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Salary Projections For Golden Knights Heading Towards Free Agency

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Money is tight in VGK land this summer. After taking a big run at repeating as Cup champions, the Golden Knights have already allocated about 90% of their salary cap to players for next season.

The midseason acquisitions of Noah Hanifin and Tomas Hertl will likely serve as Vegas’ big splashes heading into next season. Figuring out which of the expiring contracts to spend the rest of the money on will tell the rest of the story.

Vegas have six significant pending unrestricted free agents and one key RFA with arbitration rights. They have about $7.4 million of cap space (read our salary cap primer) to work with to keep as many, or as few, of them as they choose. So the question becomes, how much will it cost to keep each guy?

Lucky for us, much of the guessing game has already been done by the brilliant consulting firm, AFP Analytics. Using past contracts as a guide, they’ve come up with a projected contract for every player in the NHL currently without a contract.

Here’s what they project for each VGK free agent. Each is followed by a little blurb by me about the player’s situation as it relates to the Golden Knights.

**Take a look at the full spreadsheet of projected contracts here. And be sure to follow @AFPAnayltics on X/Twitter.**

Jonathan Marchessault
AFP Analytics Projected Contract: 3 years at $6.285m AAV
Comps: Joe Pavelski (3 years, $7m), Alex Killorn (4 years, $6.25m), Jordan Eberle (2 years, $4.75m)

The kingpin of the offseason was always likely to take up a majority of the Golden Knights’ available space. The hope for VGK is that he and the team will be able to come up with a friendly deal that will fulfill his wish to remain in Las Vegas for the rest of his career. Before the career-high 42-goal season, Killorn was an excellent comparison. Now, Marchessault stands as a unicorn as a recent Conn Smythe winner set to hit the open market. There’s a reasonable argument for Marchessault to reach as high as $9 million, while it’s also fair to look at the Eberle contract and project him for less than $5 million. Term, age, and his incredible standing with the organization make this one nearly impossible to project, but it’s pretty clear to see, if he’s going to stay in Vegas, just about everyone else set to hit the market will have to go.

Chandler Stephenson
AFP Analytics Projected Contract: 5 years at $5.612m AAV
Comps: Vincent Trocheck (7 years, $5.625m), Bryan Little (6 years, $5.291m), Mikael Granlund (4 years, $5m), Ryan Strome (5 years, $5m)

Stephenson’s down stretches have really impacted the way he’s viewed in Vegas. That perception won’t get in the way of his value as a free agent. He’s a two-time Stanley Cup winner playing vastly different roles in each. He’s posted 50 or more points in each of the last three seasons and just barely crossed the 30-year-old plateau. There’s an argument he’s better than each of the four players listed as comps for Stephenson, but his lackluster postseason could get in the way of a mega payday. Anything less than $5 million feels unlikely for Chandler this summer, no matter the length of the contract.

William Carrier
AFP Analytics Projected Contract: 2 years at $2.480m AAV
Comps: Zach Kassian (4 years, $3.2m), Marcus Foligno (3 years, $3.1m), Garnet Hathaway (2 years, $2.375m), Jesper Fast (3 years, $2m), Michael Raffl (2 years, $1.6m)

When available, Carrier has been one of the most predictable players in the Golden Knights’ lineup. Because of that, he falls into a category of players that has gotten paid over the last few years. The challenge in Carrier’s situation is that there’s a 16-goal season on the books last year (and he only played 56 games). There’s reason to believe he can score a lot more if he surpasses the 11 minutes he’s averaged per game in Vegas. The Golden Knights would obviously love to keep one of the last remaining Misfits, his value to other teams is likely to be too rich though.

Michael Amadio
AFP Analytics Projected Contract: 3 years at $3.169m AAV
Comps: Joonas Donskoi (4 years, $3.9m), Lars Eller (5 years, $3.5m), Nick Paul (7 years, $3.15m), Cody Eakin (2 years, $2.25m), Erik Haula (1 year, $1.75m)

From waiver claim to double-OT game-winner to lineup stalwart to healthy scratch in the playoffs. Good luck coming up with a guess as to what might happen next for Amadio. Like Donskoi and Eller when they cashed in, a team may look at what has happened in Vegas and think they can get even more out of Amadio. There are a lot of teams looking for that mid-range scoring player, Amadio could be it. He also could blow up in a team’s face.

Anthony Mantha
AFP Analytics Projected Contract: 3 years at $4.753m AAV
Comps: Jason Zucker (1 year, $5.3m), Reilly Smith (3 years, $5m), Tomas Tatar (2 years, $4.5m), Nino Neiderreiter (2 years, $4m), Craig Smith (3 years, $3.1m)

Mantha’s run with the Golden Knights will likely be an afterthought when it comes to his next contract. It was a short two-month stint that simply didn’t work out. It happens. Here in Vegas, it’s all anyone can think about, so when there’s a nearly $5 million price tag attached to his name, VGK fans make the face I make when I smell Brussels sprouts. He’s a proven scorer in the NHL though and those guys get paid, every single time.

Alec Martinez
AFP Analytics Projected Contract: 1 year at $1.247m
Comps: Deryk Engelland (1 year, $1.5m), Dennis Seidenberg (1 year, $1.25m), Francois Beauchemin (1 year, $1m), Marc Staal (1 year, $1.1m), Brooks Orpik (1 year, $1m)

If Martinez does indeed want to continue playing, there will be a market for his services. The projected price tag isn’t too bad either. Having Martinez in the locker room is worth its weight in gold and despite his play clearly slipping, he’s still better than a replacement AHL defenseman. VGK’s blue line is a bit too stacked at the moment to even consider bringing him back, but if things change via trade, they could do a lot worse than keeping Martinez at less than $1.5 million.

Pavel Dorofeyev
AFP Analytics Projected Contract: 2 years at $1.530m AAV
Comps: Troy Terry (3 years, $1.45m), Eeli Tolvanen (3 years, $1.45m), Tyler Bertuzzi (2 years, $1.4m), Anthony Duclair (1 year, $1.2m), Jared McCann (2 years, $1.25m)

Dorofeyev probably isn’t a player who comes to the top of mind when trying to put the pieces of VGK’s offseason puzzle together, but he has to be figured in. It makes no sense to give him up, so Vegas will have to agree with the crafty-scoring Russian. Because of his arbitration rights, Dorofeyev does hold a bit of negotiating power. Without those rights, he’d be forced into a nearly league minimum deal, with them though, he might double his salary and make a small dent in Vegas’ available space. Plus, there’s always that crazy offer sheet option out there that could put some pressure on the Golden Knights. In the end, Dorofeyev isn’t breaking any bank, but his days at the league minimum are probably over.

*Stick taps again to AFP Analytics for their incredible work on these projections. Be sure to follow them on X/Twitter, @AFPAnayltics.


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  1. Troy

    I still would not be surprised to see Hill moved this off season. Near $5 mil AAV is perhaps a luxury for a split time goalie.

    • Emmanuel

      Signing Hill wasnt a bad idea (as most G are interchangable), the term was good but that salary….uggghhhh, it aint moving unless someone is dumping a salary the other way.

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    Ooh, LOOKY!! Yet ANOTHER attack on Biden! Your family and church must be so proud of you!! You JUST illustrated my point, Henry! (. Btw: only a true arcissist would repeatedly accuse others of the exact things he does, himself, with zero insight or understanding of his OWN narcissism!! This is classic textbook Narcissism, Henry!! You offend, yet fail to acknowledge your offenses!! You think it’s EVERYBODY ELSE who offends, all while you constantly offend!!! How positively Hilarious!!!

    • Richie-Rich

      No one needs to attack Biden. There’s plenty of factual evidence out there already for anyone to see. Both sides think the other candidate is a villain. Disparaging them and each other in this forum makes no sense whatsoever. I believe in free speech and I have no problems with either side posting politics. If I don’t want to read it, I simply move on to the next post instead of being triggered. If you’re being offended personally because the party or candidate you support is being disparaged then seek therapy. Trump is attacked relentlessly. We all have our reasons for supporting whomever. Being hateful and divisive only serves hatred. If you are posting in this forum simply to trigger someone else in this group. That’s bullshit. Grow up. Be an adult and treat others the way you want to be treated (ThG and other Trump supporters). You give MAGA a bad name.

      • ThG

        TS get lost you are no more than a drug induced creepy psycho stalker with mental issues

        seek therapy for your TDS , you need it.

        For someone who claims to be a teacher, clearly the qualities are missing. Can’t even complete simple English sentences, nor comprehend them Always twisting and turning them into hate.

        I repeat are you on meth, crack or LSD today? CAn’t answer a simple question, always spinning and twisting.

        If you don’t get help, this will be your future>>>>> see video, pathetic isn’t it.

      • ThG

        R R
        who said I was a trump supporter ????? Just because I bash demented jihad Joe, makes me a Trump supporter?? You sound like that creepy stalker itch.

        I am a libertarian. But Biden is worse than Trump by a factor of 1000000x. And he is ,so called, pResident now. He has done lasting damage to this nation, and it will take decades to recover from it.

        • TS

          Thq, the TRUTH HURTS, doesn’t it? Especially coming from a REAL man. And you can’t handle that, can you?? You find it so easy to call women vile names as you hide in your basement. You’re afraid of women, so you attack. RR finally told you how it REALLY is. How your political attacks are out of line. Calling me a baby- killer, a Pedophile and a CUNT shows everyone what a despicable sorry excuse for a REAL man you are. I applaud RR for speaking out. After years of your SHIT, it was time to say something.

          • ThG

            go stalk someone else, you have no idea whose identity is what , on the internet. And that poster called you out for what you are, a sorry stalker harassing people on internet.

            Get lost, go stalk someone else, it’s pretty clear you are one attacking people on this board all the time.

          • TS

            I now add yet ANOTHER slanderous comment by the THQUEER: I’m using LSD OR METH! Btw: meth causes Delusion, Grandiose opinions of yourself, extreme agitation. Warped views of Reality and Truth. Constant readiness to FIGHT. On the edge of Sanity and INSANITY. Sounds to me like YOU qualify, Thq. That is EXACTLY what you act like!!Projecting yet AGAIN, METH HEAD?? How does it feel to be accused of the same SHIT you throw at US??

      • TS

        Rr, for speaking out.

        • ThG

          he insults you, and you are thanking him? Go harass someone else.

        • ThG

          RR wrote to you ” If you’re being offended personally because the party or candidate you support is being disparaged then seek therapy.”

          spot on
          seek therapy, lots of it and there is more

          “I simply move on to the next post instead of being triggered. ”

          Instead of harassing and stalking people. Get it yet ? Stalker and harasser ?

          • TS

            READ his post, THQUEER. No one should be attacking BIDEN— so, WHO DOES THAT, fool?? If you’re posting SHIT to TRIGGER other posters, then YOU are the problem. ( Specifically THQ and other Trump supporters)…GROW UP AND TREAT OTHERS LIKE Y-O-U WANT TO BE TREATED!! ” You give MAGA a BAD name!! And THAT is saying a LOT. Does that sound like he’s talking about ME??

          • ThG

            TS stands for The Stalker Slanderer , nearly every post the TS (man or woman, behind the “alias”) avatar makes a slanderous statement.

            Notice has been given, stop your STALKING, HARASSMENT, and SLANDEROUS posts. That is all you do 99% of the time. AS well as lying, spinning, twisting what people say in their posts. Clearly a comprehension (or drug? Alcohol) related issue ?

        • TS

          Rr, watch out— THQ will turn on you in a heartbeat if you dare challenge him…next thing you know, he’ll accuse you of being a drug ADDICT or a Cunt.

          • ThG

            you cherry picked, stalker, and harasser, you clearly don’t comprehend English. Can’t write a coherent sentence. Doesn’t know what narcissism means, nor understands stalking and harassing , targeting an individual with repeated lies, and personal attacks like you do. By hitting the reply button over and over, is ILLEGAL.

            STOP YOUR HARASSMENT, BULLYING,and STALKING immediately. This is a WARNING and DESIST and DESIST from continued harassment. Do you know what that means, stalker ?

            you left out
            “There’s plenty of factual evidence out there already for anyone to see.”

            Take your bull shit and stalking harassment elsewhere, you are illegally stalking and targeting here. Seek therapy you know it. You have been repeatedly exposed for what you are: stalker and harasser.

            You have been given notice. Tread carefully from this point forward.

          • ThG

            RR watch out the site’s KAREN is trying to intimidate and bully you.

            More tactics that the liberals on left like to use.

            The stalker has been given a warning to stop their bullying, harassing, slandering, stalking posts.

          • ThG

            ” I’m using LSD OR METH! ”

            as typical of you to twist and spin, I asked a simple question

            are you on crack, meth or LSD

            still waiting for response.

          • Richie-Rich

            LOL, yep. His responses are over the top, but then you have to respond and the never ending circle of hate goes round and round. I beg you to both go to your neutral corners and never read one another’s posts going forward.

            By, the way – I identify as a man. I know this because it is on birth certificate and I have a full length mirror (which I don’t look into very often!). I cannot stand when the “C” word is used. This sort of language is meant to trigger, and it apparently works.

            I also identify as a freedom loving conservative first, Republican second.
            #TRUMP2024 because he is the only anti-Establishment candidate fighting for world peace, wealth for all, and has proven to lift the status of all Americans without the continued hatred of gender, race, and sexual orientation division.


            Be Better People
            No Joke

          • ThG

            TY RR

            but this person seems to have an obsessive mental behavior pattern which belies serious underlying mental functions. Stalking, harassing, bullying, lying behavior is not normal.

            This person, of unknown gender, posing as internet avatar as an anonymous alias has been warned that harassment on internet , which they are doing in targeting repeatedly the same individual, is ILLEGAL. IT is pretty clear they are responding clearly to the same poster repeatedly with intent to bully, insult, provoke, harass, and lie. Hopefully they will listen to your wise words. I don’t target this person unless they reply or insinuate in their many hatred , stalking posts.

            They have been warned. Now twice by two different posters. Maybe the message will be comprehended this time, as that is another separate issue.

    • ThG

      your posts as usual, no added value

      just silly psycho babble

      creepy sicko stalker

      seek therapy , lots of it, you need it.

      • TS

        Ooh, I am shaking, Thqueer. Face it, you’re a dick. We ALL know it. Bully, Intimidate, Attack, Threaten all you want. You have harassed ANY who disagree with you for years. You start ALL of this shit, then bully and threaten, libeling and slandering at will.face it, thq, y
        YOU CAN’T HANDLE YOUR O-W-N TREATMENT! and THAT makes you a HYPOCRITE! If you don’t like the responses you get, then STOP posting the HATE. Simple. DO IT!!

      • TS

        Stay awayfrom me, thqueer. Do not call me not slander or libel me again
        .You see, I also have archives. Your preciousbFreedom of Speech doesn’t include the harassing , libelous, slanderous shit you hurl at me. Be very clear: I know the laws, too, and YOU are breaking laws by your attacks on ME. just so we’re on the same page, k?? Do not comment, attack, harrass, call names, accuse me of unspeackable things, just to get your own rocks off. Do YOU understand??

  17. Richie-Rich

    The entire Marchy contract is something I am going to put on the back burner until something official is announced. This issue has been beat to death upside down and inside out. I think the fan base absolutely will be crushed if he isn’t resigned.

    His production and his health status has been outstanding with only 12 games missed in the past 3 seasons.

    My guess: He will sign for about $6M.

    • B-Rad-Lee

      Marchy was the hottest player last season. Gotta keep him. Stevey would command $6,25, so he has to say goodbye. Marty, even though we could probably sign him for $1.25, won’t fit. There are plenty of defensemen coming up. Parting with Theo’s cap should gather some assets.

      • ThG

        i don’t see no. 20 getting 6.25 million

        who ever signs him for that amount will clearly be over paying .

    • Rashaad

      Great work. Personally under no circumstance am I resigning William Carrier. Just can’t stay healthy.

      • ThG

        raashad, the same can be said about Stone

        Carrier is a beast when healthy, but in playoffs this year he was no factor.

  18. ThG

    R R
    the man base was crushed when MAF left.

    I could care less, if they sign on player and lose four or five good places at the same time, I don’t see how that helps the team except placates the so called “fan base”.

    I hope FO can make something work they are ones who created this situation in the first place.

  19. ThG

    I could care less, if they sign one player, and lose four or five good players at the same time will ruin the team.. I don’t see how that helps the team except placates the so called “fan base”. WE saw how they whined and moaned when MAF was left go, but that was the right decision.

    We have one month to find out.

  20. knights fan in minny

    if we could get that unhinged denro on her we could really have a party

  21. knights fan in minny

    hunters baby mama coming out with a tell all book in the fall to dish on the scumbag bidns

    • TS

      Kfim, you are fueling THQ’S rants with your OWN crap! CAN’T you see what this all causes here? WHY???

  22. Sarge

    Australian Golden Knights fan here. Born and raised in Canada.

    As an Australian my country has been going to shit for a while due to terrible politics but nobody really cares here because this is an American website. Australians still seem to be able to have civil conversations with each other in spite of their political beliefs.

    Is that even possible for you guys? Can someone please answer that for me since I don’t live in the United States? I’m not asking the hockey god because it will just be a reply with insults as he will be exercising his “freedom of speech” which he likes to do when ever anybody has an opinion that differs from his own. I’m not asking TS either. I’m just curious. I’m sure that the mental patients who comment on this forum can’t possibly be an accurate reflection of everyday Americans. Is it?
    I remember the presidential debates about 4 years ago between Trump and Biden being a complete shit show. What will it look this time? I’ve noticed some cognitive decline with Trump but not even close to the rapid decline of Biden.

    You guys are so divisive and destroying each other. It’s a little scary to observe. My opinion is that the democrats are more to blame but I could be wrong.

    And what the hell is up with that streets of Philadelphia video that the hockey god posted? My god, shocking!

    • Richie-Rich


      Our nation is crumbling. That will mean the end of freedom. No, we are too divided now and nothing is going to stop what is coming.

      We are now seeing the Democratic Party using lawfare like what is happening in third world countries. Putin put Navalny in prison and is dead. If the Democrats cannot stop Trump, I fear for his safety. This conviction does not disqualify him from being the nominee or from becoming President. He will have my vote in November now, more than ever. All of our constitutional rights are now at risk based on this complete scam trial. I will never get into a mud pit like some others do on this forum. It’s pretty sickening, but I do understand how both sides have come to such hatred of one another.

      • RR – thank you RR a man of reason and understanding of what’s happening to this once great country. This governing body both democrat and republican are a cancer that is in need of an immediate cure before there is still time. A vote for other than Trump is a vote to further the disaster which is happening and not voting at all is unacceptable if you’re an American who cares at all.

    • TS

      Sarge, it’s called the ” Trump Effect”.

      • knights fan in minny

        a dem judge who donates to mush head joe and jurors who are all dems who will write books and make money celbrate your tainted little win this sham conviction will b overturned in appeals court

      • TS

        Trump is the cancer in this country. America was always able to find common ground before Trump
        He brought his OWN rage, anger and MOB mentality to our WH, and all.of his ” acting” directors and Agency heads, with ZERO vetting, ZERO qualifications. Incompetence followed. Promises were repeatedly made, with no actual action. Trump alienated not only othe ” others”, AKA Dems, but NATO, European leaders( who made jokes about Trump), and the rest of the free world. He’s an equal- opportunity offender, offending any and all Americans He found distasteful, like Injured soldiers, LBGQ, Doctors and Scientists( he told these folks outright that he ” doesn’t believe them”. Both during Covid, and re: Climate, just to name 2), teachers, election personnel, who were relentlessly attacked in 20), He trained his minions to ATTACK for him, and his CULT dud just that. Jan 6 was the pinnacle of his CULT power over his minions– he had prepped them for months before, and then after the election
        They were locked and loaded for CIVIL WAR. and when he pressed the GO button jan. 6, his army was ready.
        His congressional sycophants think it’s such a shame this is happening– it IS a shame that a man, who has been corrupt all of his life, conned that many Americans to vote for him in ’16, knowing he was a career grifter, con and cheat. No one should be surprised at what resulted in this country. It’s like half of America decided that a corrupt POTUS is acceptable. What a LOW BAR IN America, that a corrupt, pussy- grabbing, hated and reviled grifter would have been elected to the highest office in America.just WHAT does that say about AMERICA???

        • TS

          FIR God’s sake…he attacks our OWN government!! The FBI and DOJ, to name 2. WHO DOES THAT??.I expect that from.our ENEMIES. Enemies of America work to undermine our government. Trump IS THAT ENEMY. The ENEMY WITHIN. we don’t need PUTIN to do the dirty work here…he has his PUPPET TRUMP to do it all for him!!!! In my neck of the woods, we call that TREASON!!!
          SEZ ME!!

          • TS

            Re: the Whole VAXX rejection: here’s a truly SICK irony about this:: it was TRUMP who, after sitting g back for months in denial, doing nothing but claim Covid will just ” disappear”, he pushed this VAXX through with Lightning speed.
            The WORLD WAS DYING, and TRUMP
            FINALLY woke up and made the decision to step up and start SAVING LIVES. So WHY WHY WHY did SOOOO many Repubs reject the VAXX????? I don’t get it. He held all those “Super- Spreader” campaign events in ’20, encouraging them to drop the masks…and they DID. Do you remember how many got SICK with COVID after his WH LAWN event?? And there are untold thousands who went to his MASKLESS rallies during the WORST of Covid’s death march across America! He mocked Biden in his ” basement” because Biden stayed SAFE…all while Trump held his countless Super Spreaders. Here’s another SICK Trump move: he was sick with COVID during one POTUS debate!! He actually showed up SICK and highly INFECTIOUS!@ Was he TRYNG TO SICKEN BIDEN?? WAS HE TRYING TO ELIMINATE HIS OPPONENT BY INFECTING HIM WITH COVID?? NOTHING TRUMP DIES OR SAYS IS ACCIDENTAL. HE MEANS TO DO EXACTLY WHAT HE THREATENS. He now has claimed the FBI was going to ASSASSINATE him at the Maralago search!! CURIOUS. Could he be thinking that way because he’s PROJECTING HIS OWN DESPICABLE BEHAVIOR ??.IS he prepping for his ” BLOODBATH” that he promised is coming if he LOSES AGAIN??? I believe Trump will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in his dirty playbook to make sure the ” Others” PAY for his OWN crimes and corruption!!!

        • TS – what does that say about America – pathic like your post its individual like you who obviously enjoy spreading the hate you referenced. You obviously never defended this once great country that provides you the opportunity to be stupid – The cancer had already taken hold when Trump was elected unfortunately, he didn’t clean out the swamp like he stated. Rage, MOB, etc. you apparently voted for the problems we as Americans are facing today – guess your part of the MOB brain-dead walking the earth who elected these clowns.

          • Richie-Rich

            When will the American people wake up and vote against the Uniparty Globalists? I love my country, but I despise its leadership. Why?

            Vietnam War
            Libya (let’s topple Qaddaffi)
            Syria (let’s topple Assad)
            Iraq (let’s topple Saddam)
            Ukraine (toppled Yanukovych) – The Ukraine conflict began in 2014 when the CIA and US government pushed pro-NATO Poroshenko into leadership.

            In December 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed. The objective of NATO was to defend Western Europe from the Soviet Union. So the obvious question one must ask is, “When the Soviet Union collapsed and they disbanded the Warsaw Pact, then why wasn’t NATO disbanded since there no longer was a threat?

            Answer: American Superpower Hegemony. The Military Industrial Complex’s thirst for tax revenue had become too big to reform. This is despite the lean years of the 1990s under Bill Clinton.

            Since 1991, the USA has pushed for and led an expansion of NATO eastward. It is difficult to make any sense out of why we would do this. The US and NATO have stated that any invitation between NATO and a nation candidate is having discussions of expansion, that Russia has no need to be involved, should not be included in the discussions and that they should simply shut up and allow us to place our bases, weapons and forces right up next Russian borders.

            Since 1991, the USA has caused millions of deaths around the world, and has spent the blood of its own men and women on these forever foreign wars. On top of that we’ve spent between $7 and $10 trillion dollars on these conflicts.

            The war in Ukraine began in 2014 when the USA/NATO and CIA toppled the neutral regime there. Approximately 500,000 Ukrainians have died in this destructive stupid conflict.

            The US & NATO leadership has refused to negotiate with Russia. No phone calls, no texts, not even a direct message on Facebook or X. This is insane.

          • TS

            HB, I am expressing my ” Freedom.of Speech”, that THQ defaults to every time he attacks Biden, me, or anyone who disagrees. So WHY is it perfectly acceptable when THQ posts HIS hate, yet here you are protesting MY opinions! Double standard?I know why… you AGREE with his attacks, si you continue to give him a PASS, but NOT ME, huh?? Come on, be honest. You excuse Thq because you agree with him. Freedom.of Speech goes BOTH ways. Whether you agree with it or not.
            He uses that every time and gets away with it! It sure feels like Double Standard!

          • TS

            No, he didn’t clean out the swamp..
            He filled it with his OWN swamp monsters! Can you say Steve Bannon? Steve Miller?

  23. ThG

    The prosecution has finally rested in the criminal case against former President Trump, having presented nine bullet-proof pieces of evidence that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump is guilty. Here they are:

    Trump said he’s innocent: Exactly the sort of thing a guilty person would say.

    Before the trial, the prosecution’s star witnesses both said Trump was innocent: It doesn’t get any more cut and dry.

    The judge decided Trump was guilty before the trial even began: It was that obvious.

    No one in America has ever been charged with a felony for this crime before: Trump is so guilty they had to make up new laws. Case closed.

    Trump was in Home Alone 2 alongside notorious criminals “The Wet Bandits”: What more evidence could you need?

    Trump spent evenings after trial delivering pizza to firemen: Exactly what a hardened felon would do. Lock him up.

    Trump’s signature on the checks in question is kind of hard to read: The plain mark of criminal conspiracy.

    Robert DeNiro said he is guilty: Game over.

    He’s not a Democrat: Clearly belongs behind bars. That’s just how law works.

    If that’s not an airtight list of evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump is guilty, then you belong in a cell right next to him!

    liberalism is surely a mental disorder – Michael Savage

  24. JB

    After committing many offenses that are of felony class, finally fat man is a convicted felon officially! First of many!

    • knights fan in minny

      no victory for you spastic dems this will be overturned in the appeals court all the jurors saw was dollar signs when they write a book

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