We live in an age of irresponsibility. That’s what happens when you give a platform to individuals that couldn’t earn one on their own. Instead it’s very easy to tweet and run. It seems incredibly damaging when people report “facts” that are skewed to achieve their desired outcome. Like the guy who claims the union kept the UFC from obtaining the naming rights on the brand new T-Mobile Arena. No facts or links just another tweet and run.

This week the NHL announced that there would be a “special” meeting with the NHL Executive Committee to discuss the two formal bids from Las Vegas and Quebec. When the public was made aware of this meeting that was intended to be secretive, Twitter blew up with the NHL is going to make an announcement at the All-Star Game. Again, giving a platform to report speculation as fact.

Here are the facts. The NHL and Gary Bettman have never rushed anything in this process so common sense would tell you that it’s not about to happen now. So let’s consider a sensible option as to why this meeting is taking place.

Yes, I will get on board in speculating that the process is coming to an end. No, there will not be an All Star Game announcement.

If we’ve learned anything about Gary Bettman, we’ve learned that they are methodical at best so to think they will have a “secret” meeting and then vote at the Board of Governors meeting a short time later is comical. This is what’s going to happen, they will announce that they will be voting, in June, at the NHL Awards week, in Las Vegas. Then the announcement we’ve all waited for will happen. Giving the Las Vegas franchise 15 months to prepare. With the All Star Game in Nashville, I find it hard to believe that they would disrespect the Predators by putting the spotlight on Las Vegas.

This is what I would do as commissioner because it’s using good business judgement. I hope I’m wrong. I hope they change their ways and announce that our city finally gets to sit at the grownup table, but until Gary steps to the podium and formally announces the leagues plans you can’t just use social media to speculate without facts.