    The sharks C man (clouture or however you spell his name) is a reckless, careless player. No. 67 was trying to enlighten the Sharks C man, but it didn’t seem to sink through into this brain.

    • Ricardo

      But why not give injury information? NFL does. Gives bettors true information on how to bet. Could never figure out what the NHL has to hide.

      • THE hockey GOD

        it’s not about the bettors Ricardo, if other team figures out how to go after an injured player that is not good.

        and if you look at the prior line shifts anyone who knows the game can pretty much figure it out.

        besides Petro standing in locker room with a cast on his hand means what ? He broke his leg?

        I think I made my point NHL is not NFL and thank God for that ! NFL has 12 players out there, NHL only 6. There are a lot of sports where they don’t give out injury information. For example, horse racing and there is betting involved with that !!

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