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San Jose An Example How To Turn Around Canadian Road Trip

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It was a tough start to their four-game road trip. Travel, time zone change and adding insult to several injuries, the Golden Knights were forced to cover Austin Matthews and Mitch Marner without another impact player. The Maple Leafs’ high-end talent took advantage of a beaten up Golden Knights lineup and eventually cruised to a 4-0 victory.

Their best players were on tonight. It was one of those nights, and with the lineup we’ve got right now, we’re going to have to red line every night in all areas in order to compete, especially against good teams, and that’s a real good team. -Pete DeBoer

Sure, the odds were stacked against Vegas but it was all but over after the second goal of the game. The Leafs are an excellent 35-2-3 when Marner and Matthews score in the same game, so it would have been nearly impossible for even a healthy Golden Knights roster to win under those conditions.

The focus now shifts to how the road trip finishes.

Big ask tonight when you look at what we’re dealing with. I think our effort actually wasn’t an issue. I thought we didn’t execute against a team that puts a lot of heat on you, and they put a lot of pressure on us in tough areas. -DeBoer

This season the Golden Knights are 2-2-0 on the road with three upcoming games to improve their record. Stealing 4-6 points over the next three games would send Vegas back home with their heads held high.

A couple of weeks back Pacific rival San Jose Sharks swept their trip to Eastern Canadian. Unlike Vegas, San Jose’s first matchup began in Montreal and ended in Toronto. Against the Canadiens, the Sharks scored two in the first four minutes to ignite a 5-0 victory. Montreal was/is reeling and San Jose pounced on them in several different ways. The Golden Knights have enough weapons in their current lineup to win in a similar fashion.

The Sharks received two goals from rookie Jonathan Dahlen, one from defenseman Erik Karlsson and two on the power play. Between Alex Pietrangelo, Shea Theodore, Alec Martinez and Nic Hague, the Golden Knights have plenty of options from the blue line. Without piling on, Vegas can’t rely on their power play but they may have enough offense to win a low-scoring affair. Now would be the time for 20-year-old Peyton Krebs to start contributing and registering points. The 2019 1st rounder is young and learning on the fly but he’s pointless through nine games this season and has just 10 shots. Vegas could really use his offensive skill as one goal could change their road trip. No matter who’s in the lineup, there should be plenty of motivation to squash the Canadiens after last season’s six-game semifinal defeat.

After picking up a win in Montreal, San Jose shuttled to Ottawa for their second matchup. The Senators took the initial lead but the Sharks scored twice in the 2nd period to eke out a 2-1 victory. The Golden Knights have enough defense and experience to find a way to win like the Sharks did. No matter which team is ahead the game is expected to be tight. The Senators have played in five one-goal decisions in their first nine games. It may come down to a late timely goal for the Golden Knights and even in defeat a close game could result in an overtime point. With all of their injuries, earning one point could make the difference in the final standings.

This road trip comes at the right time. Vegas’ next two opponents are vulnerable and can be beaten with or without $29M in additional offense. For various reasons San Jose and Vegas’ rosters are currently less talented, and both are trying to win  with less. The Sharks proved they could by sweeping Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto all while dealing with injuries and Covid protocols. If they follow San Jose’s script, Vegas has the chance to take two of three on the road in Canada with a very thin lineup. Then the confidence would be high for the back-to-back in Detroit, another team even a beaten up Golden Knights roster should be able to handle.




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  1. THE hockey GOD

    the so called “pundits” here said PDB ruined the Sharks, so that is bad example to throw into their faces.

    Besides sharks hit these teams when they were down.

    red wings will give VGK a run for their money if Larkin and Bertuzzi decide to play.

    • vlad

      Last minute Sharks have 7 call ups and smoke winnipeg

      Open the vegas cupboard and all you see is dust… lots of dust

      • The hockey GOD

        I thought PBR ruined them? Know nothing trolls busted again,! And what part of definition of expansion team can’t u wrap it tiny brain around?

  2. Turk Broda

    Jesse Granger @JesseGranger_16m

    Robin Lehner wasn’t on the ice again today. DeBoer called it a maintenance day. He has yet to miss a start but he’s dealing with something. He’s taken a few days off.

    Yeah, he’s dealing with being a friggin clubhouse lawyer. He spends more time on his SJW bullshit than on stopping pucks. He ought to just run for the head of the NHLPA, and get out of his sideline hobby, goaltending.

    • The hockey GOD

      You left out best partof his tweet , he praised RL for his good play!

    • Tyler Durden

      SJW builshit? You guys are beyond pathetic. You have no idea what kind of issues Lehner is dealing with. Just sit in your basement and fling shit

  3. BIG BAD Vlad

    “Now would be the time for 20-year-old Peyton Krebs to start contributing and registering points.”

    Who writes this stuff???

    Krebs is not a goal scorer. Never has been. Never will be. Just because a few clowns on this site think because Vegas illogically drafted him he should be this star is laughable

    Pylon has been consistent at 1 thing. An only 1 thing. 100% supported by his stats.

    He is a minus player. And not just a few minuses. Massive minuses. Blame it on everyone else but its been consistent every year he has played. In fact, he was a league leading -50 in junior 1 year. Thats right! a MINUS FIFTY!!

    When he played for the Winnipeg Ice they were a last place team . The very year he leaves they are in first place in the league and he was the main change in the team.

    Turning to this year what do the STATS say. They say NO goals, barely any shots and again he has the WORST plus/minus on the team. The WORST

    This year is no different than any other year he has played this game. Hope and pray for whatever you may want, think, dream, desire, hope, demand it just isn’t going to happen

    You just have to hope they are trying to dangle him out there for trade bait. I dunno. Maybe they are running low on pucks and they think they might be able to trade him for some

    I can see the hockey DONKEY soiling his pants reading this.

    the stats are the stats are the stats. a leopard does not change its spots

    • Pistol Pete

      WHL is 62 G/169 pts = 37% of pts are goals. About average I would say. McDavid is 34% in the NHL. We know you know Krebs can score goals. That’s not the issue.

      • Pistol Pete

        It took Stamkos 8 NHL games to get his first point. He sucked too.

        • Vlad

          Stamkos got at least 100 points a year in junior if I remember

          Stamkos was also had a very positive plus/minus record every year.

          As well I believe he had about 50 points his first year in the nhl

          You’re comparison of Pylon Krebs to Stamkos is insulting.

          • Pistol Pete

            Only to inform you it took him eight games to get his first point. There is a parallel there. Not saying Krebs is Stamkos.

          • He also played on a junior team that was well above .500 surrounded by 5 other players who averaged better than 1.0ppg.

            You are right. Stamkos and Krebs aren’t comparable. Stamkos is a power forward top line goal scorer. Krebs is a shifty top 6 playmaker.

            You’re take on him is wrong

      • Vlad

        And MINUSES?

        Also of the points he had how many were PP points and how many even strength?

        Twist the data, cherry pick parts… at the end of the day having expectations beyond a 4th liner are grossly misplaced

        How long can you keep putting a player on the ice that piles up minuses?? How does that math work??

    • Q: How may you ask did he end up on the Kootenay Ice? A: the team was garbage. They won 20% of their games which allowed them to select Peyton #1 in the Bantam draft.

      Fast forward a few years, you finally have a player to build a team around. Rebuilds don’t happen overnight. Being the best player on a garbage team is tough….when you are outscored by your opponents 6-1 and you are the player with the most TOI your +/- obviously will take a huge hit.

      Career minus player…….Connor Mcdavid would have been -50 on that team in those years.

      He turned that franchise around, and if it wasn’t for a shortened COVID season last year with no playoffs, they had a legit shot at a WHL championship. They added the following pieces to the team in the Bantam draft after Krebs….
      Carson Lambos #2 Overall
      Matthew Savoie #1 Overall
      Conor Geekie #2 Overall
      Connor Mcclennon #2 Overall
      These pieces were part of the rebuild, and now Winnipeg is the #1team in the WHL

      He is currently being mis-used. His Adam Oates like playmaking ability will only come to fruition playing a top 6 role. Grinding it out on the 3rd and 4th line, with different linemates every shift isn’t the answer.

      • Vlad

        Must be a bloody miracle. The very year they get rid of Pylon the team leaps to first place. The very year. Who would have thought. Once again same old story. It’s always everyone else. Never Pylon.

        So what’s the problem this year? Who’s fault is it he is sucking so badly? They’ve tried him with everyone. And still he is the team leading MINUS player.

        It always everyone else’s fault he can’t score goals, his team can’t win, he’s a team leading minus player……

        He sucked because of a shortened season… that is a good one. Just when you think you’ve heard every excuse some knot head comes out with an even dumber one

        Misused? Ba ha ha. How’s all those pp shifts worked out? Has he been dazzling with brilliance playing with a man advantage? Whos fault is it that he’s done shit on the pp?

        Adam Oates. Gag me. He has 10x more turnovers and give aways than passes. Adam Oates. That’s insulting

        No goals and a ton of minuses. Keep thinking that is what Vegas needs. Or any other team

      • Pistol Pete

        TDubs you make some excellent points. Vlad is right Krebs WHL +/- is low however as you point out he played on a poor team. His +/- has been markedly better in the AHL and NHL other than this NHL season. Vlad could ultimately come out on top on this I f and only if Krebs goes indefinitely getting these results. Even with that, as you point out, he should do better in the top six.

        • Vlad

          Ok let’s look at his ahl stats

          5 points. ZERO goals. All secondary assists

          Plus minus? +1…. Yup. A team leading 4 minuses with 5 pluses. So essentially a break even. His contribution NOTHING.

          Like his whole career. Minuses wipe out his pluses.

          His ahl stats are heading in same direction as they always have

          Not to mention he got his points playing a depleted Colorado team.

          Btw he has played top six shifts and pp. hasn’t changed a single thing.

          Perhaps Vegas should demand when pylon is on the ice the other team has to wear blindfolds and no goalie

          • We can agree to disagree.

            13 games into his bigs career, half of which have been on a depleted team with a bunch of similar unproven players, I don’t think you are giving him a chance. You can’t say that a depleted team doesn’t matter because you just used a “depleted team” to make a point in your statement above.

            Paccioretty scored 6 goals in his first 86 games in the show.

            Give it time. Don’t write him off yet.

    • Richie-Rich

      The STATS are indeed the STATS that is true and here they are:

      In 2017 Peyton Krebs was barely 16 years old. He played 67 games and had 17 goals and 34 assists for 54 points. Yes, it’s true his +/- was -22.

      In 2018 Peyton Krebs was 17 years old. In 64 games he had 19 goals and 49 assists for 68 points. Yes, it’s true that his +/- was -50.

      Here is where your bullshit post gets exposed.

      In 2019 Peyton Krebs played in 38 games for the Winnepeg Ice and scored 12 goals and had 48 assists for 60 POINTS with a +/- of PLUS 11!

      In 2020 Peyton Krebs played in 24 games for the Winnepeg Ice and scored 13 goals and 30 assists for 40 POINTS with a +/- of PLUS 11!

      If you are going to throw STATS around at least take the time to look them up and not just throw bullshit out there.

      The truth about Peyton Krebs is that the past 2 years he is a PLUS 22 with 100 TOTAL POINTS.

      So Please Please Stop bullshitting us.

      • Vlad

        And was a -80 before your cherry picking short season bullshit

        If you are going to throw STATS around YOU at least should cite them all before spreading your cherry picking shit

        • Richie-Rich

          Those big minus years was when he was just a kid, not on the Winnepeg Ice, but the Kootenay Ice. It’s ridiculous to lay that on Krebs and not see the 100 points and PLUS 22 he put on the board before coming to Vegas.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Nice upbeat piece Jason, however I’m afraid a lot of your readership over here is not so positive thinking lol.

  5. Also latest on Eichel trade…….

    For all asking, my understanding is the
    have Tkachuk ( who is a future potential captain) an upcoming 1 Rd pick, a former 1st Rd pick, and 2 prospects in the Eichel sweepstakes with the


    • The hockey GOD

      They would be stupid to move some or all of that at this point. Just driving up the trade rumors

    • trade

      the Calgary Flames are reportedly offering center Sean Monahan, prospects Conner Zary and Jakob Pelletier, and the 2022 1st round pick

      • vlad

        thats it? dont see sabres taking that. monahan’s days are numbered with his hip issues

  6. Vic

    Come on Flames, take the VGK off the hook and make the deal.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Robin Lehner wasn’t on the ice again today. DeBoer called it a maintenance day.

    He has yet to miss a start but he’s dealing with something. He’s taken a few days off. Luckily for VGK he’s able to play through it, and he’s playing very well.

    They need him desperately right now.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    The Golden Knights have traded Alex Tuch, Peyton Krebs, a 2022 first round pick, and 2023 3rd round pick for Jack Eichel and a 2023 3rd round pic

    • Richard Santomauro

      By the way, Tuch & Krebs won’t be enough to stay under the CAP. At least 2 more high salary players will need to go.

      Likely Reilly Smith (if we can move him without retaining salary this year), or he simply is not resigned next season.

      Likely Shea Theodore is gone as well.

      That’s 4 very good hockey players and a pick for a guy who will likely never play at the same level he was prior to the disk injury.

      • Pistol Pete

        Richard I believe there will be around $8m additional cap to clear. Reilly Smith would be around $5m. I don’t see doing Theodore to clear the rest around $3m. I agree with Ken I’m not understanding Dadonov and Brossoit heading into the potentiality of an Eichel deal. They’ll work this out IMO. I completely disagree with your assertion that Eichel will not be the player he was. Listen to the Elliotte Friedman podcast with the surgeon. You’ll become convinced the procedure has a high probability of producing a perfect functioning disc with a low chance of future complications. It’s been used in UFC fighters who take tremendous abuse around the neck and head. I’m looking forward to having Jack around. This is a great move IMO.

  9. Richie-Rich

    McCrimmon continues to believe he can buy a Stanley Cup. Yet, the team is headed in the opposite direction……..

  10. I can now finally agree with Vlad on one thing. The VGK prospect cupboard isn’t only bare, it’s now dusty and moldy.

    • Richie-Rich

      The Salary Cup is in place to level the playing field and to prevent teams from BUYING A STANLEY CUP. The Lightning got around that buy putting players on LTIR last year.

      VGK will now have to move TWO additional top players and possibly get a pick or AHL prospect in return in order to get right with the salary cap.

      Dumbest GM in history. Buffalo is laughing their asses off at us along with the rest of the league.

      • Pistol Pete

        Not sure what makes you think these decisions are all the GM. Multiple staff sit around a conference table and brainstorm their way through these situations.

        • Richie-Rich

          The GM has to make the final decision Pete. The whole point of a salary cap is to prevent teams from buying a Stanley Cup. Sure, Tampa got around this by dumping talent on LTIR last year. That is NOT the situation VGK finds itself in.

          This current edition of the VGK are walking wounded. By the time Stone, Patches, Karlsson, Janmark and Whitecloud return the team will be so far behind in points that making the playoffs this year will “likely” be out of reach. VGK has a non-existent power play, poor defense, mediocre goal tending and a coach who hasn’t a clue with respect to fixing any of it. The team looks uninspired, disjointed with zero sense of identity or unity.

          When Jack Eichel is ready to return, likely March or April, two additional high salaried top performers are going to have to go. That’s either Smith and Janmark or Smith and Theodore (likely). Jack Eichel returning to the NHL and playing at the same high level after surgeons remove and replace his damaged disk is doubtful. It’s going to take one big hit and Eichel’s career will be over. This is a huge risk.

          In the meantime, McCrimmon continues to rip the heart and soul out of this team and mistakenly tries to buy a Stanley Cup. There’s little focus on developing players, with Whitecloud being the exception.

          I expected VGK to make the playoffs before the start of the season. That prediction is over. Lehner’s a mediocre goalie with no lateral movement, slow, an inconsistent glove and vision, and gives up way too many rebounds.

          The idea of winning a cup is getting further and further away. This team is headed in the wrong direction and will take a complete rebuild to fix it.

          On a positive note, they can never take away the excitement of that 1st and 2nd season from us. As a Season Ticket Holder we will always remember the Misfits and the Coach who took an expansion team to the Stanley Cup finals.

          I am a fan, indeed a critical one with my own opinions on the current management and coaching staff. I don’t mind people respectfully disagreeing with me. I am a 30 year veteran of the Navy’s submarine force and the personal attacks by some of you don’t affect me at all.

          • Pistol Pete

            Thanks for your detailed post. Very much respect your opinions although I don’t agree with a number of them. My point stands in the role the GM plays in these types of decisions. Yes the buck normally stops with him (a proactive owner notwithstanding) and McCrimmon might bear responsibility for the decision, but arriving at it was a multi-personnel process and I’m sure involving the owner. In fact in this case Foley probably accepts full responsibility as I would say he did on the Petro deal.

            Worst decision I have seen this team make was not resigning David Perron, otherwise it’s been solid. Hard to argue with conference finals last two seasons and under DeBoer. Now they have the top line center they have been lacking.

  11. Richie-Rich

    Do they have the top line center they have been lacking?

    That remains to be seen. Had he come in not having to have major disk replacement surgery, the answer to that question would be a definite yes. This is a gamble, period. And the cost for that gamble is high. It could kick off a very long rebuilding period for Vegas.

    Even IF Eichel comes back as good as new. I think we have problems in coaching and in goal. Smith is likely gone and I am not sure who is ready to fill in on that line. Anyone?

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