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Sabres GM Recalls A Favor From McPhee; Expansion Deal Coming?

The club of NHL general managers is a small fraternity. A group of 31 that are active and no more than 150 or so in the century long history of the league. (Someone count em for me, seemed like a lot of work.)

This small group leads to a familiarity and at times an understanding that what goes around comes around. Scratch my back now, and I’ll scratch your back later. Well it appears Buffalo GM Tim Murray scratched the back of George McPhee while with the Capitals, and the Sabres may be ready to cash in on a favor from 2014.

I’ve had a conversation or two with George on who I wouldn’t like to lose and how we can make that happen. Maybe I’ve done a deal with George in the past that was considered somewhat of a favor. Maybe I’ve had a conversation with him reminding him of that, and he remembered the wordage of that deal word-for-word, which I was very happy to hear. –Tim Murray, Buffalo Sabres GM to WGR-AM 550

That deal he’s talking about went like this.

Washington receives: Jaroslav Halak & 2015 3rd round pick
Buffalo receives: Michal Neuvirth & Rostislav Klesla

The favor was in Buffalo taking Klesla, who never even stepped foot in Buffalo. He and his $3 million contract went back home to the Czech Republic, and came off McPhee’s cap.

You only do a favor when it suits you. You do a favor for somebody when you can afford to do that favor now, knowing that you might need something down the road. That’s what favors are. -Murray

So what do the Sabres want? Likely Expansion Draft protection in the form of the Golden Knights taking on a bad contract. Say maybe Tyler EnnisZach Bogosian, or Matt Moulson. Or maybe Murray’s thinking about something else, maybe he’s finally had enough with’ second favorite player (after Reid Duke of course) Evander Kane, and McPhee will overpay slightly to return the favor on Klesla.

One has to wonder though, what does The Creator think of these favors? It’s probable this isn’s the only one McPhee brought with him from Washington. But no matter if it’s just this one or others around the league, should they really be a Vegas problem?

Here’s what I’d say if I were McPhee’s new boss, “Tell Mr. Murray, and anyone else who thinks you owe them something, you’re not in the home of checks and balances anymore, now you’re in Vegas, and here, the house always wins.”


Interesting note about this story. Rostislav Klesla was acquired by the Capitals just one day before he was flipped to the Buffalo. The deal that brought him to Washington… was for Martin Erat. The gift that just keeps giving. Sorry George, it’s not going to go away.


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  1. PhiSig 150

    Nice line about the house. One of the best lines you’ve written. Makes up for the Dark Knight article. I wonder what the expiration date on a favor is. Maybe when the GM gets fired? Also this doesn’t seem like a massive favor. More like taking back a redbox rental for a friend than helping that friend move. Not sure why this favor has to be paid back during the expansion draft. Maybe a throw in, in a future trade?

    • Yes! Rank these metaphors…

      a) Owl Pellet
      b) Applebees
      c) McDonalds vs. Wendys
      d) The house always wins
      e) Dark Knight

      • PhiSig 150

        1) House Always Wins- classic
        2) Applebees- made a lot of sense even though I never eat there. I just changed it to Chili’s in my head.
        3) McDonalds vs. Wendys- You almost nailed it except McDonalds should have been the NFL and the Knights are like Cheeburger Cheeburger or Bachi Burger
        4) Dark Knight- missed the mark on that one but at least it wasn’t a story about literally eating shit
        5) Owl Pellets- Let’s just all pretend this one never happened

  2. RJ

    I like the house always wins line, but if that’s Foley’s attitude then he is tying one hand behind McPhee’s back. Now just because Murray thinks he is owe’d something doesn’t mean he is, but if McPhee thinks he owes Murray a favor Foley shouldn’t interfere. If Foley wants to be GM fine go for it, but otherwise let the guy you hired do the job you hired him to do.

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