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Rookies Will Give First Look At Bruce Cassidy’s System This Weekend

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New coach, new system. That will be the main focus of the Golden Knights training camp when it opens next week. It’s not just the NHL-level players that are being drilled on the ins and outs of how Bruce Cassidy likes his teams to play hockey though. The Golden Knights plan on running the system as soon as in the rookie games in San Jose this weekend.

You’re not going to see his system midseason form, just like you probably won’t see that in the first or second exhibition game, it’s going to take some time and reps. But yes we are trying to implement some of the teaching points and some of the language he uses. We’re going to try to implement it as much as we can without it being too much. -Wil Nichol, Director of Player Development

The Golden Knights rookies, including first round picks Brendan Brisson and Zach Dean, and a few other NHL hopefuls like Kaedan Korczak and Ivan Morozov will play three games this weekend at the Sharks’ brand new practice facility.

Vegas’ first game is tonight at 4:30, then they take the ice again tomorrow at 2:00 and Monday at 12:30.

There’s a new system, so we needed to go over that. Especially for the guys who will more on to the main camp, we kind of need to know the system, so there was a lot of learning today. -Zach Dean

Cassidy’s system calls for keeping pucks to the outside, limiting high danger chances, and making zone entries difficult by stacking the blue line. Also, the hybrid zone defense is a bit of a change from the high-pressure overload style the Golden Knights are used to. But, both Nichol and Dean said it’s not a radical change from what they have been doing.

In the end, it’s hockey. You have the system, but you have to read the play as well. It’s not overly different, it’s a little bit, but you still have to play hockey and read the play. -Dean

Things like pressure points, where you pressure and where you don’t are the main difference. -Nichol

Typically, rookie games are a bit frantic, so it’s likely not going to be the best indicator of exactly how the systems will look when they are operating at peak form. Nonetheless, it is the first opportunity to start seeing some of the differences and keeping an eye on how VGK’s future adapts to them.


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  1. Blitz

    Funny thing about rookie camp is that there could be a kid that absolutely runs this system perfectly and zero people outside of the coaches will even notice. Then there will be some kid running around with is head on fire on a solo mission and will score 2 goals and every fan will be calling to put him in the rest of the season. The flash is why we watch sports.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    “You’re not going to see his system midseason form, just like you probably won’t see that in the first or second exhibition game, it’s going to take some time and reps. ”

    Translation: when the cluster fuck circus comes to town, don’t expect to see a big tent, jugglers that don’t drop their pins, throwing knives act on spinning board that missed target (ouch), fat ladies with beards ( I know HD will be disappointed with that one 🙂 ) , and high wire acts where no one falls. And don’t ask for your money back.

    I am not a big believer in adhering to “systems”, it takes all the individual skill , imagination, causes players to pause to think instead of immediate execution, and removes individualism and innovation out of the game. Like Blitz said. It’s sort of comparing small business capitalism and individual Entrepreneurship versus Biden’s big government socialist programs that are not well thought out because a a bunch of losers are running it who never ran a business in their entire lives.

    It’s one of the main reason Team Canada beat the Russian Red Army in 1972 Canada Cup series. Red Army had a system , yet Team Canada did not. Team Canada had some of best skilled players in world on their team (sans Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, and a few others who defected to WHA. Bobby Orr was out and injured). The skilled team players beat the “system” because they adapted and changed as the series dragged on. If you stick with a system, you either live or die by the “system”. When I got started in youth hockey, the people running the league repeatedly told us not to use “systems” and concentrate on the skill set, and team play.

    End of rant of the day.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    i will be happy if they win one game, ecstatic if they win all three !!
    what about you ?

    FOX Sports Las Vegas 98.9 FM/1340 AM will broadcast the team’s three games in San Jose. Henderson Silver Knights broadcaster Brian McCormack will call the action and be joined live by special guests during intermissions.

    Please note that the below roster and schedule is subject to change.

    Please note the roster is subject to change
    FORWARDS: Jakub Brabenec, Brendan Brisson, Daniel D’Amato, Zach Dean, Jakub Demek, Connor Ford, Patrick Guay, Jordan Gustafson, Ben Hemmerling, Marcus Kallionkieli, Justin Lies, Lynden McCallum, Ivan Morozov, Mason Primeau, Matyas Sapovaliv, Carter Souch, Alex Swetlikoff

    DEFENSEMEN: Layton Ahac, Daniil Chayka, Artur Cholach, Connor Corcoran, Lukas Cormier, Joe Fleming, Kaedan Korczak, Will Riedell, Jace Weir

    GOALTENDERS: Isaiah Saville, Jesper Vikman

    No. Name Position
    5 Daniil Chayka Defenseman
    6 Kaedan Korczak Defenseman
    11 Ivan Morozov Forward
    12 Jakub Brabenec Forward
    13 Jakub Demek Forward
    18 Zach Dean Forward
    24 Brendan Brisson Forward
    25 Matyas Sapovaliv Forward
    31 Isaiah Saville Goaltender
    32 Jesper Vikman Goaltender
    38 Jordan Gustafson Forward
    40 Lukas Cormier Defenseman
    44 Layton Ahac Defenseman
    47 Patrick Guay Forward
    56 Artur Cholach Defenseman
    53 Marcus Kallionkieli Forward
    57 Mason Primeau Forward
    60 Connor Ford Forward
    62 Alex Swetlikoff Forward
    63 Ben Hemmerling Forward
    74 Lynden McCallum Forward
    75 Carter Souch Forward
    78 Jace Weir Defenseman
    83 Daniel D’Amato Forward
    85 Connor Corcoran Defenseman
    87 Will Riedell Defenseman
    89 Justin Lies Forward
    95 Joe Fleming Defenseman

  4. THE hockey GOD

    from jesse G website- believe me now, thank me later.

    link on youtube


  5. THE hockey GOD

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  6. knights fan in minny

    joe blunder biden is the biggest human trafficker on earth what do you think about your hero ts how about joe blunders son hunter wants his child support lowered for his love child bidens are pure trash

    • THE hockey GOD

      “BREAKING: All but one illegal immigrant was removed from Martha’s Vineyard… One had a fake Birth Certificate from Hawaii.”

  7. THE hockey GOD

    The Vegas Golden Knights rookie team gears up for its second game in San Jose as they take on the rookies from the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday at 2 p.m. Fans can watch live on VegasGoldenKnights and listen to the games with Brian McCormack on FOX Sports Las Vegas 98.9/1340.

    LA KINGS “rookie roster” is cheating a bit in that they have several players who played some games in NHL last season. A win by VGK rookies against this squad would be HUGE.

  8. THE hockey GOD


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