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Robin Lehner Shares Origin Of “Panda” Nickname

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Since coming to Las Vegas, Robin Lehner has pretty much been an open book. From his crusade against the stigmas of mental health to his thoughts on NHL protocols surrounding vaccination to his relationship with Marc-Andre Fleury, there’s no one in the NHL that can be described as more honest than Lehner.

But there’s always been one subject he hasn’t wanted to broach, and that’s his nickname.

For years now Lehner has been dubbed “The Panda” by fans, teammates, coaches, and even himself. He plays into the name constantly, wearing it on his goalie mask and often tweeting gifs of pandas to show what is on his mind.

However, when asked, he’s always declined to explain the origin of the nickname, until yesterday when he appeared on the Spittin Chiclets podcast.

It’s not as mysterious as it’s been, it’s just the only thing I didn’t answer, but it’s pretty simple. I watch King Fu Panda with my son a lot in Chicago and it’s actually a pretty good movie, I like it. Just the whole thing about it, this fat bear that learns to move around and I just saw myself in him. He learned how to play kung fu and I’m a big fat goalie that plays in the NHL. It just felt fitting. -Robin Lehner on Spittin Chiclets

So there you have it.

**You can hear the whole interview here. Like all Robin Lehner interviews, and all Spittin Chiclets episodes, it’s enlightening while also hilarious.**



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  1. Daryl

    I’m waiting on the origin of his true nickname, The Walruss

    • Blitz

      I tried to get Grimace to stick, but I failed. Julie on here was the only one to get it. If it would have stuck, the origins would have been some ass clown on some comment section of some internet blob/community.

      • Julie

        It was spot on, Blitz! I know he’s lost weight now and said he has to adapt his timing because he can move more or something like that. Probably watching Fleury highlight reels and taking notes when he’s not on Twitter accusing people of stuff.

        Daryl – I believe it may have come from RL himself for some reason… however, I seem to remember that GEICO hockey commercial with the big walrus at the net. I thought someone brought that up here as well.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    where’s his no. 1 fan, Doc ???

    oh yeah, flailing on his site with five of his other cult members.

    • Sherm

      He’s probably upset that he didn’t get to break the story

      • Blitz

        He would have rented the movie tonight, with a bottle of wine, and a soft furry blanket. It would have been nice for him.

    • Mike StG

      Does anyone know exactly what his new site is? Would like to check it out, just out of curiosity.

      Also, probably can’t call him walrus or Panda any more. Looks like he lost 100 lbs. He’s pretty fit now. :)

  3. Tim

    Poor Doc the barbs are relentless.

  4. Sherm

    “Skadoosh” -Robin Lehner, probably

  5. Miri

    Thanks, Ken, for sharing this info, including the link. Fun stuff. Looking forward to the new season, but it definitely won’t be the same without Flower.

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