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Sellers Lining Up For VGK And Other Buyers

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At this point in the NHL season most teams are aware of their surroundings. The Ducks, Coyotes, and Blackhawks are clear sellers, and on the flip side, the Golden Knights represent the group of buyers.

I think they are at least considering taking a big shot at something. They were looking at Ivan Barbashev and now what I think they’re doing is ‘do we have a big move in us? Can we do two or three things.’ I think they’re looking at what’s the best way to maximize our opportunities. –Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet

Not only will Vegas be competing against other contenders for available impact players but they’ll be looking to maximize their new-found flexibility. The Golden Knights and other postseason hopefuls have been linked to certain individuals but some of those names are now off the board. While active teams are scheming and strategizing, middling teams are facing difficult decisions.

For example, take the Nashville Predators. Nashville’s offense exploded on Saturday, scoring seven goals in their 7-3 victory over Florida. However, ignore that outing because the Predators’ GM has. Longtime general manager David Poile announced this week that the Predators are open for business.

I do not think we are a buyer. I think if things don’t change more favorably we certainly could be a seller, but that’s not today. -David Poile, Predators GM

In his 24 years behind the scenes with the Predators, Poile’s teams have reached the Stanley Cup Finals once. So, he’s seen his share of mediocrity. With 11 days before the trade deadline he’s telling Cup contenders that he’ll be taking calls, not making them.

Reminder, Poile and the Golden Knights front office have a tight friendship, maybe there’s a possible family and friends discount for Filip Forsberg. Sure, the Predators wing has been sidelined with an upper-body injury but according to coach John Hynes he’s making progress. It’s a long shot but if Vegas plans on making a splash, Forsberg would be it.

All of a sudden they’re in a bit of a tough spot. In a perfect world they would really prefer to have Mark Stone but now they have some cap room. They have some flexibility. They’ve had times when they’ve been really quiet about their injuries and you can’t exactly figure out what on earth they are doing. They’ve been pretty straight on this one. They made it very clear that Mark Stone will not be back in the regular season and Bruce Cassidy said that Logan Thompson will be. –Friedman on Sportsnet

It’s clear Vegas is in the market for offense. We all know the names available and Elliotte Friedman announced Vegas has interest in all of them.

I’m looking at all the wingers that are out there. There’s Timo Meier, James van Riemsdyke, Patrick Kane, I mentioned Barbashev. The only thing I wonder about with Brock Boeser is he’s got term. Everybody else I mentioned are all free agents. With Stone coming back next year, we hope and we assume, I’m not sure Boeser with term makes any sense. I pick Toronto but I think Vegas is on that list too. –Friedman on Sportsnet

Several NHL insiders have reported that Vegas will be very active before the trade deadline. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before the Golden Knights add another marquee name. Most likely it’ll be a star with an expiring contract for a Cup or bust run. So, it could end up costing Vegas a bundle for a rental.

I am really fascinated to see what they’re going to do. I think they are looking and exploring bigger and smaller options. –Friedman on Sportsnet

That’s a statement all Golden Knights fans share.




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  1. Jailbird

    The thing about these experts is they don’t actually call the shots for any team. Just guesses, like the rest of us. I’m just hoping we don’t ver extend to go after Timo. I would much rather see adding a couple tough, aggressive guys, in the mid salary range. But as we know , our McGms like to simply make the big splash every year, even if it’s not the best for the team.

    • A Fan

      I agree with not going after Timo. (have to give up too much) Don’t see Kane as anything other than a possible rental and if you have to give up too much…nope. I think Ivan Barbashev would be a great fit here and I hope we get him.

  2. Mark

    Don’t make a move, we are kicking ass with the group we have. Don’t fcuk this up !

  3. Hopefully, but not optimistic, they have learned that a big splash isn’t the answer and have come to the realization you can’t buy the Cup. They need help but don’t need to mortgage the farm to get it.

    • Emmanuel

      It IS the answer, they just got walloped by injuries and shady officiating. Remember also you only have a 1/32 or 1/16 chance to win a cup.

  4. Mike StG

    They would be better off going for Nino Neiderreiter rather than Forsberg. Cost would be a lot less and he would fit in nicely with what Begas needs.

  5. Mike StG


  6. Emmanuel

    They should either:

    Get a big PP guy
    Get 2 depth players at F if they insist on rolling 4 lines.

    The first option will remedy the 2nd and if they can get a cheap bottom 6 guy all the better.

  7. Pistol Pete

    I spoke with an expert from the media at the practice today and he made the point that Jersey is the most likely acquirer of Meier due to the strength of their prospect pool. VGK recently told me btw that their prospect pool is way better than many fans and experts realize. Anyways, I don’t see them spending a couple prospects and a first and third to rent or sign Meier. The cost to sign would be even higher as they would have to move a couple big pieces such as a couple Misfits to make room for him and Stone. That’s assuming Stone’s career is NOT ending which I think is probably the case. He’ll be back for better or worse.

    Barbashev is in the last year at $2.25m and I assume his agent will try for more obviously. He could be a really good fit with Smith and Karlsson. He had a career year last season (26 G/34 A) but has slipped this season to 10 G/18 A in 56 games, still decent and above his career pts/game pace. 27 years old and listed on CapFriendly as C and RW (6’ 1” 195). Definitely on a higher level than Amadio in terms of career offensive production.

    • knights fan in minny

      more and more i wouldnt mind barbashev looked back at his stats the last couple of years has the offense the price is good good size add jvr in there a little older plant him in front of the net i love trade day

      • Mike StG

        I’ve been saying for awhile now they should go for JVR, as he’s the kind of net front guy they need. But they still need someone to play with Jack. I think Pat Kane would be ideal, if they could land him for less than a first. If not, I still like Nino (who can play either wing in Top 6), as he has term and would cost less than a first rounder.

    • Pete P – l spoke to an expert this morning – please define who a expert is other than just another guesser as to what could or might happen. I am sure you’re not as gullible as your post suggests – at least l hope your not. The media in most everything is the biggest problem spreading BS as evident in listening to news of any kind.

      • THE hockey GOD

        PP is in Chicago ? Expert ? in what ?

        That means he spoke with Scotty Bowman.

      • Sorvino

        Hdbiker, I am the expert that Pistol Pete was speaking to this morning. I would prefer to keep a lower profile but you asked

        • knights fan in minny

          get a grip sporto

        • Sorvino – if you are the individual PP was referring as an expert and he posts that crap he’s in bigger trouble mentality than l thought. Surprised he has taken off the rose colored glasses which was huge but apparently it’s affected him in other ways. Sad

          • Sorvino

            I am the greatest of all time.

          • Sorvino


            Address me as Sir Sorvino.

            I cannot divulge my true identity, but what I can confirm is that I was knighted by the queen several months before her passing.

    • Emmanuel

      Im very anti-Amadio for the top 6 time and PP usage his stats are bad, also below avg defensively.

      • Jason S.

        I always thought Carpenter was better than Amadio. Yep, I’m comparing a season 1 depth player to a season 6 depth player.

    • VGK Fan

      Ivan Barbashev’s has 3 goals in 50 playoff games with a plus/minus of -9 maybe I’m missing something but I don’t understand the fascination with him.

  8. DeezNutz

    We’ll take Kane, Meier and Chychrun for starters then go from there.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    so Cody Glass is available from the preds !!

    VGK could use a veteran goalie down the stretch and for the playoffs
    assuming , most likely, that LT won’t be back or in shape soon enough for the playoffs.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if “VGK was in it” just to drive the cost up for their competition !!

  10. Sorvino

    Adin Hill is injured. Michael Hutchison has been called up to back up Laurent Brossoit for tomorrow’s game against the Blackhawks..

  11. Jason Sheehan

    I want the team to

    a. add muscle. Need another thumper.

    b. look into short-term goalies.

    c. add depth.

  12. knights fan in minny

    miromanov to ir

  13. knights fan in minny

    according to vegas hockey now stone to ir let the fun begin

  14. THE hockey GOD

    how many balloons did slojoe shoot down over the ocean today ?
    and how many hundreds of millions of our tax dollars did he spend doing it ?

  15. goalie trade

    which shiny toy will the Vgk acquire?

    Kevin Weekes: Timing and the market are becoming factors on if Patrick Kane will decide to move on from the Chicago Blackhawks.

    Among the teams that could be interested include the Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights.

  16. goalie trade

    latest rumors=

    Krug to Edm
    Parayko to Calgary
    Dumba to Boston
    Puljujarvi to Montreal
    Monahan to Winnipeg
    Barbashev to Seattle
    Henrique to Colorado
    Bonino to NYR
    Jeannot to Tampa
    Ekholm to Ott
    Gavrikov to Minn
    Chychrun to LA or Calgary
    Crouse to Carolina
    Van Riemsdyk to VGK or Carolina
    Kane to VGK or Dallas

  17. MARK

    If the VGK do anything at all it’s going to be Patrick Kane. The reason why is very simple here. Everyone else the VGK are keeping their eyes on such as Meier etc… all will require a huge return in compensation which the VGK can’t afford to lose because they are already down multiple forwards with Mark Stone and Nolan Patrick on LTIR. The Blackhawks are willing to deal Kane for next to nothing in return because they rather have draft capital and or a prospect rather then an aging veteran going to a Chicago team in clear “rebuilding mode”, so the logical trade here is to swap out Mark Stone and his $9.5 million AAV for Patrick Kane and his $10.0 million AAV and give up 2 draft picks and maybe a prospect for Henderson to get the deal done. The salaries are nearly identical and won’t cost the VGK much to fit Kane in. Then in the playoffs when Stone returns you’ll have a really nice balance of offense. Forsberg, Meier and everyone else will require giving up the farm to acquire and the VGK definitely aren’t doing that. Plus throw in the fact that Laurent Brossoit is now untouchable since the injuries to both Logan Thompson and now Adin Hill recently, so Brossoit will remain on this team for the remainder of the year. So now with the goaltender injuries the VGK have, there is no one Vegas can trade without consequences. So looking at the trade market and the landscape it’s clear that Patrick Kane is the move to be made if the VGK make any trade at all. We shall see very soon how this unfolds….

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