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Rookie Games Scheduled Against Kings

While we are still waiting on the finalization of the Golden Knights preseason schedule, another set of games just popped up that at least some of those under Vegas’ control will play in. 

LA Kings Insider has learned that the Los Angeles Kings will return to Toyota Sports Center to host the Vegas Golden Knights for a pair of rookie games in mid-September. –Jon Rosen, LA Kings Insider

These very well could be the first games ever to feature Golden Knights wearing Golden Knights jerseys. The two games are going to be played at the Toyota Sports Center, the Kings practice facility in El Segundo, California. 

Rookie games are common in the NHL and are usually stocked with a bunch of young players on training camp roster invites and/or AHL contacts. It will be interesting to see how many of these such players exist for the Golden Knights in year one as they’ll still be trying to figure out how to shuffle what ever is left from the Expansion Draft with their Entry Draft picks and players that acquire via trade between now and September. Non-roster invitees are likely to be somewhat of an after thought, but apparently not too much if these games have made it in to the schedule. 

No matter what the roster looks like, Vegas is on the schedule to play a pair of games in El Segundo against the Kings. I was originally thinking we would have to wait until the end of September to see the beginning of the Golden Knights domination of the Kings, guess now that domination will start with the Reid Duke captained Rookie VGKs. 

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  1. NedRyerson57

    Domination. That’s funny. #GKG

    • Slack

      Kings have NEVER won in T-Mobile, VGK has NEVER lost. Sounds like domination to me. Joking aside, VGK will make the playoffs before your 5th place team does. Count it.

      • Annnnnnnd my dreams have officially cone true. I’ve created a place to shit talk other NHL teams in favor of Vegas. This is amazing.

        • NedRyerson57

          Gonna love this rivalry.

          • Phisig150

            In ten years time we’ll be running the southwest. When we bring out our giant lances opponents will flee in fear as we run off with their wives and daughters. The age of duck hunting and king slaying will soon be upon us.

          • NedRyerson57

            I still think a better name would have been Las Vegas STRIPper Poles.

          • Phisig150

            Stripping is an admirable profession. It helped many a Kings fan’s mom pay for college. The only poles our Knights have are the ones the Kings will be smoking next year.

    • PhiSig 150

      GKG?? Ohhhh I get it. Golden Knight Gobbler!

  2. Phisig150

    Knights and Kings will have identical 2016-17 playoff runs.

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