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Second Former Florida Panther Scout Hired, Scott Luce Named Director of Amateur Scouting

From Florida Panthers Media Guide

From Florida Panthers Media Guide

Remember when we discussed the Florida Panthers situation in this article, well Las Vegas has scooped up the second of the three people fired in May of this year during the Panthers move to analytics.

Scott Luce, the former Director of Amateur Scouting in Florida has been hired to the same job here.

It really seems like a steal for Las Vegas as they’ve now been able to scoop up two top flight scouts from a team that’s had great success recently identifying young players. One has to wonder if the third person, Mike Dixon, will be next to come on board here.

Luce had been with the Panthers since 2002 and spent time with the Senators and Lightning prior to that. His father Don Luce is also a long time NHL executive spending over 20 years with the Sabres and Flyers.

Yet again, George McPhee adds another highly touted name to his staff, and further proving the point that the loose expansion rules will not only allow Las Vegas to put together a good team, but also a high quality front office.



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  1. James

    Hey Ken, I’m surprised you haven’t commented on Desert Knights. It’s kind of a big deal.

    If you had told me before the hiring process that Mr. Foley would hire George McPhee, Kelly McCrimmon, Scott Luce and David Conte, I would have been very happy.

    • they are putting together a nice staff. As someone who the follows the Panthers, I am not surprised they scooped up Luce and Grinnell. I’m pretty sure Dixon is more of a nuts and bolts administrative type not a personnel guy, so I’m not sure he’ll becoming to Vegas, seems like they can fill that role elsewhere if they haven’t already.

    • I looked pretty deeply into Desert Knights and really didn’t come up with anything significant. I’m trying my best to stay away from the domain name stuff as they just aren’t a great indicator of what may eventually happen.

      It’s unfortunate so many places get donations and trademarks mixed up, especially yesterday when Las Vegas Raiders was trademarked. Nothing has been trademarked on the hockey front yet.

      Don’t worry though, we won’t let anything slip through the cracks on ya.

  2. James

    Trademarks Filed for Las Vegas Desert Knights, Silver Knights, Golden Knights

    Let’s get the discussion going!

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