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Ryan Reaves Swimming And Hiking To Keep In Shape

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Golden Knights power forward Ryan Reaves joined After Hours on Sportsnet this weekend to catch up during the NHL pause and answer some fan questions. Isolating with his family in Summerlin, Reaves fielded a range of topics from staying in shape to Evander Kane.

I got to say my brother now because he plays in the CFL. It would be pretty disrespectful if I said me. When we were younger me and my brother were really good at football, we dominated our league. He was really good at basketball and I was really good at football. He tried playing basketball coming out of college but he couldn’t find work… he’s such an athlete that he was able to jump into the CFL after not playing football since he was fourteen.- Ryan Reaves

Reaves was asked why he doesn’t score more often? For three seasons we’ve seen the big fella come close but he’s usually good for just eight or nine goals a season. However, he’s had some memorable goals in Golden Knights history.

I ask myself that all the time. It’s been ten years asking myself that and I just don’t have an answer for you. I should probably do that a little more often. -Reaves

With gyms, parks, and facilities are closed, walking and jogging around the neighborhood is how people are staying fit during the shutdown. Reaves is making the most of what he has, which includes his swimming pool, some weights, and some hiking in his surrounding area to keep in shape.

A lot of swimming. I’ve been doing a lot of workouts in the pool. My house is on a hill, so I’ve been running up hill and I’ve climbed this mountain a couple of times.

I would take the under on that. If we were teammates I would have to squash the beef. You know you can’t have that in the dressing room but best friends is a stretch for sure.-Reaves

It was an entertaining 20+ minutes with Scott Oake and Louie Debrusk. Reaves is his normal, candid self and continues to market his personality to hockey fans everywhere. The NHL is known for doing a poor job of promoting their players or so it’s always fun to watch when professional athletes let loose and free. Also, the bond between Reaves and Oake continues to grow and get more entertaining. If you’re unaware or haven’t read about their history, here’s a good profile on the close relationship the two Manitobans share.

Now, it’s time for a swim.




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  1. "DOC"

    Yea, Revo would squash the beef. He would kick (squash) Kanes ass all over the room, then, say ok all’s good now!!! ha ha

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