Season tickets for the brand new Las Vegas Expansion franchise have been flying off the shelves since the day The Creator launched the ticket drive in February of last year. With every bit of news more and more of the skeptics turned to believers and put their money down. Well now that the team is official, the number is climbing rapidly, and will likely hit the cap soon.

Ticket sales have been fantastic since the official announcement. In fact, we are now sold out of P4 Loge, on top of previously sold out P1,P5, and P6. A limited number of P2 and P3 seats remain but I can confirm we have now eclipsed the 15,000 season ticket mark. I would very strongly encourage anyone interested in becoming a season ticket member place a deposit on a plan in the very near future -Todd Pollock, VP of Ticketing

The entire upper bowl (P5 and P6) were sold out months ago, the best seats in the house (P1) sold out awfully quickly too, but now P4, also known as the Loge seats have all been scooped up.

That leaves just two sections available to those still looking to become season ticket holders for Las Vegas’ inaugural NHL season. P3, the lower ends, and P2 the lower corners, are the only options left.

If you have any interest in being able to say you were one of the first season ticket holders in franchise history, you’d better plop your $125 bucks per seat down soon. They aren’t planning on holding many seats back for individual games. We’ve heard possibly as few as 500 per game.

We’ve got the team people, no more reason to wait. It’s now or never time.

Here’s the link to buy tickets. Do it now, I don’t want any tweets asking where to get them in October next year.