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Return of 19-71-81 Yields Positive Dividends In First Appearance

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Sometimes the answer to the test is in clear sight.

Nothing has been more successful in the history of the Golden Knights than the line of William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, and Reilly Smith. While many have been clamoring for the return of Smith at the trade deadline, the man wearing his old number stepped into the spot on Saturday night and performed as well as he ever has in a VGK sweater.

Brendan Brisson recorded three shots on goal, drew a penalty, and was on the ice for one of Vegas’ two 5-on-5 goals in his first chance playing alongside Karlsson and Marchessault.

The line was consistently threatening, and Brisson fit seamlessly with two of Vegas’ biggest stars. They were on the ice for 12:01 and generated 10 scoring chances. In addition, they finished the game with more attempts, shots, expected goals, high-danger chances, and goals than their opponents.

He’s a smart player. He’s pretty dangerous once he gets the chance to be. I think he complimented us pretty good today. -William Karlsson

As a team at 5-on-5, the Golden Knights generated 2.29 expected goals against the Senators in Ottawa. The trio of Karlsson, Marchessault, and Brisson were directly responsible for 0.72 of them and they were on the ice for just short of 1.0. Thus, the familiar 19-71-81 line generated nearly half of Vegas’ expected goals while playing just 20% of available ice time.

Brisson has bounced around the Vegas lineup during his time in the NHL this year. He’s played in nine games and has been on eight different lines with eight separate linemates.

The last time Vegas played Toronto, Bruce Cassidy opted to play Brisson with Chandler Stephenson and Michael Amadio in an offensive-leaning third line while Karlsson and Marchessault were separated. This time, he’s almost certain to go back to 19-71-81 and hope the old magic continues anew.



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  1. Richie-Rich

    It may be true that Brisson will eventually be a form-fit-replacement for Smith, but that’s not this year. Pushing him to hard too fast will likely be detrimental especially given the absence of Eichel and Stone. It’s too early to load that much pressure on him. Give him a chance to grow.

    • RR – unfortunately, Cassidy is between a rock and a hard place – if 19, 71, 81 works regardless how new 19 is to the mix he has to use that line as winning games is becoming more important than worrying about giving 19 time to mature. Nothing like baptism under fire to move his progress along. Whether right or wrong unfortunately does factor into anything at this point. They need points regardless of what they have do to get them. Getting back the original 19 would be a huge help but that’s not going to happen. Those three were quite a trio.

      • Richie-Rich

        One thing I have learned, that is never to underestimate what this FO will do. Bringing Smith back would be a complete surprise. Some other blockbuster trade wouldn’t surprise me at all either.

        My faith in McCrimmon was restored due to the Cup run.

        • knights fan in minny

          R-R its going to get interesting soon vatrano and burnivich would be solid

        • RR – your statement – “My faith in McCrimmon was restored due to the Cup run.” McCrimmon’s moves where all about keeping his job and they turned out well. Let’s hope he can pull off some other blockbuster trades and be successful again that will help achieve similar results. I have reservations that is possible but like you also stated you never underestimate what this FO will do. As you know Vegas is faced with a few problems at the moment and Cassidy has his work cut out for him. Not confident that even any blockbuster trade{s} will make a difference but only time will tell.

          • NAM

            I think McCrimmon just got lucky, to be honest. Everything from firing Turk to firing Deboer was a failure IMO. Eichel was a “carry your balls in a dump truck” gamble that was get fired or win. I am not sure it would have been successful under Deboer (never know). Cassidy hire was great! I can listen to Cassidy talk for hours win or lose. Total 180 from Deboer who was awful from a fan prospective. Lehner never playing another game in Vegas was either lucky or a back alley deal (not over yet really, 1 year left). So in my eyes the cup win was enough to wipe the slate clean from the dark days. Kelly has my faith that if we make the playoffs, with health, he will have improved the team with a needed trade (or 2) and give us a chance to be successful.

  2. Emmanuel

    The franchise is just a handful of years old and the fanbase is already nostalgic….. The way is Forward not back! Bring in Guentzel if healthy, Lawson Crouse if not.

    • Emmanuel – The franchise is just a handful of years old and the fanbase is already nostalgic…I guess that means there are many who post here who have been around hockey for many years and know the difference between of what to hope for and reality. Not sure why you believe J Guentzel is the answer – is he coming with Sid?

  3. ThG

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  4. Richie-Rich

    In the meantime, the Oilers win 4-2 over the Kings to close the gap to 1 point for 2nd place in the Pacific.

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R if McCrimmon wants a shot at Buchnevich he needs the Blues to slip further out of the WC race before the TD. Currently LAK (68 pts) and NSH (66 pts) are in front of STL (62 pts) and who knows the VGK could end up being a WC. In any case we need the Blues to not do well between now and the TD and the opposite for the Preds. STL actually has a pretty tough schedule running up to the deadline: WPG, EDM (b2b), PHI, NYI (b2b) and NJD. If the Blues keep slipping out of the playoff picture they are more likely to deal Buchnevich. Over his three seasons with STL he’s just 2 pts under a point a game second only to Robert Thomas who is 5 pts over for the last three seasons. Seems silly they would even consider dealing Buchnevich as he is their best winger but that has been the word.

      • knights fan in minny

        they need bodies now vatrano and buchnevich 2 scoring wingers would be great i hear th e asking price for guentzel is 2 firsts and other things my guess is his agent will want 8 mill a year jakes number’s are good but thats playing with sid i am not sold on jake

  5. Pistol Pete

    Btw wanted to say I like the looks of Brisson over Cotter. A tiny sample admittedly (9 games compared to 119) however I just think Brisson plays a smarter game and has a better shot. It would be fantastic if Brisson stays a good fit for Karlsson and Marchessault. McCrimmon can pick up a scoring RW to play with Eichel and Barbashev leaving the Stephenson-Stone line. Carrier-Roy-Kolesar, as good a bottom line as there is in all the league.

    • pistol pete

      It’s not very likely Brisson supplants with Dorofeyev at least not to begin with. It’s also possible Brisson gets traded in a TD deal.

      Barbashev-Eichel-new guy

      Scratches: Howden, Cotter.


  6. Tim

    Looks like Stone is out until the playoffs maybe longer so we’ve got his 9.5 million to spend. Obviously Management isn’t to concerned about the regular season or they would have already made a trade. Seems there zeroing in on the playoffs and taking all these beatings doesn’t concern them. Now do they get two 5 million dollar players or swing for the fences and bring one difference maker. The biggest problem is most teams are still close enough to make the playoffs that the pickings are slim with the teams already eliminated. We all know Kelly likes to make a splash so it will be interesting to see what happens.

    • NAM

      I don’t think its because the front office isn’t worried about the playoffs. They kind of have to wait till the deadline. I know this team can use someone now, but if it looks like Stone isn’t going to be back even during the playoffs and/or Eichel plays and reinjures himself you may not want to bet the farm on that. It isn’t free to make trades. It is going to cost a lot of future stock or even current players so don’t do it if you really don’t think you can compete for the cup. Kind of my 2 cents. I wish they would have made a trade 2 months ago. :)

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  8. ThG

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    How will you judge for sure ? Watch FO make a 1 million player, 3 million player, 5 million player, or more deal at dead line. FO is the tell on Stone’s expected return.

    • Pistol Pete

      Biggest issue with my projected roster above is the possibility Stone is finished for the season. I was drawn to the week-to week status. Stone out for the season (if accurate) makes it all the more critical for McCrimmon to acquire a high offense winger.

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