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Report: Bruins Eyeing Goucher For Open Play-By-Play Position In Boston

From @DavidCGoucher on Twitter/X

UPDATE: Goucher confirmed on the Mercedes in the Morning show on Mix 94.1 FM that he is staying in Las Vegas with the Golden Knights.

This offseason was already expected to be tense but it might have gotten even more distressing for Golden Knights fans. With less than one month to sign franchise leading goal scorer Jonathan Marchessault, reports have surfaced indicating beloved television play-by-play announcer Dave Goucher could be on the move as well.

Over the weekend, The Boston Globe reported the Bruins and their broadcast partner were actively pursuing the New England native.

NESN and the Bruins have reached out to Dave Goucher, who is very familiar to Bruins fans. He called their games on the radio from 2000-17 before he was hired as the TV play-by-play voice for the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, where he calls games with former Bruins defenseman Shane Hnidy. His ecstatic “Bergeron! Bergeron! Bergeron!” call of Patrice Bergeron’s overtime goal to cap a comeback against the Maple Leafs in the first round of the 2013 playoffs is among the most iconic in modern Boston sports history. –Chad Finn on

Goucher became the voice of Vegas hockey in 2017 and was immediately embraced by the fans. Starting with that magical 2017-18 run to the Final. For seven seasons, Goucher’s been on in thousands of households across Las Vegas. Usually, starting at 7:08 PM.

While there’s no indication the play-by-play announcer will take the open Bruins job, the executives at NESN believe he’s the perfect fit. If so, you can’t blame Goucher for listening. The position is coveted and it’s his hometown team.

Goucher enjoys his job in Las Vegas, but he and his wife are New Englanders who still spend their summers in Rhode Island. He would be the ideal choice, and hopefully the Bruins and NESN will make him an offer worthy of his talents. –Finn on

Finn most likely has inside information from both parties, and his report over the weekend suggests there’s a possibility the Golden Knights will be searching for replacement for Goucher. I’m certain he’ll be torn if he’s offered the job.

The thought of losing Marchessault is already keeping VGK fans up at night but losing Goucher would make it even worse. The perfect scenario is for Goucher to be on the call next season for when Marchessault scores his 250th career goal. One holding a golden microphone and the other in his best-selling golden #81 sweater.


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  1. Joseph

    Goucher is great.
    I hope he gets a big raise and stays
    (And no salary cap issues)
    Dan D’Uva is talented too and would be a good replacement. Wondering if Alex Faust – no longer with the Kings – would be available. He was mentioned last season as a possible Bruin replacement.

  2. Barb

    Change is very hard for everybody. I have watched A LOT of hockey in the last 5 years (not just Knights) Dave and Shane are the best duo I have heard. They are very knowledgeable and not noticeably biased like many. Whatever Dave decides, hope it makes him happy

  3. Tim

    Dave seems to be a nice enough guy but his constant reference to stats drives me bonkers.

    • knights fan in minny

      just like your baseball crap

      • Tim

        Do you ever have an original thought besides fucking with people? You don’t like baseball it’s your loss not mine. America’s game, The Boys of Summer, Our National Pastime. any of those sayings sound familiar?

        • knights fan in minny


        • knights fan in minny

          go to the Indians web site no one cares about your baseball crap

        • Jeophrie

          The indoctrination is complete

        • ThG

          timmah didn’t you play cowboys and indians ? Opps , cowboys and guardians (whatever that is?). If kid says indian these days they get drawn and quartered, doxed, and exiled from “public” school system for life (which IMHO is a good thing, since it is no more than libtard indoctrination “training” ground for future democraps)

    • LVGunners

      Hockey was made for the barn.
      Basketball for television
      Football for television
      Baseball was made for radio – thus the great romance with play-by-play announcers.

    • ThG

      i agree TIMMAH, and when he runs out of stats, he starts repeating them over and over. Very rarely tells the viewers who or which line is on the ice. Plus he constantly jinxes them. I would suggest that the VGK have open knight, night, for TV announcers. Let the locals announce the second period, and fans decide on which one would make a good replacement.

      I think he would like to go back to Boston, most people realize Vegas is one horse, or is one trick pony, and grow tired of it. 75% of residents want to leave. That says it all.

    • Erik d

      But how else are you gonna know that will carrier leads the team in goals scored with 18:23 left in the 2nd period. I like goucher but he does go overboard sometimes

    • Rob

      I agree. The biggest issue I have with Dave Goucher is his need for continuously quoting meaningless statistics a hundred times a game annoyingly right in the middle of play (I counted once and stopped at 100 times he quoted stats). It was so distracting that I watched the opponents play by play announcers for 90% of the VGK games the past two seasons. That said, I do like him and think he is a nice guy and talented announcer. I just wish he would stop with all the needless information that means nothing and takes away for the enjoyment of watching the games.

  4. ThG

    and now back by popular demand

  5. ll jenkins

    don’t let Goucher go….there is no one better

  6. Jeff

    No thanks. Alex Faust did a great job. Give it to him.

  7. Mary De

    Agree 100%

  8. ThG

    Oilers didn’t touch the trophy, either, no jinx this year.

    CATS punishing style vs Oilers PP, who will win ?

    Cats will be favored, motivated by revenge. Oilers will have deer in head lights look in game one. And they have one of best hockey announcers, that Singh guy whose first name I can’t spell on Hockey Night in Canada.

    • THg – come on THg cheer for the Oilers it would be great for hockey across the board if they can take Lord Stanley back to Canada where it all started.

  9. DeezNutz

    knights fan in minny has been eyeing Goucher for awhile now if you catch my drift

    • knights fan in minny

      fuck off you pillow biter piece of shit loser are you going to go hide now pussy boy

      • knights fan in minny

        He’s so manly and for Pride month I’m ready to say he twirls my trailer park beanie!

  10. JB

    Really like a Goucher a lot, even with the constant stats. But things change! Wish him well if he leaves. If so hope we get somebody with grit and hockey humor to go along with calling the play.

  11. JB

    I wonder if Shane would stay? He’s well respected and does a lot of national color on games.

  12. knights fan in minny

    shane is good knows the game and adds a little humor

  13. Rozelle

    Goucher——“the Vgk have a record of 35-1-1 when playing on nights with a full moon, and Ivan Barbashev is now on a 4 game point streak……oh, and by the way, the Knights just scored a goal. I’ll let you know who scored it as soon as I put down my stats sheet.”

  14. Ron

    Never heard of him

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