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Relive The Banner Ceremony

From ESPN broadcast

What a night it was at T-Mobile Arena as the Golden Knights immortalized their Stanley Cup championship by raising a beautiful banner to the rafters.

Watch the ceremony in its entirety below.

The slot machine was frickin’ cool I thought. The banner itself too, a great design. Once again they’ve done a great job here with those details of performance, art, and creativity. -Bruce Cassidy

We love living here and we love playing here. Any time you can bring up a theme to honor this city like we do. We had the Elvis wig last year and we’ll come up with something new this year to honor the city. -Mark Stone

It was an emotional moment for sure. A happy moment, especially when they started playing that song. Goosebumps and all that. (The slot machine) was very Vegas, and wouldn’t expect anything less. -William Karlsson

I haven’t seen a banner with that much detail on it before so it was really cool to see it go up. -Adin Hill




“We’re A Second-Effort Team”


  1. Arnold Rothstein

    banner is outstanding, when will practice arean don one from the rafters ?

  2. Bobby

    Creativity, attention to detail, VGK continues to lead the way as the NHL’s crown jewel. Credit to Mr. Foley and his incredible staff. And to free hockey on Vegas34!!! Cup In Vegas!!

  3. THE hockey GOD


    Fellow American,

    With “Pride” (aka pervert) month officially over, many of us are glad that all those pro-LGBT agenda and rainbow flags won’t be out and about, seemingly harassing us and our vulnerable children.

    However, some didn’t mind the constant barrage of this sh*t on our senses. Some, in fact, welcomed it, as if it made them more proud to be who and what they are.

    Where do you fall?

    Did all the “pride” promotions make you want to shop at those places more? Or were you assaulted by it all, finding yourself drawn to other options for your retail needs?

    NHL has banned this on their players, for good reason.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    Golden Knights left wing Brett Howden was suspended two games after an “illegal check to the head” on Seattle right wing Brandon Tanev, the NHL announced Wednesday.

    PS identity politics have no place in NHL, or sports in general. ESPN is a joke.

  5. Jailbird

    Four regulars out tonight . Let’s see how our replacements perform!

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