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Reno Positioning Itself For Minor League Affiliate?

We’ve wondered for a while now where the AHL affiliate associated with a Vegas NHL team might be located.

Well thanks to a very astute Twitter follower of ours, it appears as if our friends to the north in Reno may be looking to position themselves to be the home of that very affiliate.

Staff Report (For Possible Action): Approval of Agreement with Worth Group Architecture (WGA) to provide an analysis and understanding of estimated costs to remodel the Reno Events Center (REC) to accommodate minor league hockey in the amount of $18,200 (two-thirds majority voting requirement) ($2 Capital Projects Room Tax Surcharge). – City of Reno Website

The motion to add a $2 “Capital Projects Room Tax Surcharge,” in order to fund the renovation of the Reno Events Center (REC) passed unanimously.

A bit of history for you, from 1995-1998 the Reno Renegades, sweet logo, played at the REC in the West Coast Hockey League.  In 2000 the rights to the Renegades were purchased with the idea of bringing them back as an ECHL franchise named the Reno Raiders. Unfortunately Reno did not have a feasible stadium in time for the 2007-08 season, so the team never happened.

Well, with this renovation, the REC may indeed become “suitable” for a minor league hockey franchise.

Still might be a long shot, but there’s no question a Las Vegas NHL team would benefit from having their minor league affiliate in-state. There’s a bit of a rivalry between Reno and Vegas, uniting them via hockey would be excellent move to help create a wider reaching fan base.

This is of course all speculation, but it’s clear Reno is serious about finding a tenant for the REC. Who knows how likely it actually is for a team in Reno to be affiliated with the NHL team here in Vegas. However, it’s certainly something we’ll keep our eyes and ears on moving forward.


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  1. Zack

    As a huge hockey fan who recently moved to Reno I can definitely see hockey working here. In the 3 weeks I’ve lived in my neighborhood, I’ve seen hockey logo stickers on cars and my neighbors are big hockey fans too. I’ve gone to Aces games and talked to people who are there primarily to support local sports and some have said they’d absolutely get season tickets for hockey as well. Let’s make it happen!

    • Charlene

      I agree! I live in Reno and am originally from Minnesota, the great state of hockey. There are a lot of Minnesota people who live here and drive to San Jose to see games! I would buy season tickets and volunteer to work for the team! A lot of our friends would too!
      Let’s have the AHL affiliate in Reno!!

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