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Season “End” Stat Leaderboards Lacking Many Golden Knights

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When, how, or if the NHL season picks back up will probably remain a mystery for a while longer, but every day that ticks off the calendar it becomes clearer and clearer the regular season will not be completed in its entirety.

They may come back and play a few games or they may even eliminate a few games and backdate the season to the 68-game mark to make it even. Either way, the stats on the board currently are likely to be pretty close to what ultimately goes down in the record books for the 2019-20 regular season.

Despite playing 71 games, with most of the rest of the league playing fewer than 70, the Golden Knights have a player listed in the top 10 of just two standard offensive statistical categories. Max Pacioretty’s 307 shots on goal have him ranked 3rd behind Nathan MacKinnon and Alex Ovechkin and Ryan Reaves led the NHL in hits with 316.

But that’s it. No one’s in the top 10 in goals, assists, points, +/-, shooting percentage, PIM, TOI, blocks, faceoff stats, or even point shares.

Here’s a look at the Golden Knights’ highest ranking in each statistical category.

Leader – David Pastrnak: 48
VGK – Max Pacioretty: 32

Leader – Leon Draisaitl: 67
VGK – Mark Stone: 42

Leader – Leon Draisaitl: 110
VGK – Max Pacioretty: 66

Leader – Ryan Grave: +40
VGK – Chandler Stephenson: +19

Shots on Goal
Leader – Nathan MacKinnon: 318
VGK – Max Pacioretty: 307

Shooting Percentage
Leader – Alex Killorn: 20.0%
VGK – Reilly Smith: 16.0%

Leader – Evander Kane: 122
VGK – Ryan Reaves: 47

Leader – Thomas Chabot: 26:00
VGK – Shea Theodore: 22:14

Leader – Oscar Klefbom: 180
VGK – Brayden McNabb: 133

Leader – Ryan Reaves: 316
VGK – Ryan Reaves: 316

Faceoffs Won
Leader – Ryan O’Reilly: 880
VGK – Paul Stastny: 624

Point Shares (Skaters)
Leader – David Pastrnak: 13.2
VGK – Max Pacioretty: 8.6

Not exactly the offensive explosion many were expecting for the Golden Knights this season. At the pause, despite playing more games than every team ahead of them, Vegas tied for 9th with 224 goals scored. Tampa Bay led the league with 243.

The Golden Knights, as they have each of their three seasons, have done it with balance. They had six players (Pacioretty, Stone, Smith, Marchessault, Karlsson, Theodore) reach the 40 point mark and had the season played out in full one more (Stastny) was going to get there as well. Contrast that to the Oilers who had two players set to cross the 100 point plateau, but had just three over 40.

Four guys reached 20 goals (Pacioretty, Smith, Marchessault, Stone) with two more (Karlsson, Stastny) who had a chance with a strong last 11 games.

In the end, it all added up to a 1st place “finish” in the Pacific Division, which is really all that matters.


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  1. "DOC"

    Negative Kenny is alive & well!!!!! Of course season has not been proclaimed over yet. But, as far as main idea of your story: You, as usual, take a negative stance on the Knights whenever you get a chance. But slamming them because they don’t have a bunch of players ranked high in all the stats, is ridiculous. Individual stats don’t determine success on a TEAM level. Who cares where our players are individually slotted in? It’s where the TEAM is at successfully. REMEMBER Ken, a TEAM wins games and STANLEY CUPS!!!! Not an individual!!!!!! Do you think the Tampa Bay fans give a shit about all the high ranked players they had, after the TEAM couldn’t play together to even advance out of first round last year????? DOC

  2. "DOC"

    Also, failed to mention the Knights have EIGHT players with 20+ goals and/or assists.

  3. Walt T

    I agree with Doc. So many good things to celebrate so far this season such as: Shea T. blossoming into a next level player. Max P. playing at the level we all expected. Schmitty and Karlsson getting back into form. Guys getting plugged into the lineup playing very well in whatever role needed. Two high-quality goalies. A stable defense. Our team was right in the mix to challenge for the cup….which is the target. The personal stats don’t carry much value when the team is humming. When I was cheering on the Islanders in the 70s and 80s, I didn’t care if Bossy had 50 or 60 goals, and I didn’t worry if Butch Goring’s Corsi was 49.7 (did they even have Corsi back then). I think the Corsi back then was Gillies, Nystrom and Howatt kicking everyone’s ass leaving us counting 4 straight cups.

    • Rob S

      Us!? What position did you play for the Islanders? And, yeah, the NHL of 40+ years ago (no free agency, no hard salary cap, rudimentary equipment technology and training habits) is totally irrelevant to building a team today.

      If you and “DOC” (I doubt it) are so damn smart, why don’t you go make a living from your own damned blog, rather than trying to screw up Ken’s blog. Better yet, since you are both such geniuses, there must be plenty of NHL teams beating down your doors to hire you, right?

      Ken pointed out that the team won by being balanced–and that “finishing” first was what it’s all about. Don’t like his take? Fine. Provide your own. But have a take. Don’t just whine, ” Oh! Mean old Ken is so negative! He doesn’t realize that everything VGK does is perfect!” That’s not being a fan; that’s being a sycophant for the team.

      In case you’ve forgotten in missing hockey, VGK had an extremely up-and-down roller coaster ride this season…ESPECIALLY for a team that was supposed to be good enough to challenge for a Stanley Cup. You may even recall that it got Gerard Gallant–the Jack Adams award winner less than two years ago–fired.

      So, please, give Ken and the rest of us a break!

      • "DOC"

        Hey Rob … WHAT do you think this “blog” is all about? It’s for discussion!!!!!!! I’m not interested in trying to make money on this! Don’t blame Ken for trying. With the stuff he says he’s gonna get (and expects) feedback both pro & con. But, this is NOT your blog & Ken doesn’t need any help trying to defend his self. Quit attacking others for their opinions!

    • "DOC"

      Yes! Right ON Walt! Fans want TEAM success above all!

  4. Walt T

    Rob, we’re just chatting, and we probably agree on many things. Doc can take care of himself. I’m an old guy who has played hockey and attended games since 1963. I think a little differently than 99% of VGK fans, my kids and grandkids about everything. Ken has a fantastic site, and thanks to him I made my VGK season ticket deposit 4 or 5 years ago and check his site as the go-to site for everything. He’s a mad scientist with stats, and sometimes I play around commenting. I just wanted to point out that I don’t worry about stats as much as others. I played ‘fan’ for the Islanders, and they provided many years of happiness with a team effort, even though they had some guys with killer stats. Just ignore my future posts if you rather not hear my ramblings. There are some of us out here who believe the sport was greater ‘back in the day’ (one ref, no replays, no rap music at games forcing me to wear ear plugs, and ticket prices not bordering on usury). In 20 or 30 years, the NHL players will likely be wearing dresses, and people will run blogs stating how great the game was from 2017 – 2020.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    The only good thing coming out of this shutdown is that Gretzky fans are now significantly less worried that Alex O (the big headed obviously on ‘roids) chances of passing the all time scoring mark and Alex O’s goal totals will likely always have that * associated with them. Just like Roger Maris had 61* when he passed Babe Ruth for one season total.

    sez me

    • "DOC"

      Yea, that’s interesting. I bet lots of people are concerned about this!

  6. knights fan in minny

    I think we all need some puck

    • "DOC"

      You’re right kfminny ….. It’s only been just over a month since the season was paused. (ONE month) But of course it seems like so much longer. The TIME of the season we stopped was makes it all more antagonizing. A few games left then PLAYOFF TIME. Yeas we need some good old nasty PUCKING!!!!

  7. "DOC"

    Hey Walt, we seem to have a lot in common. I’m an old man (70 in June) and played a lot of hockey years ago. Are you on twitter or Facebook? Would like to have further conversations sometime. You can find me on FB “Doc Williams” or twitter “Doc Williams” @doktorpigskin. Look me up. Stay safe

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