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Setting The Price On Blue Line Trade Chips

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We’re still nearly two months from the trade deadline but the ball started rolling yesterday before games got underway for the day.

A pair of trades (which was pretty much a three-way trade) sent defenseman Marco Scandella to the Montreal Canadiens.

Scandella is a 29-year-old left-handed defenseman who has eclipsed the 20 point mark each of the last six seasons. He’s been more of an offensive-minded defenseman over the course of his career but his offensive numbers are down a bit this year with just nine points in 31 games and averaging only about a shot per game while his defensive game has shined posting 1.7 defensive point shares this season.

Scandella is set to become an unrestricted free agent and carries a cap hit of $4 million. The price on the trade market for Scandella was a 4th round pick without any salary being held by the Sabres.

It’s still early, so trade prices will certainly fluctuate a bit as teams fall in and out of contention and the deadline approaches, but a 4th round pick for a mid-range rental gives us a starting point for what it might cost when the Golden Knights are ready to dip their toes into the blue line trade market.

Erik Gustafsson (Chicago)

Gustafsson posted a 60 point season last year while averaging nearly 23 minutes of ice time per night. Also set to become an unrestricted free agent, Gustafsson is currently making just $1.2 million against the cap. He has some defensive shortcomings, but offensively Gustafsson is exactly what the Golden Knights are looking for. He’s a puck-moving blueliner who sees a majority of his starts in the offensive zone and plays on a top power-play unit. Gustafsson is what Scandella was a few years ago with more potential upside and a cheaper cap hit. Projected Price: 2nd Round pick and a prospect

Mike Green (Detroit)

A George McPhee draft pick in 2004, Green used to be one of the NHL’s best offensive-minded defensemen. Father time has caught up to him quite a bit seeing his production dip drastically, but he’s still been around a half-point per game player each of the last four years. This year the numbers are completely in the tank, with Green posting just seven points in 31 games and a 0.2 point share count. Also a pending UFA, Green’s cap hit is enormous at $5.375 million. Projected Price: 6th round pick

Sami Vatanen (New Jersey)

The former Anaheim Duck standout was shipped away in a fairly significant move in 2017 when he was traded for Adam Henrique. His offensive production has rebounded this season as he’s posted 21 points in 36 games with the struggling Devils. Vatanen is a power play QB and has the ability to play big minutes, averaging more than 21 per game for each of the last six seasons. The cap hit of just less than $5 million is steep, but the Devils have retained salary before (Taylor Hall) and they’d likely be willing to do the same again. Projected Price: 2nd Round pick and a prospect

Haydn Fleury (Carolina)

Vegas has been steadfast in their unwillingness to acquire a “rental” on the trade market. Fleury is a 23-year-old former top-10 pick who has never really broken through at the NHL level. He’s put up just 14 points in over 100 games with the Hurricanes but has had offensive success in the AHL. Fleury is an RFA with arbitration rights this summer on a team with an excess of defensemen. Projected Price: 3rd round pick and prospect

These are just a few of the many options that will become available come February 24th. Have a different name you’ve got your eyes on, put it in the comments and we’ll try to project the price on him too.




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  1. Kenneth

    I heard Gary, Shane, and Dave put on their podcast the likes of Duncan Keith could be interesting? Thoughts on if he would even be a good option and possibly the price for him?

    • The price is the real sticking point with Keith. He’s currently 36 and still has four years at $5,538,462 AAV left on his deal. If Chicago is able to eat some of that cost for the future, the trade cost could go up, but as it stands, I’d say you are probably looking at getting this one done essentially for “free.” Vegas would have to find a way to make the money work, but I think Chicago is the one paying to get him off their books as opposed to the team acquiring him. Not entirely sure I see a way of making this work (especially considering the long term concerns) but he’d certainly help the team this year.

  2. Tim

    I’m still on board with Seth Jones. I’d rather pay more for a young offensive minded D-Man then older U.F.A. rentals. Were looking to win now and in the future and he’d be a part of both. Erik Gustafsson would be the only one I would consider off your list but defensive shortcomings is a problem.

    • I’d be shocked if Seth Jones is available. If he is, I think he costs two 1sts and a couple prospects. If they are willing to move him, VGK absolutely should be in on the bidding.

      • Tim

        Ken as you know George and Kelly like to make a big splash last year Stone and Patch and this year who knows. I’m just betting their looking to make another splash and I don’t see it being a so so player. I’m sticking with my Seth Jones prediction Columbus received nothing for their 3 free agents last year and their out of the playoffs so we’ll see.

        • Tom

          Seth Jones is not a pending free agent though.. by that logic he might be available in a couple years but not at this deadline. Especially for a team thats in the playoff hunt despite all their injuries.

  3. Dean

    Bill Foley has already stated they will not be looking to pursue rentals. If that’s a hardline stance, many of these names mentioned will not be coming to Vegas unless they are open to signing a new deal upon arrival.

    • When looking at trade options, you always have to look at guys with expiring contracts. The reason for that is because they are the ones most likely to be moved by their current teams as they are set to lose the player for nothing. While I completely understand the point that McPhee and McCrimmon make on “not paying for rentals” the fact of the matter is that they’ve acquired both Pacioretty and Stone in situations like the ones mentioned in this article. Players need out, Vegas is there to scoop them up, then they sign the contract later. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens with one of these guys.

    • Vgk20

      imo the Knights will most likely trade for a veteran dman who has a low cap hit and is dependable in his own zone. Gallant does not like one way offensive floaters.

      They also could use a defensive minded forward too, as last night showed that winning games 5-4 and losing 3rd period leads is a problem. I would like to see Nicolas Roy get more ice time as a penalty killer and defensive forward, as he played that role very well in the AHL. but has not been given much chance with the Vgk so far to play that role. Size and reach is vitally important on the PK, as last night showed so very well.

  4. Knights Templars

    Troube is even with the pro-rated salary at the deadline, we still have very little space. A small role player is the best we will be able to do. This year we will be a non factor. The big trade was getting Stevenson

  5. Jake

    Great work Ken! What do you think Shayne Gostisbehere or Rasmus Ristolainen would cost?

    • I think Ristolainen is a bit less likely to be moved at this point after the Scandella move. Still possible certainly though.

      Shayne Gostisbehere – 2nd, 3rd, and a solid prospect (The contract is extended, but for the way he’s been playing this year it might be a bit high. That being said, the ceiling that he’s shown before would make him fairly costly.)
      Rasmus Ristolainen – 1st Round Pick (He’s a 40+ point player, has size, and an acceptable contract. I’d be interested to see how he’d fit here as we really haven’t seen a lot of defensemen in this system. I don’t think he really compares to anyone else VGK has, so it’s a risky play to go for him.)

  6. Vgk20

    the template of St Louis and Boston and Wash is big tough grinding hockey, and that is what the Knights have too, but could always use more of it. Any new acquisitions should be in that mold… no little soft players.

  7. Dom

    Nice one Ken! Have seen Tony DeAngelo linked as a possible target for the VGK. What would his cost look like? Also curious on Gostisbehere.

    • I’m a big fan of DeAngelo and I mentioned him as an option earlier in the year. He was healthy scratched in New York early but he’s really settled in. With where that franchise is headed I’m not so sure they are going to have much interest in moving him. He’s in line for a big raise this offseason and maybe he doesn’t fit in the Rangers plans. He’s probably going to cost two 2nds and a prospect. It would be pricy, but for me it’d be worth it.

  8. KH

    I would like to pick up some quality players but not give up any of our good players or prospects. I guess I won’t ever be a GM, but I am a fan and like our team the way it is.

    I like Roy and think he should play more.

    I think Stephenson was a steal and a great addition.

    I think Glass will be a very good center and I like him a lot, however, right now I think he is getting beaten up and needs more time to develop physically.

    Hague is getting better, I like him a lot too. A wide wingspan in any sport is usually a great advantage.

    Theodore is a ticking bomb, waiting to explode down the stretch, in a good way.

    Tuch needs to get going. Great talent.

    The first two lines really seem to enjoy playing with each other. Glad Stastny is a pro and willing to be a team player, a great guy to have on the team.

  9. DOC Williams

    Glad flower is skipping all-star. I predicted this back when he was named. After the events this year, the time off is MUCH more important! Hopefully Patch will get voted in!

  10. If you look at defenders who are UFA and have at least 15 points, here they are:

    You have to remember that we probably won’t have much more than $1.8M in cap space, so that leaves out Shattenkirk and above. Of those who remain, Anthony Deangelo has the best +/- and is a bargain under $1M.

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