The ability to bounce back in a series is one of the most important team elements of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Teams trailing must immediately forget about the painful losses that got them there and work to stay motivated for the next game.

Oh, it’s easy. We’ll practice tomorrow and play the game the next day. The schedule makers do a good job of playing games every other day. So it’s easy to forget about. – Logan Couture, San Jose forward

Couture’s mindset is shared by the Golden Knights locker room as well. Vegas defenseman Brayden McNabb also felt scheduling allows for players to move on as all players and coaches say in the postseason.

Yeah it’s nice that way where you can reset the next day. The last game is already gone, so you’re focused on the next game. -Brayden McNabb

It makes sense that fans would have a harder getting over bad or missed calls, tough loses and player mistakes or errors.

You don’t have to dwell on the wins and the losses. You move on quickly. That’s the good thing about the playoffs. -McNabb

Win or lose, there’s another game before you know it. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The evidence is there to believe players move on quicker, possibly because of the schedule. In the second round teams that are coming off of a loss are 6-1. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, Washington bucked that trend last night; something the Golden Knights will look to follow in Game 4. McNabb did say you the schedule helps forget about a win as well.