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Seat Selection Guide Released On Team Site

We’re almost there season ticket holders, the seat selection process is right around the corner and the email sending out exact dates and times for each account should be there shortly.

The team recently released a 32-page Seat Selection Guide which can be found here. Since I’m assuming the rest of you have lives, let me sum up the main pieces of info in the guide.

  • Grid showing the benefits of each ticket level (VIP Glass Seats, Center Ice Club, Standard Season Tickets, Partial Season Tickers)
  • Further broken down price guide including 16 sections rather than the original P1-P6 sections.
  • There are three payment plans to pay for the seats. Lump sum, 50/50, and a 9-month interest free payment plan.
  • 20% of the total ticket price will be due at time of seat selection.
  • Initial despots will be used toward the final payment of the final year of the selected term-length. In other words, Payment #12 of 12, #36 of 36, or #60 of 60 or #120 of 120.
  • Seating priority is based on
    • Term length (10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 1 year)
    • Date/time of purchase
    • Number of seats

Got it? Good.

One thing that was not in the guide but has been confirmed to me is that all tickets will be offered electronically, however there are plans to offer some sort of commemorative ticket for the inaugural season. Whether it’s a one time thing or a true ticket book like the old days remains to be seen, but whatever they wind up doing, that’s going to be one of the sweetest keepsakes ever.

Todd Pollock, the VP of Ticketing and Suites is scheduled to come on the podcast within the next week or so to give us much more information on the actual seat selection process. If you have anything you want us to ask, post it down in the comments section and we will make sure it gets answered.


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  1. Jonathan

    Received my email with seat selection time half an hour ago. Can’t wait!!

  2. Ron Murphy

    Still wish they’d firm up the ticket prices…would like to budget…steal…hock…sell blood…whatever will pay for seats. Even a $10 swing from what you may think equals another $440 per seat so, c’mon guys, how much do you need?

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