Well, skating wasn’t as much of a disaster as I expected, and Kenny On Ice certainly led to a great time for all that showed up and a bundle of great pictures and videos. I’m aware that not everybody is on Twitter, where we post most of our content, so we’re here to share the best pictures and videos so you can all re-live how much of a fool I made myself look yesterday morning.








Then this happened at night. Yesterday was awesome. Thanks SinBinners and thanks Golden Knights!

**So many stick taps for making #KennyOnIce on ice happen. First off, Matt for making the bet and keeping on me for having little faith at the beginning of the year. Doug for bringing all the gear and allowing me to feel as comfortable as I could on the ice. Miss Abby for constantly putting up with me. All the kids that came out to encourage me and pick on me. The guys at City National Arena (especially Chris and Nick) for taking care of everything involved with getting us on the ice. And every single person who showed up, for being there and constantly supporting the site. We are nothing without all of you reading the site and coming out and having fun with us. Cannot thank you all of you enough.**