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Film Breakdown: Reilly Smith In OT

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

One of the best qualities of Reilly Smith’s game is his ability to play in all situations. Coaches and managers use this term often but for Smith they really mean it. Need a goal, Smith can get you one. Need to protect a lead, Smith’s as good as they come defensively. Power play, penalty kill, four-on-four, you the situation, Smith is always a great option.

On Tuesday, after playing more than six minutes in each of the first three periods, the Golden Knights called on Reilly Smith for two big shifts in OT.

It’s a shame the NHL hasn’t made player tracking data public because Smith’s distance traveled in those two shifts was nothing short of incredible.

I broke down the two shifts in a film breakdown to show just how brilliant Reilly Smith in an OT session that wound up going scoreless.


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  1. Tim

    Reilly Smith one of my favorite players plays hard all the time.

  2. Mike StG

    Ken – great read. Only Vegas player whose jersey I own. Hope they resign him when his contract is up.

    PS – figured out that if I don’t confirm follow in the response email I can avoid getting future emails and can just say my piece.

  3. Reilly Smith should have been named captain if he was interested in the title – IMO. He gives it his all on every shift.

  4. The Noodle King

    It’s crazy but I actually look forward to seeing Smith and Karlsson on the PK because it’s almost a guaranteed HDCF.

  5. Tim

    Ken I guess it’s time to shift gears. Who knows how long the Golden Knights will be in quarantine so obviously there won’t be much to write about. You do a nice job with your site so can I suggest you turn your attention to the Silver Knights. I think we’d all like to be updated daily on there progress who’s looking good etc. They open on February 6th so this would keep your site active and we can get a better picture of how the team is coming together. One last thing i you can find out if they’ll televise any games. With no fans in the stands they might generate some money and for us fans it would be great to watch.

  6. sb

    Solid player. Plays both ends of the ice.

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