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Season Ticket Deposit Update; “We’re Basically Sold Out”

We’re still 16 months away from the first major professional hockey game in Las Vegas, but that hasn’t stopped residents from plopping down money to guarantee their seats.

After the T-Mobile Arena open house, in which more than 5,000 fans came through the building on Monday and Tuesday, The Creator updated the total number of ticket deposits the team has sold.

We’re over 15.5k deposits including suites. We’re basically sold out. -The Creator still has a “very limited” number of seats available in P2 and P3, the lower ends and lower corners.

The building holds 17,500 before standing room. With 15,500 deposits sold, another 1,500 or so held back for group sales and individual tickets, and the amount the NHL requests for players, teams, and the like, there’s likely less than 200 total deposits still available for a guaranteed seat.

And they said we aren’t a hockey market.


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  1. A Fan

    Let’s go Las Vegas Mustangs! Or Scorpions! Ok how about Aces! Or Las Vegas To Be Named Later.

  2. Mark

    Hey Kenny,

    You know who can play better than the Las Vegas Mustangs? The Seahawks! In fact, if you put ice skates on them and they played the Tapa Bay Bucs, they would score 200 points and Jameis Winston would be curled up crying like he did after he stole crab legs and got is pinky finger pinched. Oh wait….what were we talking about again?!?! Oh ya, the Las Vegas Mustangs and how much they suck – just like Jameis Winston and the Bucs…..

    Thank you for your time.

    PS – GO HAWKS!

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