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“Secondary Moves” Still On The Way For Golden Knights?

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The trade deadline is three days away but the Golden Knights have already dipped their toe in the red hot defenseman trade market. Essentially on the same day as Brendan Dillon, Dylan DeMelo, and Marco Scandella were moved, Vegas pulled the trigger on their response adding Alec Martinez for a pair of 2nd round picks. However, there’s still time on the clock and according to the Golden Knights owner, the Golden Knights may not be done yet.

This (the Martinez trade) was our big one really for this trade deadline period. There are a couple of other ideas that are floating around with the pro scouts and with Kelly and George. Now we’ve got a few days. Might be something else happen, but this was the important one, to get behind us, to get a really strong d-man to help supplement what we already have. -The Creator on Vegas Hockey Hotline

(The whole interview by Brian Blessing with The Creator is embedded below.)

At the Martinez announcement presser, GM Kelly McCrimmon was a bit more coy about the future plans surrounding the Golden Knights and February 24th at noon.

This was a move that we had considered for a long time and we identified this as a way we wanted to improve our team was to add a defenseman of this caliber. That’s why we worked hard to finalize the price in advance of the deadline. We’ll do a reset now, is how I would explain it to you, and then we’ll work right until the deadline on Monday to see if there’s any other moves out there that could help us that make sense. -McCrimmon

The Golden Knights are now very tight to the cap with the addition of Martinez, but they remain with a number of upcoming UFA contracts (Eakin, Reaves, Holden, Merrill, Nosek, Engelland) still on the books that could become trade bait between now and Monday.

The future is now. That’s why we are trying to put together the very best team we can right now. -The Creator on Vegas Hockey Hotline

With the injury of Alex Tuch (not expected to be out for the season) and the re-aggravation of Cody Glass’s injury in the AHL (timeline still unknown), the Golden Knights could be in the market for a forward or another defenseman.

The Creator was very complimentary of his forwards directly before saying this.

Now we can take a deep breath with the rest of the trade deadline. We’ll make some secondary, probably make some secondary moves if things work out. -The Creator on Vegas Hockey Hotline

Pete DeBoer admitted to having “some frank conversations about the strengths and weaknesses of the team” early on with McCrimmon.

Maybe they are done and Martinez was the piece they feel can push them over the top. Or… maybe there’s still more to come.






  1. knights fan in MINNY

    you have to keep nosek great game last night next 2 should be wins

  2. knights fan in minny

    what do you guys think the next move will be if there is coming to vegas on trade day I here its suppose to be low 70 going to sabers game cant wait

  3. Send tuch and eakin to buffalo for ristolainen.

  4. Trades

    VGK need to improve the PK. it continues to be a glaring weak spot, as they are getting burned badly by the cross ice pass and the one timer shot.

    DeBoer has them playing the aggressive PK mode, but it does not work for them like it does in SJ (#1 at 85.8, Vegas #23 at 77.7) because SJ has big players with long reach that are conducive to PK preventing the cross ice pass and one timer, like Stamkos burned the VGK twice last night.

    Both Vgk and SJ have been shorthanded 197 times, but SJ (a poor defensive team overall) has only allowed 28 goals while Vgk has allowed a whopping 44. That is totally unacceptable, and will kill them in the playoffs.

    a TRADE for a good penalty killer is a necessity by Monday.

  5. DOC Williams

    Lets see … A) – Trade Subban for one of the 2 goalies in Chicago … B) – Trade Eakin and/or Merril for another D-man … C) – Trade Glass and/or Tuch or for a GOOD forward to get us to the CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There ya go … simple. :)

  6. Sam

    My gut predicting Eakin/Marchessault for Ristolainen and a pick.

    • knights fan in minny

      are you serious marchy

      • Sam

        We need Right handed D… Buffalo have stacks, and Ristolainen or Montour would fit our needs perfectly. Both of which very productive and won’t go without costs.

  7. Bill - Mr. Dachshund Man.

    Malcom Suban to Chicago for Corey Crawford. Stanley Cup will come to Vegas.
    Cody Glass for anyone, period!.
    Nate Schmidt, useless & worthless. Send to Phoenix Coyotes.

  8. Bent Hermit

    I understand everyone wanting to trade Eakin. When you look at his stats since January 1st he is much improved.
    Corsi %:
    Eakin 56.29
    Smith 56.40
    Marchy 54.97
    Roy 56.93
    Nosek 55.85
    All of his stats have improved across the board. If they trade him they would have to get a forward back that is as good or better back due to no forward depth in the AHL. To get a forward and a Dman back is going to cost a lot. They have a lot of Dmen in the AHL and NHL that can play so swapping a Dman for a Dman would be a cheaper trade. This would still give them forward depth.

    • Bent Hermit

      Wow Winnipeg actually paid a 4th round pick for him. Maybe Winnipeg read my post about how he has improved since January 1st. You’re welcome VGK nation. LOL

  9. knights fan in minny

    eakin traded opens a spot for roy or another deal on the horizon

  10. jim

    Eakin traded to Winnipeg ……finally

    He has been a real negative this season, and his $3.8 mill in wasted cap space is now available for this weekend to add a better player.

  11. Tim

    Eakin gone this was strictly a cap move. Are they in on Erik Gustafsson time will tell. George and Kelly get it done right they do have a plan. Holden and Merrill may be next two expiring contracts. Whoever said trade Tuch your out there big strong young guy under contract for 6 more years that’s not happening. This year Stephenson and now Martinez two good moves not crazy money like some teams who are buried.

  12. DOC Williams

    Ok, first on my list ….. GONE!!!!!! (Eakin) Obviously a move to set up cap space for another one, Yes yes YES ……… :)

  13. DOC Williams

    Both of Blackhawks goalies are FAs after season. Wouldn’t they be willing to trade one for a young guy like Subban. Who cares if either would be a “rental”? Also, go get Gustafsson, however you need to. He would set up our Defense nicely, after getting Martinez. Lastly, we need a 3rd line scoring winger. That’s my wish list! Go get’em McGms!!!!!! YEA!

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