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Scratch Yesterday, Playoff Mode Begins On Wednesday

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There hasn’t been much for Golden Knights fans to complain about this season. Their favorite team is currently in first place, and have the second most standing points in the league. Overall, it’s been an outstanding 2021 campaign for Vegas. However, it’s understandable if last night’s stumble against the Wild concerned some VGK faithful.

Sometimes it’s a blessing this happens now before the playoffs that you can take a look at things, players, goalies so we can see what we need to sharpen up -Robin Lehner

The Wild weren’t the better team last night, nor were they ever in control of the game. None of that mattered. In the end, the team that played 60 minutes won and walked away with an important late-season victory. It wasn’t just about the Wild picking up two points, it was also the opportunity to steal them away from the Golden Knights.

In a race like this it’s huge to deny them points. -Nick Bonino, Wild forward

Minnesota understands the likelihood of facing either Vegas, Colorado, or both to advance to the final four. It’s possible the Golden Knights will have a similar path if they don’t secure first place in the division. There’s no argument which roster is more equipped to win now, but facing Minnesota in the first round is a risk the Golden Knights would rather avoid.

The rosters or the way they play isn’t a mismatch, it’s just a team is in another team’s head mentally and for us you’ve got to fight through that. -Pete DeBoer

The biggest area of concern was the Golden Knights’ inability to finish off a two-goal 3rd period lead. Last night Minnesota severely outmatched Vegas’ intensity in the 3rd. Team defense and goaltending weren’t at their best but we’ve seen DeBoer’s club adjust and win despite sloppy play in their own zone. In a long series, the Golden Knights’ size and strength alone could wear down the Wild regardless of which end the puck is in.

Surprisingly, Minnesota physically fought back and it clearly bothered the Golden Knights. After the game, captain Mark Stone mentioned getting Ryan Reaves back from injury to further intimidate the Wild.

It’d be nice to have Reavo back. I don’t think there’d be as much chirping if 75 was out there. -Mark Stone

Much like the next game after a playoff loss, Vegas will respond. However, they can’t let up until the game clock expires. Or else that pesky Wild team will make life a living hell for two weeks starting in late May.




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  1. THE hockey GOD

    krebs needs more minutes in AHL

    pandas hold hockey sticks upside down, walruses don’t need hockey sticks, and dolphins flip flip like flounders.

    need walrus back, stop trying to imitate the flower in between the posts !!

    • Neal

      You’re right he did try the Fleury poke check move and failed. He definitely needs to play his style.

    • Daryl

      I agree about Krebs, said so before the last game. I would like to see him play 2 or 3 AHL games at least before getting called uo

  2. The Wild scored multiple third period goals two games in a row to come back and send the game into overtime vs the Blues. They will keep coming at you the full 60. With the Blues taking 2 of 3 from both the wild and Av’s the last two weeks there may not be any easy path in the division.

  3. Jason my man you can’t score 5 goals and loose if you play 60 minutes. Having Reaves back is just another stumbling block as they had a couple of heavies that can take care of that stuff and play hockey besides if necessary. Bottom line you don’t necessarily have to be the best club to win you just want to win more than your opponent whivh obviously fits the wild’s mentality. Maybe stone is looking for a free beer even me ntioning Reaves. LOL

    • Daryl

      Agreed. Having Reaves on the bench isn’t going to stop the chirping. Reaves does a lot of chirping but doesn’t back it up much anymore. With Reaves back there will just be a lot more chirping from both sides is all.

      As for the game itself, VGK had the same problem as last year… playing a full 60 minutes

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    REVO will be back! Soo deal with it!

    Nosek and him are needed in the playoffs.

    Stay positive real fans. We will prevail!

    • The problem with Revo coming back is he takes the place of someone who can do something and help the team. REAVES certainly isn’t a solution of any kind and is just in the way. Chirping doesn’t win hockey games scoring goals and playing 60 minutes is a prerequisite. The feeling concerning Reaves is no different than any other player who is not earning his keep .

  5. Howard

    Robin Lehner – “There’s nights like this. You don’t want to have them, but it happens. It’s good it’s now and not in the playoffs.”

    Robin and others seem to forget that it did happen to him in the playoffs last year. He allowed several ‘soft goals’ that top goalies stop. If he would have stopped them, would it have mattered against Dallas? MAYBE.

    The main point is brutally simple – Robin Lehner is, and has been a back up quality goalie his entire NHL career, and because this arrogant Vegas FO tied up money in him and Piets, VGK will have issues moving forward.

    Regardless, if MAF isn’t the starter in the postseason, I’ll guarantee you Vegas will not be hoisting The Cup. They have a chance with MAF, they have no chance with Lehner, period.

    Last night was some of the worse fundamental goaltending I’ve ever seen in my years watching The NHL. This is normal for Lehner, ask Chicago. He can be rock solid one game, absolutely horrible the next. MAF last year went thru a great personal loss with him losing his Dad, and it affected his play. MAF has what it takes, Lehner simply doesn’t and he showed you that against Dallas.

    Also, when you are as big as he is, YOU STAY BACK AND STAY STILL, ask Vasilevskiy about that.

  6. Tim

    I wonder if the rant Lehner had with the NHL about he was promised more freedom after his Covid shots plays into this whole situation. I assume he’ll play against Colorado and that should give us a better idea if he’s back on his game or is there a bigger problem. Most think were going to shake this off and come back strong Wednesday it would be nice but these last 8 games in my opinion were money games and each game get’s me a little more uneasy. I think no one wants it more then Mark Stone now he’s a player and he has a passion to win be thankful we have him.

  7. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    We either win these last 5 games, or we don’t.

    Playoffs are coming regardless.

    Then, everyone (healthy) on complete roster can play. (no cap)

    This will make a significant difference for the Knights.

    • Tim

      Doc no doubt being at full strength will make a difference but will it be enough. Patch and Nosek will definitely help.

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Lets get clear on something:

    I do not call people out by name.

    I refer to comments others have made, as do you all, but I do not make it personal by using their name. Plus their is no need, as the comments are right there below their name.

    I don’t care at all if others comment on or criticize my comments. If I see a need to answer a criticize, then I may answer. Just as you all do.

    But, if you call me out by name and make it personal, then I will defend myself. That is the ground rules I conduct myself by.

    So, do as you will.

    • Daryl

      What a joke…. Just because you don’t use someone’s name doesn’t mean you aren’t calling them out. It’s the exact same thing… Such an idiotic statement

      • Howard

        It’s called “passive aggressive behavior.” Look it up 🙂

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        YOU should know about idiotic statements, shouldn’t you little man! ha ha

  9. Krebs will hopefully play last few games. And make the playoff roster
    What a good thing for our offense.
    MAF is our hope for Stanley Cup.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Krebs is too small, and too young. He looked like a boy among men out there.

      He was repeatedly muscled off the puck, and he couldn’t clear the puck leading to goal for other team. He couldn’t get open into lanes.

      So what he had one assist. STill lost game and gave it up late in game.

      “well no. 99 was small” Krebs is not 99. Best thing for Krebs is AHL where he will play more minutes and hopefully contribute in CAlder Cup playoffs in meaningful way.

  10. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Nothing wrong with possibly “spot” playing Krebbs.

    Most likely he will only play if more injuries hit.

    But, way too early to make any judgement on him. I like the kid!

    Knights must win final 5 games, for 1st place. Will be very difficult.

    Starts tonight, so we will see!

  11. Blitz

    If VGK doesn’t win tonight they can kiss first place good bye. The Avs are 2 points back with a game in hand and a soft schedule (minus one VGK game). Realistically they need to win out the rest of the season, but a loss tonight seals it early and the Avs won’t look back. Playing MN in the first round seems likely and I think that is the worse case scenario for this team. Doom and gloom, but if VGK can pull thru, it makes it all the sweeter!

    • Walt23

      exactly right. only it is worse than that if the Knights lose tonight. VGK then could possibly end up 3rd and give home ice advantage to Minn in round 1. THAT is a recipe for quick first round playoff exit.

      in response to the title of this article, I say that the playoff mode began on Mon, and the Knights failed the test in the final 10 minutes of game 1, after passing the test for the first 50 minutes of the game. iow, you gotta play a full 60, or the hard work goes down the drain, just like the whole season could go down the drain if they don’t play a full 56 game effort.

      • Walt23

        RT @DavidSchoenLVRJ: Max Pacioretty will not play for the Golden Knights tonight vs the Wild, Pete DeBoer said.

        more bad news

  12. Daryl

    Exactly, we can spot play Krebs similar to what we should be doing with Reaves… Probably get the same production from both, difference is one has a lot of upside and the other doesn’t

  13. Walt23

    jesse Granger with this tweet—–

    The Golden Knights have the best goaltending in the NHL.

    Vegas NHL ranks-

    Shots against: 6th
    Scoring chances against: 17th
    High danger chances against: 21st

    Goals against: 1st


    hey dummy Granger, 21st in high danger chances means that the overall team D is performing in the top 3rd in the league, which means that the goalies have gotten plenty of help compared to other teams.

  14. A VGK Fan

    If the Captain Stone says the team will play better with Reaves on the ice, then that must mean something. Its obvious Reaves brings something to the team that is hard to replace, and we have had this argument with Ken for some time now. It has been officially recognized by Captain Stone so yall need to shut up and give Reaves the respect he deserves.

    • Daryl

      What exactly does Reaves bring to this team? The way I see it, with Reaves we have more chirping and a few more hits but that’s it. If you go back and loo at the stats, teams are still hitting VGK players and teams are still taking cheap shots at players, like Stone. Having Reaves isn’t stopping other teams from doing anything. We need players on the 4th line that can contribute offensively. We need more than just a big body

    • Like l pointed out earlier the only reason Captian Stone mentioned Reaves was for a free beer. With reaves on the bench he is just in the way of playing someone who can contribute. They have other heavies who can mix it up and protect one another if necessary and perhaps score a goal or two – chirping doesn’t win hockey games scoring goals and playing a full 60 minutes is what matters. The Stone remark was just filling in time and an excuse for their let down.

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