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Revisiting Erik Karlsson To Vegas Rumors

Erik Karlsson needs out of Ottawa, this is clear.

No matter what comes out of this really sad situation, the damage is done. Karlsson can’t trust the Senators front office after covering up harassment allegations.

It’s time for the Swede, his wife, and the Senators to move on. Possibly, starting with one of the teams that wanted the Superstar defenseman at the deadline.

Various reasons were reported why the Karlsson flip didn’t happen. In Ottawa, the belief was the Golden Knights wouldn’t take on Sens forward Bobby Ryan’s contract. The once 35 goal scorer has four years left at a whopping $7.25M per season. Ryan scored 30+ in four straight seasons, he’s greatly underachieved since combining for 64 goals in the past four seasons. I understand George McPhee’s hesitations. -Elliotte Friedman

On Karlsson, my sense is the Vegas trade fell apart because of how the purchase price would be adjusted by Bobby Ryan’s inclusion. I’m not 100 per cent sure if it was Ottawa’s ask or Vegas’s offer, but one of the rumblings is that the teams were talking two first-rounders, a high-level prospect and a conditional pick for Karlsson — the condition being whether or not the Golden Knights re-signed him. Whatever the case, it didn’t happen and I can’t imagine Vegas would have been willing to do all that if they were taking Ryan’s contract, too. -Friedman

There were other reports that Vegas turned a deal down because they weren’t willing to part with top prospect Cody Glass. Whatever the truth was, the teams couldn’t agree by the trade deadline. Now times are different and Ottawa is forced to move the player.

If both parties can identify which element of the deal was most sensitive then maybe a deal could be worked out. Important note, the turmoil in Ottawa doesn’t mean Karlsson will come at a discount. So maybe unloading money is most important to the Senators. Vegas could absorb Ryan’s brutal salary and play him on the third line. Cost aside, he could be an upgrade.

Colin Miller, Cody Glass, and a future 1st doesn’t sound too bad. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

If the deadline deal broke down because the Golden Knights wouldn’t part with Glass, then it gets tricky. Ottawa will want a pick, a prospect, and an NHL player, at least. Would Vegas agree to send a player like Colin Miller, Alex Tuch or Shea Theodore on top of a prospect, and a first-round pick to Canada’s capital?

Losing a top offensive prospect, draft pick, and an NHL contributor could be too steep for McPhee. But let’s face it, this isn’t Martin Erat for Filip Forsberg. Glass could become a solid NHL player but Vegas would be trading him for a hungry 28-year-old future Hall of Fame defenseman. What would you do?


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  1. Brian

    $7.25 million on the third line…….ouch. GMGM can upgrade there for a third that cost, or less. Bobby Ryan makes no sense.

    Miller, a pick, and Lechyshyn for EK ? Let’s do it !

  2. Kevin

    I hope GMGM says hard pass on Bobby Ryan. $7.25 Million for the next 4 years. He would destroy our cap flexibility right in the peak of our window when Glass/Suzuki/Brannstrom/Hague are starting to contribute and we still have the Marchessault line locked up. Especially if we have to sign Erik Karlsson to a $10+ Mil deal. We need to be able to add an actual valuable piece at the deadline a few years from now and Ryan would destroy that ability. In my opinion he is not close to worth it for one cheap year of E. Karlsson.

  3. BL

    Ryan’s contract is tough to swallow. Would be almost the highest paid player ($7.25M) at 31-32 years old, and he possibly would be a better fit for the fourth line than the third in Reaves’ or Carrier’s spot (but he would have to stop taking off shifts). I also doubt how much of a team player he is. Wouldn’t Perron at a fraction of the cost and plays hard make more sense?

    Karlsson would be great, but I would rather see another year out of Theodore and Miller, and Whitecloud to have a chance in Sbisa’s spot.

  4. Big Mike.

    If you’re taking on Karlsson and B. Ryan’s contract, wouldn’t you better served signing a top 5 center like Tavares?

  5. Bent Hermit

    With the 7.25 mill and losing picks and prospects it would be much better to go all in for Tavares or Carlson in UFA’s. I would prefer Tavares because Vgk has some good young D developing. Plus E. Karlsson is going to need a big raise next year. With the 7.25 mill for Ryan and then Karlsson’s raise Vgk could be paying over 15 mill just to get him. That diffently is not worth it.

  6. Albert Powers

    Not worth it if it includes Ryan’s contract. If it was a first rounder plus Glass, maybe. If it’s a first rounder plus Miller, and a conditional pick, I’m all for it. If it’s Tuch, and glass for EK, nope. But who knows what will happen

  7. Jonathan

    I often overvalue prospects, but I’m a Yankees fan, every prospect we’ve had basically has turned into an All Star caliber player for the last few years. I don’t believe in giving up guys who are going to be great for aging superstars. Sure, 28 isn’t old, Karlsson would be a fantastic addition, but not at that price. The idea of paying him a lot of money is tough enough, the idea of paying him a lot of money AND giving up multiple guys? No thanks. I don’t think Cody Glass is going to be a middling talent. I think Cody Glass has the potential to be a superstar. I don’t know about our other prospects, I have high hopes, but just call it a feeling with Glass. He’s worth keeping. I said the same think when the Yankees were asked to part with Torres, no way, he’s an All Star player.

  8. Mike

    I’m all for getting EK65…on July 1, 2019 when he hits free agency. Other than that, the price is far too high. The only way I consider that deal (involving Bobby Ryan) is if Ottawa retains $2m-$3m.

  9. Rob

    So, word on the street is that I should be asking the RJ this question because they are the only coverage of the Knights. That being said, I’m asking someone who might have an answer to this. : )

    Let’s say GMGM’s “huge splash” is bringing basically everyone back and showing faith in everyone that got us to the Final. Does doing that create a buzz in the locker room where these guys now know they have a home and the faith of their GM? If so, would that be a bigger X-factor than brining in someone on a huge deal and losing pieces?

    • Brian

      SinBin ran a great story not too long ago on GMGM’s past free agency moves. If history shows us anything about his thinking, he isn’t going to make a big splash. GMGM has been real clear that buying at free agency is almost always overpaying for the player, which he hasn’t done.

      Now would he bring back all the UFA’s the keep the room intact? I don’t think so. Again, he’s been real candid and clear—-“not everyone will be coming back”. No doubt, Neal and Perron want term. That’s real real tough to do with guys that are 30. Yes, they certainly produced this past year. But both will most likely want long term deals—-5 or 6 years. It’s doubtful GMGM would do that.

      I’d love to see a big splash. Tavares or Carlson would be GIANT additions. I just think it’s a slim proposition to believe GMGM will do it based on his past history. Maybe he has different marching order from The Creator…….we’ll soon find out !

  10. How would Ryan and Karlsson fit in the locker room compared to say the Caps Carlson and Tavarez? I’d like the Swede but that’s a steep price, but I think worth it. They do need a point man and another good puck moving defenseman. I also think the Knights need a bruiser of a defenseman to clear out the space in front of the goalies, esp on a PP.

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