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Robin Lehner Files For Bankruptcy In Connection With Ownership Of Exotic Snake Farm

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner and his wife Donya filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with the District of Nevada on December 30th, 2022.

According to the public filing, Lehner estimates the worth of his assets between $1-10 million while his liability to creditors is between $10-50 million.

In the bankruptcy filing documents, Lehner is said to be the owner of RL Exotics LLC, “which operates a reptile farm in Plato, Missouri, which is an operating business with 3 employees, and which requires reptiles to be maintained and fed.”

Lehner was first linked to snakes back in 2017 when he reportedly purchased a collection of exotic snakes for $1.2 million.

Renick agreed to sell his snakes, ball pythons and anacondas, to NHL goalie Robin Lehner in early 2017 for $1.2 million. Lehner would pay Renick in quarterly installments of $200,000 throughout the year. Lehner made one such payment in February 2017. –Article by Lucas Geisler of KMIZ in St. Louis, Missouri

The man mentioned, Ben Renick, was murdered in June 2017 by his wife Lynlee Renick who was subsequently found guilty of the charges and sentenced to 16 years in prison. According to KMIZ, following Renick’s death, a lawsuit was filed against Lehner in 2018 after he stopped making payments for the snakes.

Lehner countersued in December of that year, claiming that he took on millions of dollars in costs taking care of Renick’s animals. At some point after Ben’s death, he said, the snakes “began breeding amongst one another in an unsupervised, uncontrolled manner.” That caused the collection of snakes to lose value, but Lehner’s attorneys did not specify by how much.

Renick Reptiles then claimed in July 2019 that at some point, Lehner “stole a collection of anacondas [from] Renick Reptiles’ place of business (as well as taking the collection of ball pythons that Lehner refused to pay for).” The lawsuit does not say how many snakes were allegedly taken.

The two sides suddenly announced a settlement in November 2019. A filing in the Montgomery County estate case from that August said the two sides had reached a settlement, but wanted to keep the terms of it confidential. Laiderman wrote that both sides wanted to “complete [Lehner]’s purchase of the [snakes].” –Article by Lucas Geisler of KMIZ in St. Louis, Missouri

In 2019, Lehner formed RL Exotics LLC and the company has been operating since.

Listed among the potentially interested parties in the bankruptcy filing include the Vegas Golden Knights, Black Knight Sports & Entertainment, the National Hockey League, Newport Sports Management, and a financial company called Sure Sports Lending.

Sure Sports Lending describes itself as an agency that “specializes in low-interest, unsecured loans and contract advances to Professional Athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, NHL, and MLS based on their player contracts.”

This is the same company that was sued by the trustee assigned to oversee Evander Kane’s bankruptcy.

Sure Sports over 10 months crossing between 2018 and 2019 arranged nearly $14 million in loans to Kane, according to court filings. Kane in early 2021 filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, declaring $26.8 million in liabilities and unleashing an ongoing vitriolic process between creditors and the hockey star who recently signed with the Edmonton Oilers. Sure Sports itself filed as a creditor, seeking nearly $1.2 million it alleged Kane owed in fees. –Article by Daniel Kaplan in The Athletic

The article also links Sure Sports to defaulted loans with NFL running back Adrian Peterson and MLS left-back Kemar Lawrence.

The bankruptcy claims that Lehner’s debts are “primarily based on business debts that were incurred to help obtain money for a business or investment.”

In an email to, the attorney representing Robin Lehner says both the Golden Knights’ team counsel and creditors have been made aware of the bankruptcy filing.

**The initial headline to this story read Robin Lehner Files For Bankruptcy Due To Ownership Of Exotic Snake Farm, it has been changed to “in connection with” after more information about the case became public.**


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  1. DL

    Enough is enough. I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane. Everybody strap in.

  2. Obvious

    He should be charged with impersonating an NHL starter

    What a total nut

  3. Cody M.

    Is this the weirdest thing the Golden Knights have been entangled in?

  4. George T

    Just when I thought Robin Lehners story couldn’t get weirder.

    What’s the excuse for this episode?

  5. Roberto

    Asked in another post this week about Lehrer. Thank you for this very detailed response, SB crew.

  6. Steve 31

    MAF traded for nothing so we can keep the Snake King. !!!

    • Ts

      Steve, what a trade-off, huh?? Maybe, just maybe, Mgmt will do MORE research before making BIG decisions from now on. THAT decision was a BIGGIE.

    • Julie

      The debate between Fleury and Lehner has officially slithered away.

  7. Just a fan

    Ok the guys a lower in all aspects so the faster the VGK cut ties with him the better.

  8. Herby

    This guy is a mess on so many levels. Hope he stays on LTIR for the rest of his contract.

  9. Frank

    This happens to be the most interesting and bizarre article I have ever read on sinbin! Congrats!!!!!!! That Lehner, what a gem!

  10. Herby

    Press Coverage in Sweden

    Earns 59 million, but refuses to pay debt
    | Published: 2023-01-07 21:18
    The Svea Court of Appeal has confirmed the bankruptcy decision of the Nacka District Court regarding NHL player Robin Lehner, 31, a goalkeeper for the Vegas Golden Nights. It was at the end of November that the Nacka District Court placed Lehner in personal bankruptcy.

    According to the district court, and now also the court of appeal, Lehner has not repaid a loan for which he has acted as a guarantor.

    Robin Lehner was ranked during the season as one of the NHL’s best goalkeepers. In 2016, Robin Lehner entered into a guarantee of SEK 2.5 million for a company that would finance the start-up of a home for people with intellectual disabilities. The company has not repaid the money, according to the agreement, to the lender, which forced the lender to turn directly to Lehner.

    He has not covered the debt and thus has not fulfilled his guarantee. The debt now amounts to about SEK 5 million. The lender’s lawyer, Jonas Edward, has referred to a legally binding default judgment which means that a dispute is settled completely in accordance with the plaintiff’s claims, as the other party has not appeared at the hearing.

    Clas Jörgensen, representative for Robin Lehner, appealed the district court’s decision to the court of appeal and argued that his client had not been able to access all the documents and that the case was not adequately examined.

    In a solvency assessment, a retrospective perspective should be given and it is obvious that Lehner has the ability to pay the current debt. He should therefore not be declared bankrupt, Clas Jörgensen argued.
    He has also highlighted that Lehner’s main activity is in the USA and that the Nacka District Court was not competent to make a decision.

    In the appeal to the court of appeal, Clas Jörgensen also emphasized that Robin Lehner has a ongoing contract with his club worth 59 million annually until 2025, which, according to Jörgensen, contradicts the district court’s decision that his client is insolvent.

    Dagens Juridik (Today’s Juridik) now reports that the Svea Court of Appeal, two days before New Year’s Eve, did not make any other assessments than the Nacka District Court.

    As for jurisdiction, forum, notification or parts, we agree with the district court’s decision and there is therefore no reason for rejection or removal, the Svea Court of Appeal stated.
    Robin Lehner grew up in Gothenburg and moved to Canada/USA in the fall of 2009. He is currently injured and in August last year, his team Vegas Golden Knights announced that Lehner is expected to return next fall.

    During the 2018-2019 season, Lehner was named the best player on the New York Islanders and was awarded the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, which is given to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey.

  11. THE hockey God

    Everyone knows that snake collecting issues are almost always related to bad ice….there was a study on this

    • What?

      My vest has sleeves

    • Arnold Rothstein

      to fake hockey God, as usual you are no more than a bad troll trying to imitating someone who is not trolling you. You clearly know nothing about hockey and do nothing more than troll. No value added.

      Poor ice conditions continue to be a concern for NHL players, arenas
      An in-depth look at the number of recent complaints about the ice conditions throughout the NHL and how they are happening.

      Shayna Goldman
      Feb 28, 2017

      There have been a number of complaints about the ice conditions throughout the National Hockey League recently. From Gila River Arena in Arizona, to Rogers Place in Edmonton, and east to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn; the quality of the ice has been discussed.

      Underneath the concrete floors in all NHL arenas is a refrigeration system. The ice surface is made on top of those concrete floors prior to the start of the preseason. Eighteen arenas feature CIMCO cooling systems for ice refrigeration, including T-Mobile Arena which will soon become the thirty-first arena in the NHL. In creating an ice surface, a chiller, compressor, and condenser are required. Currently, NHL arenas use an ammonia refrigeration system. In the future that could be transitioned to CO2, which likely will require more compressors, but will be a more sustainable system.

      • Obvious

        How are the flat earth meetings? Dumbest fanbase in the league

        • TS

          Obvious, in the AZ game, in AZ, the players on BOTH teams kept ” losing a skate”, as announcers said. So, if bad ice is fiction, WHY all the slip- and- falls?? Just too SLIPPERY for these pros?? Give us YOUR assessment, please.

          • Obvious

            Wait, what? Ice is slippery? Who knew?

            Dumbest fans in the league

          • TS

            Obvious, just my point. OBVIOUSLY these Pros know how to skate on ” slippery ice”. So, it just might be ANOTHER FACTOR causing multiple “skate malfunctions” on ice. Yes???? Doesn’t happen in every arena, so….perhaps issues with less- than- ideal ice conditions in some arenas?? Possibility????

      • knights fan in minny

        give him hell arnold

      • Darris Ledrew

        Rogers and montreal usually have the best ice as voted by the players every year

      • Kevin

        Nice work buddy, you certainly know the ice business. I agree the NHL arenas need a serious look at when it comes to their ice.

  12. DJ Wright

    lol…and people thought the Sabres were the problem…

  13. knights fan in minny

    wiggy biscut the snake charmer who knew

  14. I don’t think Bill Foley is a happy camper!

    • Helen

      Who cares? He chose Loser over Fleury. Only watching VGK again as Loser is no where in the building

  15. Sergio V

    As an snake owner and someone who follows the current reptile market, the Ball Python market took a dive in 2022 just in time for breeding season (Oct – Nov). So had Custom Scales (RL Exotics LLC) sold their new snakes. I bet Lehner would have been fine.

    Unfortunately he now has thousands of snakes for sale on morph market and has to pay to feed them until buyers come around.

    This is why he could not afford to pay the business loan he procured to start his reptile breeding business.

  16. Julie

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’d you like the play?

    I guess VGK is named in the papers as a means to get their money? How does that work?

    And snakes? FFS

  17. knights fan in minny

    cut ties with the whack job

  18. Lehrner sucks

    Everything about this bad back up goalie annoys me. Stealing money and being a horrible NHL goalie. All the crying and whining he does. He is his own problem. Oh wait. Sorry next week it will be she. Him and bobrovsky should write a book together how to suck at being and NHL goalie and get millions of dollars for it.

    Not a Vegas or buffalo fan. Just watch hockey. This guy sucks at hockey and life.

  19. Ted leonsus

    Thats some fine money laundering he’s been doing. Should be in jail.

  20. Liz

    This is the stuff that makes the world go round!

  21. Kathy

    What a moron.

  22. Kelly

    Wow – this guys is really suffering from a reptile dysfunction…. Isn’t there a pill for that ?

    • TS

      Kelly, WELL SAID!! Oh, what fun fans are having over this surreal story! This will be a piece of VGK history, crazy as it is!

    • William Brush

      reptile disfunction ! Curare ! Medical Caduceus are snakes are they not ?

  23. Pat

    This story is about as Vegas as Vegas gets. I’m reminded about how Cousin Eddie used snakes to keep his kids busy while he went with Clark to gamble. Very entertaining!

  24. Compounddavid

    Is he in the bankrupt illuminati for reptilians?

  25. Freddie

    Sounds like a scammer and incompetent one at that

  26. Arnold Rothstein


    Abe Lincoln wasn’t a kneeling piece of shit.>>>>spin out.

    well Abe Lincoln was a God Fearing man, so when he prayed he did kneel. But that is besides the point. Trying to conflate kneeling with business acumen is a bit of a stretch, wouldn’t you say ?

    I don’t favor RL’s kneeling for a fake woke cause, but then again that is besides point and has nothing to do with his snake business, does it ?


    We now know what house Lehner was sorted into at Hogwarts! ‍♀️


    Abe Lincoln was one hella of a Vampire Slayer! LOL

    • Josh Stjohn

      The most hated reptile on this planet and he loses it all over something that’ll take his life without even thinking twice.

  29. I wonder if VGK will be shedding Lehner’s contract?

  30. Love The Hockey

    OK for a moment I didn’t know if this was April 1 or what – this is a real article!

    This also smells of so much shady crap I don’t even know where to start. 3 employees, snakes, small town maybe off the highway – smell like a front for some other kind of business that lost millions of dollars??

    Good god, I wish Lehner well, I like the guy – but this is just weird.

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