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There is nothing we here at want to see more than the Golden Knights lifting the Stanley Cup and the ensuing parade down Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s literally been on the top of the mind every single day since June 22nd, 2016. However, a recent quote from Nate Schmidt to has my mind in a pickle, and I’m writing this because I feel like many reading it will be in the same spot. First, here’s the quote, then let’s lie down on our imaginary psycho couch and talk this out.

I don’t really want to talk about (the playoffs) for the sole fact that we’re having so much fun in this room with our guys every day. If you start talking about it, you’re hitting the fast-forward button on the year, and I don’t really want to do that because of how cool our room has been. You don’t get these times back. It goes too fast. -Nate Schmidt

Literally the only goal of all NHL players (and fans) is to win the Stanley Cup, yet here we are, a player on the team with arguably the best chance to do it this season, and he wants to stay in the moment because he’s “having so much fun” right now.

It’s kind of profound in a way, mainly because he’s completely correct. If we start looking forward to what T-Mobile Arena is going to look like in April, May, or even June, if we start talking about the parade, if we even consider thinking about any games beyond the one tonight in Florida, are we doing a disservice to ourselves?

Think about every team you’ve ever been a part of, or even cheered for as a fan. Now narrow it down to the best years of the best ones. The memories go much further than the last game, especially if that last game isn’t a win, which is no guarantee with the Golden Knights.

Now I’m not going to lie here on this couch and proclaim that you need to take it “one game at a time” like Gallant does every time I ask him about just about anything, but I am going to say, I think we need to heed Nate’s advice and stay in the moment a bit more.

I’m public offender number one, and we all know it. No matter what the conversation is about, it eventually deviates to playoffs, Cup, parade, and anything else down the road. What I should be focused on is how unbelievable this already has been. I choose to create a website to cover a team that may have never existed, and here we are just 877 days later, and the site follows a team that’s one win away from having the best record in all of hockey.

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Think about your path to following the Golden Knights. Maybe it started with a season ticket deposit, or maybe it started last night when you watched your new favorite team destroy the best team in the league, or probably it was somewhere in between, but for every single one of us, the journey hasn’t been that long. At the absolute most, someone can reasonably say they’ve been a fan of the Vegas NHL team for 3 years. Yet already, for just about every single one of us, this has been the most enjoyable, most unbelievable, and most unforgettable season of any team we’ve ever followed in our lives.

And it’s barely halfway done.

So why are we trying to “hit the fast-forward button?”

The 2017-18 Golden Knights are an experience unlike anything anyone will ever encounter again. They will never be an expansion team again. This season can never be replicated. They may be good for the next decade, but never will the storyline be what it is this year. Whether they make the playoffs (they will), they win the division (probably will), claim the President’s Trophy (certainly possible), win a playoff series (hopefully), make it to, or even win the Stanley Cup (#CupIn1), this year will go down as a unique experience for every single fan.

So what I guess I’m saying is, celebrate every new high, cherish every single game, and don’t forget how insane this all is. The Golden Knights may never be as good as they are right now, so don’t let it pass by without living every single moment of it. Don’t take “one game at a time” because Turk says to, do it because it’s the only true way to maximize your enjoyment of this one-of-a-kind experience.

Ok, now let’s talk playoffs. What do we think about Colorado in the first round?

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  1. Jack

    As long as its not Dallas

  2. Brian

    Good job admitting you’re the worst offender. You are……!! And the real reason Nate doesn’t want to talk about playoffs is he knows he’ll get fined….. $$

    Didn’t the Kings just barely squeak into the playoffs a few years back, and then won the Cup? And Nashville came so close last year out of a Wildcard spot. Like any sport, getting there is one thing. Closing the deal is completely different. Can they do it…..?? HELL YA !! #cupin1

    Can’t wait to see the thrashing they give Florida in a few hours. A solid ass kicking is in order 🙂

    • To be fair, I swear I did not mention the word playoffs before the unnamed Golden Knight said it to me. Though I am not shy to admit I can’t keep my mind off them.

  3. Vic Telesino

    Thank you for the go-to site for everything Golden Knights. It wasn’t long ago the hot topics were things like: What a horrible name/uniform/gloves, how long will the coach/GM last, why did we draft 47 D-men, why did we draft Luca, do the locals know anything about hockey, will our guys win any of the games in my 1/4 season package (still unbeaten by the way)? The list could go on and on. Now we are watching our guys beat the elites, and some of us are still in shock. If the dream comes to a crashing halt we can always say we are an ‘EXPANSION’ team, right? Please may I never awaken from this dream.

  4. Jeff

    The Kings made the playoffs in 2012 as a number 8 seed and on the very last day of the season. They went on tear through the play offs beating the President Cup winners Canucks 4 games to 1. Then the 2 seed in the West Blues 4 games to 2. Then the surprise Coyotes in the WCF 4 games to 1. Then finally the Devils in the SFC’s 4 games to 1. It was a historic run. Being a life long Kings fan living in a world of perpetual let down by my team, it was the most exciting 20 games of hockey ever (well coming back from being down 3-0 to the Sharks and going to win the cup in ‘14 was not shabby either). I’ll never forget it. This run right now is so much better for me because I’ve wanted a home team to rout for since I moved to Vegas in 1987. I’m worried the eventual let down in performance could be bad for attendance here but I’m sure enjoying every game …..away and at home.

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