We’re back for Game 2!

Eclipse will be opening THREE theaters to show the game which gives us room for just over 200 total people. In our best attempt to accommodate everyone, there will be three options for getting seats.

10:00 AM – Buy a bottle of Gallegos Dos Hermanos wine for $100 and be guaranteed 4 recliners for Game 2. Email, DM, or text Ken (708-404-1093) to reserve these.

12:00 PM – An Eventbrite link will be posted here to reserve the remaining recliners for Game 2. We are expecting there to be between 50-70 available so they are going to go within seconds of the link opening.

Update: We had a few issues with the link so instead, just email me with the number of seats you want. We will go first come first serve off the email. Ken@sinbin.vegas

Monday – All open seats (at least 60 will be available) will be first come first serve on the day of the game. The theater will open approximately an hour before the game. The first people to arrive will be handed tickets that will get them the first seat “upgrades” if people do not show up or if there are leftovers from the seats held for the pre-reserve.

**We’ll be back at it again for Game 5 usually hopefully the exact same process. If you have any suggestions about our process please let us know as we are trying to be as fair and honest as we possibly can. Thanks and Go Knights Go!**