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Seattle Tonight, Eager Vancouver Next

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I’m sure many Golden Knights fans were up scoreboard watching last night hoping the Dallas Stars and LA Kings would each drop two points. Unfortunately, both teams teased local fans and won in overtime and a shootout. My suggestion, pace yourself. With many tight races there could be some stressful nights ahead.

Tonight, the Golden Knights will play an opponent they have and should handle easily. Of course, it’s possible Seattle ends Vegas’ three-game win streak but in reality, the visiting team should leave with four points. It’ll alleviate some pressure heading into Sunday’s game against Vancouver.

I told a story today. I said my first year coaching in the NHL we needed to win 12 out of the last 13 games,” and we did. And we had to win the last seven and we did to get in by one point. These things happen. By no stretch does anybody, unless they’re lying to me, think that we’re done. But, I mean, we have to go on a pretty good run.-Bruce Boudreau, Canucks coach

After Seattle, Vegas will face an eager Vancouver team in an old-fashioned home-and-home matchup. The two teams meet up a final time on April 12th. While the playoffs look dim for the Canucks, they are led by a coach that thrives as an afterthought. There’s no doubt Vancouver will be in postseason mode against Vegas. Essentially, their season could come down to the next two games.

I try to stay away from the big things and try and make it more palatable. They can buy into and say ‘all we have to do is play good tonight and let’s worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.’-Bruce Boudreau, Canucks coach

I’m sure Golden Knights coach Pete DeBoer has his own anecdotes and stories he passes along to his players as well. The only difference is Vancouver needs a miracle to survive while Vegas is expected to participate in the playoffs. DeBoer would be ecstatic picking up another win tonight and four combined points against the Kraken. The Golden Knights longest winning streak is five games so he’s aware it’s unlikely to continue against other desperate teams. It’s vital to pluck points from every lottery team left on Vegas’ schedule.

  • Tonight @ Seattle
  • April 9th vs. Arizona
  • April 18th vs. New Jersey
  • April 24th vs. San Jose
  • April 27th @ Chicago

The Golden Knights are fully aware that if they take advantage of lighter opponents the playoffs will be in their grasp. They cannot afford to let games slip away so it’s only worth focusing on one game at a time. Take control of the next three games and Vegas will nearly eliminate Vancouver, and be in a temporary playoff position. Then they’ll likely need to sweep their Alberta trip and leapfrog Dallas in the final week of the season.

Nevermind my earlier advice, after tonight the stress level will be unbearable. Hopefully, we’ll get a night off from scoreboard watching.


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  1. Jason -l admire your optimism but question what you are smoking these days. Are you really sincere in believing they have a chance based on their lack of consistancy to date or just desperate for something to write about. Probably the later l would think as your more of a realist than the article portrays. Fun to imagine but unfortunately unlikely to occur imho. I am sure that any and all the teams they will face in April would like nothing more than be the ones to send vegas packing for early golf. I guess that’s the difference between an optimiist versus a realist

    • NorthernKnight

      Agreed. “Expected to participate in the playoffs” seems a stretch, with them currently sitting at a 39% chance according to Dom Luszczyszyn’s model.

    • Julie

      HD, you had me laughing from your post. 🙂 Seems like if you’re going to smoke something, might as well be the stuff that gives hope for playoffs. What do you think will happen, if anything, if they don’t get to the playoffs? This would be the first year they didn’t go.

      • Julie – the problem with smoking that stuff is the repercussions when you stop or when hope fads like a ship in the night. I personally don’t think he believes it as he is smarter than that. What’s going to happen if they don’t make the playoff it will save a lot of embarrasse as they would be out round one sad to say. I have no idea what will happen when they miss but l can suggest what should happen. They can’t afford all that big money in a very few players. It really ties their hands to take the steps necessary to be contenders once one or more is injured. Some of those guys have lost a step or two which is understandable. they jettisoned MAF for age so that could provide a clue. There needs to be some changes at the top – it would not be a shock if PDB was shown the door as its easier to fire a coach along with his buddy versus other actions. They need to get out of cap hell one way or another. Foley is an a smart
        businessman l would not think he would do nothing, The last feasco should provide some idea what needs to happen.

  2. knights fan in minny

    is logan in the crease tonight

  3. Vic

    How can tonight be a night off from scoreboard watching with the Oilers playing? Calgary taking a dive last night versus the Kings was damaging. The other teams ahead have too many games in hand, and the Jets and Canucks are problems pulling up the rear. Slim chance but the sand is running out of the hour glass. Too many teams in the hunt. Hopefully the Kraken won’t get a few early ones to add to the misery.

  4. vgk21

    Edm is up 4-1 over St Louis in the first period. LA won a game over Calgary last night.

    face it, the Vgk competitors for the last playoff spot are NOT fading.

    and get a load of the weak opponents of Dallas and LA in the final games

    LA vs——-
    Apr 16 vs Columbus
    Tue. 19 at Anaheim Ducks
    Thu. 21 vs. Chicago Blackhawks
    Sat. 23 vs. Anaheim Ducks
    at Seattle
    at Vancouver Canucks

    Dallas vs———

    all at Dallas…

  5. THE hockey God

    it’s not over until

    (kate smith)

    • THE hockey God

      63 is rocking tonight
      blues within one, with plenty time left

  6. Mike StG

    Bruce there it is! Great tee I purchased shortly after he took over. Funny stories, genuine personality, loved him when he was in hockey media.

    Hope we win all three games, but happy he has turned their team around.

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